Assuming specific heat capacity of water = 4.2 J/g °C and specific latent heat of vaporisation = 2260 J/g, calculate: (i) the time taken for the temperature of water to rise from 25°C to its boiling point, (ii) the mass of water which evaporates per minute from the boiling water. Answer: The principle of calorimetry states: When a hot body is brought in contact with a cold body, heat passes from the hot body to the cold body till both attain the same temperature. When it is allowed to solidify at the same temperature, it gives out 75000 J of heat. The substance A shows a greater rise in temperature. (Specific heat capacity of water = 4.2 J/g°C Specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 336 J/g). Thus, no frost is formed. Similarly, while ice melts, it remains at 0 °C (32 °F), and the liquid water that is formed with the latent heat of fusion is also at 0 °C. The specific latent heat will not change with a change of scale. For example, if you continue to apply heat to boiling water, it will never exceed 100 ° C. Depending on the substance, latent heat can usually be measured in calories per gram or kilojoules per kilogram (KJ). (ii) It takes negligible amount of heat from its contents to attain the temperature of the contents. Solution: Question 8: The temperature of 600 g of cold water rise by 15°C when 300 g of hot water at 50°C was added to it. Question 74: What is meant by global warming? Answer: The frost can seriously damage the leaves and fruit of plants. Answer: The latent heat of vaporization of a given liquid is the heat required to convert one kilogram of the liquid into vapour at its boiling point without any change of temperature. Answer: Due to high specific latent heat of fusion of ice, snow on the mountains does not melt all at once but changes into water slowely as it gets heat from the sun. The observations recorded are: If L j/gm be the specific latent heat of fusion of ice and sc be the specific heat capacity of copper, then: Question 1: The temperature of a lead piece of mass 400 g rises from 20°C to 50°C when 1560 J of heat is supplied to it. The latent heat of vaporization of ethanol is 200 calories/gram. A similar phenomenon occurs when the ice melts. Answer: The specific heat capacity of sand is about five times less than water. 9-19. The latent term is used whenever there is a phase change process. b. it increased the ph of the solution. or cud it be B.? The latent heat of evaporation of the ‘sweat’ is withdrawn from the body itself and therefore, cools the body. Latent heat of vaporization – water at 0.1 MPa (atmospheric pressure) h lg = 2257 kJ/kg. Your email address will not be published. Deduce the expression for the temperature of the mixture. Thus, water absorbs large amount of heat from the roads, but its own temperature does not rise much. We can define it as: Latent heat is energy released or absorbed, by a body or a thermodynamic system, during a constant-temperature process – usually a first-order phase transition. Athletes perspire profusely after competing in an event. Apply heat to zinq below 420 ° C d. it behaved as the nucleophile? What are the main elements in the Biosphere. Specific heat, sensible heat, and latent heat are physical quantities: The specific heat of a substance is the amount of heat that must be supplied to a unit of mass of that substance to raise its temperature by one unit. Assuming that the heat capacity of beaker is negligible and there is not heat loss to the surroundings, Heat lost by the solid = Heat gained by water Mass of solid × Specific heat capacity of solid × Fall in temperature of solid = Mass of water × Sp. Question 3: Differentiate between heat and temperature. How much heat is needed to warm it by 15°C? 5,000 cal. Question: How Many Calories Are Required To Change One Gram Of 0°C Ice To 100°C Steam? Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal. Answer: Specific latent heat of fusion: The specific latent heat of fusion of a substance is the heat energy released when a unit mass of substance converts from liquid to solid state without the change in temperature. Answer: The increasing quantity of atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, together with the release of other gases, is causing an increased greenhouse effect and this is leading to global warming. Every gram of steam supplies a great amount of heat energy of about 2260 joule. heat capacity of water 4.2 g-1 °C-1, sp. Question 34: Name the liquid which has the highest specific heat capacity. As a pot of water boils, the temperature of the water as the water level drops. Answer: The rising temperature will lower water quality in lakes and oceans through a fall in oxygen concentrations, release of phosphorus from sediments and increased thermal stability due to which many marine species will either die or they will become extinct. If equal amounts of each metal are exposed to equal heating, which will heat up faster? When latent heat is added, no temperature change occurs. units? calculate the energy, in joules and calories required to heat 25.0g of water form 12.5 deg. How many calories are required to completely vaporize 500 grams of water. Answer: (i) Inter molecular space changes. Answer: Let the mass of the body be ‘m’ and its specific heat capacity be ‘s’. Since the size of the Fahrenheit degee is not the same as that of the celsium degree, a change of scale will affect the specific heat capacity. Question 28: Specific heat capacity of substance A is 3.8 J g-1 K-1 whereas the specific heat capacity of substance B is 0.4 J g-1 K-1. If the final temperature is 50°C. Marble: 0.21 calorie per gram CBD For Tolerance: Signs You May Have A Tolerance To CBD. Question 1: A substance is in the form of a solid at 0°C. If liquid water at 0°C changes into ice at 0°C, 80 calories for every gram of liquid water must be subtracted. Answer: A clean and dry copper calorimeter with a strirrer, is weighed when empty, again weighed when filled nearly 2/3 with water. Question 44: Bottled drinks are cooled more effectively, when surrounded by lumps of ice than iced water. Answer: This depends upon the fact that water in the process of evaporation takes away heat equivalent to latent heat from the patient’s body and thus lowers the temperature of his body. Question 59: Why does weather become pleasant when it starts freezing in cold countries? Answer: Question 4: What are other units of heat? (iii) Fostering international co-operation to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Given: Specific heat capacity’A’ 3.8 J/g /K. Answer: Latent heat is absorbed by the melting ice. Alumino : latent heat of fusion: 85 calories / 322-394 KJ; Latent heat of vaporization: 2300 KJ. Solution: Question 14: A piece of iron of mass 2.0 kg has a thermal capacity of 966 J/°C. When the given piece of solid becomes heated, its temperature θ2 is noted and it is quickly dropped into the water contained in the beaker, such that no water splashes out. Assume that all the heat from the heater is given: to the material. Let mass of water used be m, then. The latent heat of vaporization of water is 540 calories/gram. Hence, if they do not put on extra clothes, they are likely to catch cold. It is measured in joule per kilogram. Answer: Water has the maximum specific heat capacity. Select One: O A. Question 1: A piece of ice is heated at a constant rate.


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