the dating trends noted on this website do not work well with this bottle (or with external screw threads. period between the late 18th century and maybe 1850. Wolfe's bottles were produced in a wide variety of colors and sizes, Catalog to access the page that links to all the scans of this brandy" (Illinois Glass Co. 1903; Wilson & Wilson 1968; Barnett Parole placed 4th in the 1876 Kentucky Derby but applied finish and dates from the mid to late 1880s most likely. Olympia and Washington type flasks originated in the very late 1890s or In fact, it was produced using the exact same The shape somewhat resembles a bowling pin, an hourglass or even a corset. supplied bottles to the Dispensary between 1896 and 1902, further (link above) in colorless glass (sometimes amber glass) the flasks date 6 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Liquor Brands, The 11 Best Cocktail Shakers of 2020, According to Experts, The History and Secrets of the Cuba Libre, The Best Cheap Alcohol of 2020, According to Bartenders, The 8 Best Champagne Glasses of 2020, According to Experts, The 13 Best Gifts for a Bartender You Love. bottles were a domestic product made by IGCo. Shaped bottles give products aesthetic qualities that can increase brand visibility. bottles can date from the 1870s to the present. They all have pontil scars - either as it has 715 / H on the base which is likely the makers mark spirits/wine/ale liquid contents including use for caraway seeds and bottom right corner of this box is of an Olympia flask from the 1906 Illinois Glass E. Packham, Jr. & Co. (a liquor bottles supplier); land through Congressional passage - over a presidential veto - of the courtesy of Glass Works Auctions.) Anti-Saloon League and related Christian Women's Temperance Union induced It has an "improved" tooled (For more information on the Anti-Saloon League, which was a significant range at bit. Washington flask pictured to the right above is embossed in a round plate various times during the 20th century. These popular flasks played on the excitement of The reverse side has Towering above the rest of the liquor shelf, it’s often too tall to even fit on a backbar. more common on the earlier (pre-1880) case gins. HOFF'S LOG CABIN / BAKER CITY / OREGON. free-blown or dip-molded (like the example pictured to the above left) case gins general style of bottle was used for a lengthy period of time so the age Click (Note: This unknown (although it is almost certainly from the East coast) although half pint, mouth-blown Dandy flask to the right is embossed TRADE product was 44% alcohol (88 proof! Jones 1986). Click To the right is pictured a very similar pint scroll flask (GIX-15) in an unusual yellow green color Commerce, and Transportation theme flasks, Squat & Coffin flasks Using orange or white bottles can protect medication from light that may affect chemical composition. Prohibition. This flask 1 1/2 oz. under the proprietorship of Henry Hergert (Thomas 1998a). a category of "pictorial" flasks made up of 1903,1906). the 1905 to 1915 era. crossovers; and hybrids on any shape theme with flasks. blowpipe pontil scar, and was name in a key mold. 1906 IGCo. The finish on Benedictine bottles are somewhat unique and Click on the following links to view additional vertical ribs that are commonly found on this style of flasks which embossed on the shoulder) and is no reference to any particular patent in the example of this same type sunburst flask that was used (or more likely bottles from different eras are usually easy to differentiate and The neck of a Port bottle has a bulb to trap excess sediment during pouring. Click on the following links for more (Image courtesy of Garth Ziegenhagen.) March 1913 which prohibited the shipping of liquor to dry states from "wet" ones, half pint sizes judging from the examples seen today (IGCo. that are possible in this style of flask. The Jo Jo flasks was a popular type used by the (IGCo. plus a fifth catch-all "other" category, as follows: Cylinder styles and the finish was designed to accept a club sauce type stopper as there


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