What are the cheapest flights from Madurai to Tirunelveli? I want to come with you on this one. This/These train(s) is/are 02627, etc. Minister … Use the Distance calculator given below to find distance between any two cities or places. Madurai and Tirunelveli are in the same timezone Asia/Kolkata. Get driving directions How do I travel from Tirunelveli to Madurai without a car? 88 miles / 141.62 km is the flight distance between these two places. There are 24 weekly trains and 9 daily trains that run from Madurai to Tirunelveli, covering the shortest distance of about 139 km by RMM CAPE EXP(22621). What are the cheapest buses from Madurai to Tirunelveli? Please select another date. Madurai (Tamil Nadu) to Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) driving directions for the distance of. Buses from City Travels,Thirumal Alaghu Travels,TNSTC etc. Madurai - Lat: 9.93333, Long: 78.1167, Travel direction from Madurai to Tirunelveli is and direction from Tirunelveli to Madurai is. Hey, tell you what ? What are all the options for Madurai to Tirunelveli bus? The total driving distance from Madurai, India to Tirunelveli, India is 100 miles or 161 kilometers.. The blue line represents the straight line joining these two place. The fastest way to reach from Madurai to Tirunelveli is cab to Tirunelveli and takes 2h 39m. Find distance to other countries and cities from Madurai and India. Departure time of 22668 CBE-NCJ SUPERFAST EXP at MADURAI JN is 00:10. Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Madurai to Tirunelveli. Along with Tirunelveli - Madurai distance, you can also find current time & time difference between Madurai and Tirunelveli, lattitude & longitude of both cities and flight duration. Your trip begins in Madurai, India. How many miles is it from Tirunelveli to Madurai. What is the travel distance between Madurai, India and Tirunelveli, India? This is equivalent to 140 kilometers or 76 nautical miles.. Madurai to Tirunelveli drive ixigo Trip Planner helps you find the best route for a driving trip from Madurai to Tirunelveli by road which is roughly 163 km in distance and highlights the driving route from Madurai to Tirunelveli. Book Taxi in Madurai for Tirunelveli trip. The total straight line flight distance from Madurai, India to Tirunelveli, India is 87 miles.. Distance from Madurai, India to Tirunelveli, India. Beautiful weather for sightseeing and other outdoor activity. A map showing location of Madurai and Tirunelveli with air travel direction is also provided. The cheapest way to reach from Madurai to Tirunelveli is train to Tirunelveli and takes 2h 50m. The best way to get from Tirunelveli to Madurai without a car is to train which takes 2h 35m and costs ₹120 - ₹135. Buses from Kallada Travels (Suresh Kallada) etc. Madurai Tirunelveli Trains: As listed in above table there are total 28 direct trains between MADURAI JN (MDU) and TIRUNELVELI (TEN). Madurai To Tirunelveli roundtrip distance is approximately 320 Kms. It covers total distance of 157 kilometer in 03h 00m. We provide Cabs for Madurai To Tirunelveli tours. Its arrival time at TIRUNELVELI is 03:10. The distance show here is the Madurai - Tirunelveli distance / Milage. The distance shown is the straight line or the air travel distance between Tirunelveli and Madurai. The road distance is 160.1 km. Given below is the distance between Madurai, India and Tirunelveli, India.A map showing location of Madurai and Tirunelveli with air travel direction is also provided. Result page displays distance in miles, kilometers and nautical miles along with an interactive map showing travel direction. The distance between Tirunelveli and Madurai is 141 km. Current time in Madurai / Tirunelveli :, Fri, 27 Nov, 2020, 07:58 AM +05:30, *Please enter date and time for checking availability, Bird Watching at Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary. No results available for the selected date.


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