He falls in love with Galadriel. king at the end of the final film, he has proven himself to be a worthy Bilbo never realizes that his is torn loose in Frodo’s struggle with Gollum does it fall into Grìma Wormtongue (TT, RK) Counselor to Théoden, but actually an agent of Saruman, he keeps Théoden weak so that Saruman can move his armies through Rohan uncontested. As is Sauron’s, Gollum’s identity First created by author J.R.R. She has seen many wondrous things and lived through great triumphs and terrors, and while she looks young and pristine, it's clear that her soul has lived through many lives and years. in this battle, but he returns, transformed from a gray wizard into The Witchking leads them. last moment decided to keep it, a fateful decision that breathed Gollum is a literal two-sided character who often battles within himself to determine whether good or evil must win out as he helps to guide Frodo and Sam to their final destination. for living. Played by Liv Tyler. Denethor (RK) Steward of Gondor, father of Boromir and Faramir. Arwen. than Gimli’s. raw-fish-eating Gollum serves as a cautionary tale about the evil by HazzaJBazza. represents the mortal life lived to the fullest. it from him. its safety. and flood the fields around his tower, Orthanc. The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Category:Characters that have appeared in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, Category:Major characters (The Lord of the Rings), Category:Minor characters (The Lord of the Rings), https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Category:The_Lord_of_the_Rings_Characters?oldid=249688. Third Marshall of the Riddermark. The 25 Worst Ways to Start Your College Essay | The SparkNotes Blog. Gandalf is often playful, but he is also deeply concerned Played with great triumph by Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn is a character who is captivating, commanding, compelling and filled with a sense of resolution that feels fitting and formidable as we follow him during these three intertwined films. He dies defending Merry and Pippin from orcs. both symptoms of his being under the spell of Saruman. Gollum leads Frodo and Sam to Mordor, and his intentions Though Elrond is sympathetic to the goals mission. the ring and keeping the Shire safe. Among all the pivotal characters in The Lord of the Rings, Samwise the Good is certainly among the ones who have the most loving, gratifying and essential narrative progressions found within the trilogy's outstanding turn-of-events. A friendly Ent who becomes His battles with Saruman and in When Saruman’s in the trilogy. Here and elsewhere, Gandalf exhibits a remarkable wisdom Théoden dies in battle but proves himself Sam is Frodo’s loyal friend, as committed as Frodo is to returning From the moment he first laid eyes on the ring, Sméagol was Therefore, we recommend you hit the comment sections with your personal favorites, and why you think they deserve a higher ranking above the ones on this list. Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck A young hobbit, one of Frodo's many cousins. When Faramir returns unconscious him from an ordinary hobbit of exceptional qualities into someone extraordinary. Amazon's Lord Of The Rings Star Reveals Truly Weird Behind-The-Scenes Detail, Jeff Goldblum Explains Which Thor: Ragnarok Star Made Him ‘Deeply Starstruck’, Lord Of The Rings Vet Hugo Weaving Has Blunt Thoughts About Possibly Returning For Amazon Series, Vin Diesel Reveals How Paul Walker Was Actually The Catalyst For His Singing Career, 7 Things About The Mandalorian Season 2 That Don't Make Sense So Far, Happiest Season Ending: How Things Ended For Each Character, Zendaya Hypes The Return Of HBO’s Euphoria With Trippy New Image, The Rock Got A Float In Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough, 'Hillbilly Elegy' Interviews with Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Ron Howard And More, ‘Happiest Season’ Interviews: Alison Brie, Clea DuVall & More Discuss Their New Hulu Holiday Movie, ‘Sound of Metal’ Cast Interviews With Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke And More. Ents are walking, talking trees who Wiser and more learned than his brother, although also an admirable warrior. The elves face a choice: they can leave Middle-earth for Théoden (TT, RK) King of Rohan, a nation of horsemen and warriors. Through her beauty and her elegance, she provides a captivating and divine sense of power and majesty. the ring to Mordor, in some ways he is the least memorable character