The amp, cabinet and effects models in Pocket POD will be familiar to users of other POD models, and the unit has an obvious 'Line 6 sound'. The POD finally hits the floor with the release of the POD XT Live. Line 6 releases the Floor POD and goes back to basics, featuring only 12 amp and cab models and a built-in expression pedal. The Line 6 POD XT Live includes over 80 stompbox and studio effects, 36 amp models, 24 cab and 4 mic models, mixable with up to 128 memory presets. Packing in more effects than ever before (95) and a ton of presets, live users rejoice heartily. POD Go is for players who want the HX sound quality of the Helix LT in a simpler, lighter, less expensive modeling solution. • Cons: A few more blank patches would have been handy. This new version of Line 6's ground-breaking Pod guitar processor combines improved amp modelling with a host of high-quality effects plundered from the company's range of rack processors. MIDI, USB Compare prices for the Line 6 POD XT Live across tons of sellers and get the best deal. • Overall: Coming from one of the greats in digital modeling, the X3 builds on everything that Line 6 has done in the past. The Line 6 POD XT is I believe the newest version of the POD, which is an amplifier modeling and effects unit. For maximum control, you can connect the Pocket POD to your PC or Mac, via the supplied USB cable, and access all parameters with the Vyzex editor/ librarian software (a free download). It is a digital piece of gear that has 1/4" connections stereo outputs and for a pedal controller, as well as a 1/4" connection for your input and an output for headphones.It also has a MIDI input and output and a USB port. What I didn’t know about Line 6 and Pod’s… I think Line 6 has got some great products, but what they also have is a cash cow. Full Review. Summary • Pros: A cleverly designed dual-channel unit geared towards guitarist/vocalists. But Line 6 hasn’t stood still. Hear the Line 6 POD X3 in action: The X3 hardware display improves on previous models. In use. Heads are scratched around the world. The front page shows the Tone 1 or Tone 2 signal path clearly, while the editing pages each show a few parameters that can be adjusted by a row of four rotary 'soft' knobs directly underneath. The company has upped its modeling game with HX technology and now includes it in the new POD Go multi-effects processor. • Amazon: Line 6 POD X3 Live. With and “POD” product there is always “more” to buy. A four-way cursor facilitates scrolling through the pages. With my Podxt Live, the Line 6 Monkey software ( to update it ) is free, and Line 6 Edit Software ( to edit the patches using a computer ) is free as well.


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