Wood warblers subsist mainly on insects during breeding season and are primarily foliage gleaners, with slender, pointed bills. The winter range of Magnolia Warblers includes Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. 1998. In the case of the Magnolia Warbler, the songs are somewhat similar. Magnolia Warblers are small songbirds; they are about 5 inches in length from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail, with a wing span of 7.63 inches. Version 12.23.2015. Dendroica magnolia. The Summer Birds of the Adirondacks in Franklin County, N.Y., Relation of Summer Birds to the Western Adirondack Forest, Preliminary List of Birds Ascertained to Occur in the Adirondack Region.  Northeastern New York. ��c�p�l0�t(�d Potential predators include. 326-499. The Atlas of Breeding Birds in New York State (Cornell University Press, 1988). Magnolia Warbler. “Bird Populations.” In The Patterned Peatlands of Minnesota, edited by H. E. Wright Jr., Barbara A. Coffin, and Norman E. Aaseng, 111–129. Retrieved 2 March 2017. The Magnolia Warbler breeds in moist coniferous and mixed forest from Yukon and British Columbia to Newfoundland and the Maritimes, mostly in Canada but also in the upper Midwest, New England, and the Appalachians. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Magnolia Warblers are said to rear one and (more rarely two) broods per season. 60 Great Places to Find Birds, Northville-Placid Trail (Long Lake South), Bird Observations (Warren, Hamilton, Essex, Herkimer, Clinton, Franklin), Bird Observations (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, Oneida, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, Washington counties), Be a Better Birder: Warbler Identification, New York State Breeding Bird Atlas: Species Distributions Map. Bird Watcher's Digest. (�0�j`�=h4���|��,;Z�7m���AorQ�Q��3���N��"��r�lN�Ð�6�̜�+��#�����P)��(�߾����N��;���L�8��ch�7E�@g)�3v;��̢�в":?��������*��'/���/���� -0�܅��AR�a��]$�3 �̑��1 � 0000004779 00000 n The Warblers of North America. In Canada, where most breeding Magnolia Warblers are found, their breeding range extends from northeastern British Columbia and southeastern Yukon eastward across the central Prairie Provinces, Ontario, southern Quebec, and southwestern Newfoundland. Spruce-Woods Warblers Revisited: 60 Years Later, the Cast of Characters Has Changed, A Quantitative Study of Foraging of Male and Female Spruce-Woods Warblers. Magnolia Warbler. g�QM%�ե�Qv{;O�(D�Y@�Q(��E*�m��g�z�b����B���ia���Q+��Y��ʄq\�O"2K ����J��q��t9��(���� The typical Magnolia nest is described as a flimsy, sloppy cup of grasses, weeds, and twigs. Bird Observations (Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, Oneida, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, Washington counties). A regular breeding resident and migrant. The northbound spring migration for Magnolia Warblers begins as early as March, later than early-spring migrants, such as Northern Parulas and Palm Warblers, but earlier than late migrants, such as the Mourning Warbler. 0000007017 00000 n Online Conservation Guide for Mountain Fir Forest. Magnolia warbler. 64-65, 240-248. Magnolia Warblers forage in both conifers and broad-leaved vegetation, often finding their prey on small live twigs or dead branches or searching the undersides of needles and leaves for their insect prey. The World Bird Database. Magnolia Warbler. Stephen W. Eaton, "Magnolia Warbler. This is a common pattern with warblers, as well as most other migratory bird species; the males arrive early to establish their territories before their prospective mates appear. 1998. The Magnolia Warbler is of low conservation concern. 1987. 0000000882 00000 n Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II (2015-2019). The male's facial pattern is complex with a white under eye arc and a white swoosh starting at the eye and extending back. Also patchily distributed in the central and western provinces of Canada to British Columbia (Figure 1). One early 20th century observer reported that the average date of last singing in Allegany Park in western New York was 1 August. Foraging and Feeding. Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas. Second Edition (High Peaks Audubon Society, 1997), p. 98. Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union Occasional Papers, no 2. Magnolia Warblers in all plumages have a unique tail pattern. USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Laurel, MD. Long-distance migrant, overwinters from the southern United States, to Mexico and south in Central America to Panama, also throughout the Caribbean. 0000004667 00000 n Journal of Animal Ecology, Volume 75, Issue 6 (2006), pp. In the Adirondacks, Magnolia Warblers are more abundant in spruce-fir-northern hardwood forests, favoring second-growth conifer and mixed forests rather than mature forests. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. Members of this diverse group make up more than half of the bird species worldwide. Oregon and Idaho both have more than 20 records. More recent trends affecting Magnolia Warblers in New York State will become clearer as data emerge from theÂ. Retrieved 12 February 2020. Population Estimates Database, version 3.0. Collins, Scott L., Frances C. James, and Paul G. Risser. Retrieved 17 February 2020. Retrieved 4 February 2020. Such flocks are usually led by the ubiquitous Black-capped Chickadees, whose chickadee-dee-dee calls serves as a useful marker for the possible presence of other species, including Magnolia Warblers. Black-throated Gray Warblers also nest in trees, often building their cup nest on a horizontal branch. Retrieved 27 January 2020. Magnolia Warbler. Setophaga magnolia. Retrieved 12 February 2020. The Magnolia Warbler was more sparingly observed in the Chippewa National Forest.


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