Scheduled tribes numbered 1,491. Sree Mohan Thakur of CPI won in 1962. [12], In Bardhaman district the percentage of Hindu population has been declining from 84.3% in 1961 to 77.9% in 2011 and the percentage of Muslim population has increased from 15.2% in 1961 to 20.7% in 2011. There were 84,966 (51%) males and 80,442 (49%) females. Ketugram I block registered a population growth of 16.38 per cent during the 1991-2001 decade. [4], Gram panchayats of Ketugram I block/panchayat samiti are: Agardanga, Ankhona, Berugram, Kandra-Jnandas, Murgram-Gopalpur, Palita, Pandugram and Rajoor. 7 villages (11.21%) have banks. Stn. Nirmal Chandra Mandal of CPI(M) won in 1971. Ketugram I CD Block had 1 general college with 2,433 students, 1 technical/ professional institution with 100 students and 281 institutions for special and non-formal education with 15,724 students[3], As per the 2011 census, in Ketugram I CD block, amongst the 62 inhabited villages, all villages had schools, 50 villages had two or more primary schools, 28 villages had at least 1 primary and 1 middle school and 24 villages had at least 1 middle and 1 secondary school. 47 villages (75.81%) have a pucca (paved) approach road and 44 villages (58.46%) have transport communication (includes bus service, rail facility and navigable waterways). of Originating/ Terminating Bus routes : 16, Distance of the nearest Rly. The seat was earlier reserved for scheduled castes but is an open seat from 2011. This page is brought to you by [19], In 2013-14, Ketugram I CD Block had 100 primary schools with 9,481 students, 4 middle schools with 354 students, 16 high school with 9,304 students and 9 higher secondary schools with 6,233 students. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned. Overview. [20], More than 6,000 schools (in erstwhile Bardhaman district) serve cooked midday meal to more than 900,000 students. Large tracts, beyond the prescribed limit of land ceiling, remained with the rich landlords. undertaking : -, Govt. Ketugram I is a community development block that forms an administrative division in Katwa subdivision of Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. [9], Large villages (with 4,000+ population) in Ketugram I CD Block are (2011 census figures in brackets): Chakta (4,582), Ankhona (6,554), Morgram (6,197), Murgram (5,919), Amgaria (6,904), Kandra (11,534), Komarpur (4,110), Rajur (5,776), Khanji (4.052), Ehiapur (5,732), Palita (4,342) and Pandugram (4,178). [22], In 2014, Ketugram I CD Block had 1 block primary health centre and 2 primary health centres with total 28 beds and 5 doctors (excluding private bodies). Ketugram_i Town Map. We want to be held on a strongly students organization for help our beloved leader miss Mamta Banerjee. The gender disparity (the difference between female and male literacy rates) was 9.90%. All 62 villages (100%) have power supply. [3], In Ketugram I CD Block, cultivators or agricultural labourers formed a large portion of the workforce, comparatively less workers were engaged in the secondary and tertiary sectors. From 1977 onwards major land reforms took place in West Bengal. In the decade 1991-2001 cultivators decreased and the secondary and tertiary sectors increased. [21], Kandra Radha Kanta Kundu Mahavidyalaya, established in 2001, is affiliated to the University of Burdwan. All 62 villages (100%) have drinking water supply. 41 Bolpur (Lok Sabha constituency).[1]. Scheduled Castes numbered 42,660 (25.79%) and Scheduled Tribes numbered 1,025 (0.62%). The river forms the southern boundary of the CD Block. Ketugram_i Block Map. Area in Sq.KM : 193.98: Population : 145859: Density per Sq.KM : 752: P.C. Other mother-tongues spoken in 2001 were: Odiya (0.3%), Punjabi (0.2%), Koda/Kora (0.2%), Telugu (0.1%), Bhojpuri (0.1%), Nepali (0.1%) and Kurukh/ Oraon (0.1%). Ketugram (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is an assembly constituency in Purba Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. .# Swing calculated on Congress+Trinamool Congress vote percentages in 2006 taken together. 10,083 patients were treated indoor and 180,625 patients were treated outdoor in the hospitals, health centres and subcentres of the CD Block. [3], Ramjibanpur Rural Hospital at Ramjibanpur, PO Jnandas Kandra (with 30 beds) is the main medical facility in Ketugram I CD block.


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