The good news is that by paying attention to this skill at home for just 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can make a massive difference to your child’s overall listening ability and help them cope better at school. For example, the student may say, “The picture with the heart goes in the first top left square, and the picture of a circle goes right next to it.” The activity will force students to listen intently in order to complete the challenge. This is a game of listening to everyday sounds and recognizing what they are. Use these activities to lay a powerful foundation of communication for your child: Ensure that you are maintaining eye contact with your child when he or she is speaking to you. Sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” or “Ring Around the Rosey” to help kids listen to the song and follow the directions. - memory game, Exercise and Sports Vocabulary - memory game, Hobbies and Activities vocabulary - memory game, I want - Sentences with things we want - CD, Discman, ipod, - memory game, Jobs - Easy Jobs - police officer, doctor, teacher etc. It’s no secret that mothers are exhausted. Once they have created a short dialog using the phrase, they must present it to their classmates to see which group can find the hidden phrase. Your email address will not be published. Thank you said so much! I truly love these and think any toddler mom could benefit! The best time to start doing these activities is as early as possible (it starts with your baby listening to sounds and music) and right through the preschool and primary/elementary years. Listening Exercises for Children. /* 336x280, created 2/28/09 */ What sound is that? I was reaching my limit with him not listening, and the techniques you share here are exactly what I need. I took him back to bed. Draw a tree in the bottom left-hand corner of the page with 4 apples on it. This morning she pumped her fist and said, “the last one is ‘comb hair!’” before she came into the bathroom and started brushing her own hair. We bring you the most distinguished ESL Kids professionals whose articles, videos and audio will give you a practical insight to the teaching of kids. Take a couple of dolls from your child’s collection and sit down to play. Describe a picture to the child in great detail and ask her to listen carefully. Ask your child to close his eyes and listen to you reading the story without showing the pictures. How do we do that? Receive the latest in education news and lesson plans via email. Ask your child about the story after he has heard it. Through this activity, you can know how your instructions are being perceived. My husband and I saw a different child within minutes. We offer several ESL/EFL E-books that are hot on most ESL/EFL/English educators' lists. One idea for this activity is to have them pull out a blank sheet of paper and give them instructions. How many things did you hear? Tweak the game according to the age of your child. Practise and improve your listening skills for your school studies and your English exams. Practise auditory analysis and synthesis -, Sing action rhymes - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Another fun classroom activity is to pair students together to listen to their partner describe a photograph. So creative! If you’d like to build your preschooler’s skills with a play-based approach, download the free activity pack here and join me on a wonderful journey of helping your child achieve school-readiness through play. In this classic game, lots of listening skills are practiced without even explicitly calling it a “lesson in listening skills”. - Close your eyes, listen for 30 seconds and see how many sounds you can recount in order. The last person to hear the message says it out loud. They will build listening and reading skills through repeated practice. Youtube Video Channels - English Lessons online Youtube video lessons>>>. Just downloaded your toddler listening checklist, Let’s print and will try on my son. This takes a lot of work. It’s a creative game inspired by Dr. Seuss! Required fields are marked *. Practice talking and listening while playing with the dolls. Ask questions during story time - questions that require predicting, deducing, remembering, etc. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. I love to shape little minds and hearts. Listen to the radio interview and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. I started implementing the strategies yesterday and it was such smooth sailing all day long. This activity will help kids to listen to and understand instructions to complete a certain task. Having “Think, Pair, Shares” during lessons and discussions is a great way to practice receiving and sharing what is heard. He raised his too. Begin with something like “Simon says touch your knees” and then say stand on one leg. Show an image of the animal so that their learning is reinforced. Ask him to follow your instructions carefully. You can describe a simple picture for younger kids and a highly detailed picture for older kids. Then read on to discover simple listening games and activities. The goal is for the student to actively listen in order to fill in their grid correctly. Maternity Fashion at Its Best! We have gone an extra mile to give you a list of flashcard game ideas. I went to the shop and I bought a…” or “In my fruit salad there is a…”. Start off with an easy example like this and later make the categories less obvious or make the odd word of a slightly different category. Sign up for exclusive access to teacher freebies & weekly emails filled with teacher tips, lesson ideas, and resource suggestions sent straight to your inbox! During this period, the child can tell you how to play and with which toys to play. Lesson; Course; Try it risk-free for 30 days Instructor: Melinda Santos. Trying to keep the 5:1 ratio has made me realize what a bad habit I’d fallen into. Standing in front of your child, perform certain actions by saying either “do this” or “do that”. Source: Please try again. This game is more advanced than the previous ones and involves listening as well as memorizing. Another way to practice this is by playing a traditional game of Telephone where a message is passed around the room to see if it stays the same. You don’t need anything except a few minutes of your time. For example, say a list of vegetables and insert one fruit, or say a list of negative emotions and add in a positive emotion. We also provide a few teaching tips, games and suggestions for using them. Vary the sentences by using alliterations (e.g. Listening Activities for Kids. In this activity, one doll becomes the mother while the other plays the child. In these “pods,” they are to play the storytelling game, only in successive story events rather than one word. For example, you could tap your head, clap your hands or do a jump. There are usually enough sounds in your garden! In this game, you start a story with a beginning phrase, and then each child in the classroom adds one word to the story in turn. Copyright © 2020 The Military Wife and Mom  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. Listen to stories - audiobooks or online stories without viewing the screen. For our kids, listening will certainly have the same benefits and then some not the least of which is a positive impact on brain development. Success! It will be easy for you to use these cards according to different topics. Ask your child what they are. First, challenge them to listen for a specific word, then once they’ve mastered that, have them listen for a specific phrase. Unsubscribe at any time. I am so glad I came across your blog. Make sounds such as: This game is great not only for developing listening skills but also for teaching mindfulness and avoiding spending all day listening to the jumble of thoughts in one’s head. Thank you for sharing the activities are wonderful God bless, Thank you for sharing these activities. This will teach kids to listen to the entire directions and will reinforce effective listening. I'd like to receive the free email course. Right before I gave up, I came across your site from Pinterest. For example, you would say a phrase like “A saw my cat, eat a bat, then a rat, before he ran away.” As soon as students think they hear the repeated sound, they must stand up next to their seat. There are thousands–yes thousands–of ways to teach kids to listen, but one important way is to use listening activities for kids. Are you a beginner (CEFR level A1) learner of English?


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