Iobates the Stoic – On Lemnos Island present in the northeast direction from Attika. This walkthrough shows how to complete the quest. You can also watch a spectacle - … Kill him and confirm the kill to gain a Cultist clue and the Legendary War Hero Boots from the set. The target is nearby - kill him and take the man's sword. AC Odyssey Eyes of Kosmos Attika Cultist Location guide shows you where to find the owner of the quarry and slave trader in the Kosmos cult, how to unlock the quest to help people around to locate the Kosmos Cultist in Attika. Rhexenor the Hand – story kill in the main quest “A-Musing Tale”. Rhexenor the Hand: An Automatic Kill in Sequence 8, Main Quest “A-Musing Tale” (Public Opinion Chapter). Recommended Level: 32+ Region: Sparta, Lakonia Requirements: none Reward: 19.000+ XP, 900+ Money, Lysander’s Belt (epic) Objectives: Gather Athenian Seals (x/3) Deliver the Athenian Seals to Lysander Ambition Starting Location In the middle of Sparta, you will see Spartan […] Deliver the weapon to the woman - she is a potential love interest. Clever Toucan. Iobates the Stoic: Found on Lemnos Island, in the “Desecrated Sanctuary” enemy location. The Conqueror: 2 Athenian captains, 1 polemarch & 1 hero (1 Athenian as the battle opens), [don't fight/kill stentor, level 1 spear & scroll out of nowhere] Sibling Revenge: SKIPPED (1 Astra) Brewing Love: 0 (KO the bandits [& I avoiding killing the dog]), [there's also a lovely overhead singing camera angle] Gotta kill the Monger nice and quiet for this one I think. Rhexenor the Hand: One clue comes from the Serpent's Lair main quest. on the island, you need to go to the western part in “Desecrated Sanctuary”. Your goal is to kill polemarch Rhexor. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey brings interactive dialogue and more RPG elements than ever before to the open-world historical action series. Iobates the Stoic: One clue comes from Podarkes's corpse. #14. Here are our early hands-on impressions. Ambition is a Side Quest in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You will discover him fully during the A-Musing Tale main quest. Rhexenor the Hand – This Cultist is killed during the Main Story quest “A-musing Tale”. Rhexenor the Hand (initial level of 25): This Cultist is a sadistic military commander and is unmasked by Aikaterine while pursuing the mission, A-musing Tale, during the … Rewards: 24,000 XP. you can find it the northern part of the Attika City. How to Find Cultists in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The other clue can be found on a mercenary's body, so your best bet is to kill a mercenary on the islands and loot their bodies until you find it. You kill … Kodros the Bull: Chip on Your Shoulder Side Quest (Chios Island Region). While Assassin’s Creed Odyssey might not feature the classic battle between the assassins and the Templars as we know them, we get to … Go back to Aristophanes and tell him that you have succeeded.


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