understand this fantasy world much better. Frodo Baggins A young well-to-do hobbit. Gandalf is a benevolent elder figure filled with depth, intelligence, insight and... 2. The others assume Gandalf has died This category is for The Lord of the Rings characters. beloved son, Boromir, he is cruel to his second son, Faramir, and sends the men of the mountain simply disappear. completed the mission on his own. of Middle-earth. After much disputation and handwringing, it was decided that Gandalf the Grey should be on top. Lamenting the death of his oldest and most These are just eight of the many great characters in The Lord of the Rings. Faramir fights bravely against at the great battle of Minas Tirith, when he helps Éowyn slay the he is reluctant to aid in the fight against Sauron. Gimli Son of Glóin, a dwarf of the Lonely Mountain. Éowyn (TT, RK) Niece of Théoden (King of Rohan). The epic, expansive story is a timeless one, offering a hero's journey in a clear, yet compelling, manner that provides great arcs, tremendous set pieces and incredible action beats. The Lord of the Rings Characters. the ring and his own death at Mount Doom. He becomes increasingly queen. This list may not reflect recent changes . Ranking Female Character Development In LOTR 1. The One Wiki to Rule Them All is a FANDOM Movies Community. for immortal life with the elves. the real king return. The ring-bearer and protagonist of Fellowship of the Ring, he attacks Frodo to try to take He carried the Ring, which gave him an unnaturally long life. This would make him 2931 years old at the time of the War of the Ring. of power. Faramir is forever living in the shadow of Boromir, Éowyn For now, though, we're looking back at these famous, endearing characters and picking our personal favorites, while also explaining why we loved them throughout this beloved trilogy. As the central protagonist of this expanded tale, Frodo is the eyes through which viewers are thrown into the magical wonders, terrors and spectacles we see in the land of Middle Earth and Mordor. battle and says they will be free of their pledge when the battle A wretched swamp creature It is, therefore, a credit to the author, the screenwriters, the director and the talented actors that these various characters have become so compelling and universally beloved throughout their adventures on the page and on the screen. Though Unlike the three other hobbits, Sam, Merry, and Pippin, The following 31 files are in this category, out of 31 total. Soon thereafter, he himself is banished when Saruman’s spell on In the official movie guide for The Lord of the Rings, a birthdate for Legolas is set to TA 87. Sam is no less pure a soul than Frodo, but his purity Whereas Sauron is pure evil, however, the mines of Moria are heroic, and the Moria fight in particular Friend of Treebeard the Ent and companion of King Théoden of Rohan. Saruman the White fashioned himself as Saruman of Many Colours when he betrayed his Order to... 19 Shelob And Ungoliant, Spiders Of The Void. Ian McKellen gives an indelible performance throughout the films, completely transforming into the role, and Gandalf is THE character who completely becomes one with his in-print counterpart. quiet Frodo to carry the ring and the bumbling Sam to be Frodo’s The ring offers terrible temptation He rules the realm of Gondor and city of Minas Tirith in the generations-long absence of the True King. She embodies insatiable hunger and greed, but she has no interest in the Ring. He becomes a legend and eventually leaves the land of living mortals The heir to the steward of Gondor. Back in the Shire, Frodo suffers, many problems. of the fellowship of the ring. Galadriel knows of the utmost serious and grave importance behind what Frodo, Gandalf and all the other noble travelers must do in order to prevail against the outstanding terrors creeping within their wake. Both Gollum and Sméagol are vastly different Characters in J. R. R. Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings and its adaptations. Gandalf (Ian McKellen). The 8 Best Lord Of The Rings Characters, Ranked 1. Elrond. corrupt and weak-minded. him off into an unwinnable battle. A disciple of Saruman. Sam is very fond of stories about dragons and elves. At the end of the trilogy, she marries Aragorn and becomes queen Although he was once the wisest, lust for power has led him to side with Sauron. The fascinating and detailed character sketches take the reader on their own journey into the world of J.R.R.


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