Jan 1, 2016 - Explore Danielle Davis's board "Marie Clay Reading Recovery ", followed by 1554 people on Pinterest. Reading Recovery (RR) is an intervention that takes a complex view of literacy learning and seeks to make the most of a student’s knowledge and skills. 3. Within the Reading Recovery lesson framework, the "Making and Breaking" portion, which focuses on how words work, consists of a mere 1 to 3 minutes, yet can potentially provide a powerful reciprocal link between reading and writing. A key focus of Reading Recovery instruction is the development of cognitive and strategic processing systems that integrate meaning, visual, and sound cues (Clay, 2001). Making and Breaking (Reading Recovery) Going from the known to the unknown using onset & rime: i.e., from at to cat and sat using magnetic letters (also useful for prefix/suffix, medial vowel changes) Familiar words: Break the word apart and make it say "the" again It encourages them to think about the meaning of the story they are reading, the syntax or whether the word makes sense and use the visual information in the word to read the word correctly. Product Orders: 1-877-883-READ. TAKING WORDS APART IN READING AND WRITING AND MAKING AND BREAKING Mary Boehnlein TAKING WORDS APART IN READING MAKING AND BREAKING PURPOSE: Solving words by analysis while reading by using what is known about how words work PURPOSE: To become more aware of how to work with what he knows, to get to new words. Letter Identification/ making and Breaking Purpose: establishes some letters to begin to work with; learning about print and how words work; learning how to get to new words from known words; understanding the process of word construction Phone: 614-310-READ (7323) Fax: 614-310-7345. Each lessons consists of: re-reading familiar stories, reading a story that was read for the first time the day before, working with letters and words using magnetic letters, writing a story, assembling a cut-up story, and reading a new book. Suite 200 Worthington, OH 43085. • Reading Recovery teachers assess foundational skills using An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement.10 The tasks of the Survey include Contact Us × Reading Recovery is NOT built on ‘encouraging children to guess at words’. See more ideas about reading recovery, reading intervention, teaching reading. 150 E. Wilson Bridge Rd. Another feature of Reading Recovery lessons that influences the development of phonological awareness and orthographic knowledge is a teaching activity referred to as “making and breaking,” a planned word analysis activity from the procedures intended to help children in “Linking Sound Sequence with Letter Sequence” (Clay, 1993b, p. 43). 4 Reading Recovery and Common Core State Standards Recovery,students build foundational skills within continuous text, with massive opportunities for reading, writing, and learning how words work. What happens during a Reading Recovery lesson. ... We have found that making and breaking words with magnetic letters, word searches, and word … The Task of Learning Words Extending Meager Knowledge of Words Children do learn a great deal about wordChildren do learn a great deal about word structure from reading and writing itself, so text exposure alone may account fortext exposure alone may account for substantial individual variation in word knowledge. Moats, 2000, p. 73


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