Aquarius often comes off as an oddball - they have quirky personalities and quietly go about accomplishing their goals in quiet, and unorthodox ways. I enjoyed the detailed memories of all contributors and the editor who put it all together. Jason Germain (UMass guard, 1993-95): It was good teams. Calipari's anecdotal account details his highly successful career with UMass, concentrating on the last two seasons, in which the team cracked the "elite eight" and the "final four," respectively. They’re just college basketball fans, they’re Temple students. Stapleton: Suddenly, Calipari was the victim in that situation, and Chaney was painted as the villain. I also do remember, Chaney and Calipari were similar in one sense — at that time, they were all over the referees.       Division regular season champion When I think of John Chaney, I will think not of Goon-gate or John Calipari or crack-of-dawn practices or painstaking 50-49 games. 5.0. Skip navigation ... John Calipari yells at John Buccigross on SportsCenter - Duration: 0:46. The opposing coach, John Chaney, interrupted the presser and accused Calipari of playing dirty and working the referees. Chaney was upset that Calipari, after the emotional 56-55 Massachusetts victory at the Mullins Center, was critical of the officials Gerry Donhehy, Joe … That was stated 26 years ago today and let me tell you. Art Stapleton (Daily Collegian, now of The Record, I mean Temple was the kingpin in the A-10. But somehow, some way, a Temple assistant informed Chaney that Calipari was after the officials, and down the Mullins hallway Chaney came. For the first time he is opening the doors of the famous gym to show you how he has accomplished so much. Answer to the second question: The Owls lost to the Minutemen. It’s time for a John Calipari classic. When our class got to UMass — Tyrone Weeks, Carmelo Travieso, Marcus Camby and myself — that’s when we started beating them, and coach Chaney started losing control over dominating the conference. Find the salaries of VIPs of the US and around the globe at US I’m a local kid so I was following it at that point, but we had not really quite established ourselves. Thanks for reading! And I remember it being so loud, they had all these security guards around Calipari. That’s not happening at Duke. ", and proceeded to charge the stage, before being stopped by security. But the idea of UMass in the NCAA Tournament, there’s no way. He won a national title in 1978. But nobody ever said that Memphis’ John Calipari is like other college basketball coaches. Obviously you look now at John Calipari’s career, and he made it, and he can get into arguments and it wouldn’t be a big thing, but at that time, he was nobody. It was always tough to go to McGonigle [Hall] anyways. Everybody was just sitting and waiting for the six o’clock news to come on, and I think the only camera in the room was ABC 40, and almost every video you see, their little logo is in the corner. So we had a stretch in the 90s there where we played them three times a year. Prior to that, Chaney’s record was 232-56 at Cheyney State, including one national title. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. When Calipari attempted to respond to the accusations, Chaney yelled, "Shut up goddammit! He’d never gotten past the Sweet Sixteen, he’d never done anything. Stapleton: There was this sense that it was still one-sided towards Temple. National champion   John Chaney Threatened To Kill John Calipari 20 Years Ago Today (Video) By Jon Hancock | a, calipari chaney, college basketball, john calipari, john chaney, john chaney kill you, Kentucky Sports, Kentucky Wildcats, temple owls, uk basketball, umass basketball, Uncategorized | No Comments Thanks for not sending the goons after Calipari. He was like that, he was old-school, and he didn’t care. I don’t think UMass had the reputation, at least player-wise, until they beat Temple in that game, with the Calipari-Chaney stuff. [1], Chaney's first collegiate position was at Division II Cheyney State. UMass beat Temple again in March to win their second of five consecutive A-10 tournament titles — the last four of which each came at home against Chaney’s Temple — but fell in the second round of the NCAA Tournament., Looking back on UMass’ plan to combat racism, Transfer students reflect on the virtual semester, UMass fought back from down 20 but lose in overtime to BC, Sam Breen’s second-half dominance a silver lining in UMass’ loss to BC, Spencer Knight outduels UMass’ goaltenders in BC’s weekend sweep, Jeff Crofts on Upload, livestream, and … Things started escalating, game after game, against Temple, until that day. I think there was only one TV camera left in the room at the time, and that’s why we only see one video version of the incident. At McGonigle Hall you kind of walk in off the street level, and there’s a walkway way up behind one of the baskets, and then there’s bleachers on both sides that come down to where the floor was. And then you go watch them and you’re like, “I think these guys are pretty good.”. 5 Louisville. They got in your face. After Calipari's 13th-ranked UMass team beat No. He returned for a farewell season that ended in a loss to Saint Joseph's in the A-10 Tournament. In a tear-choked apology Wednesday, Chaney said no one is angrier than his wife and daughter. Reviewed by T***** on November 28th, 2020. Burris: There had been incidents leading up to that, Chaney had actually gotten into it with [Gerry] Gimelstob at George Washington, and Tom Davis at Iowa, so I always tell people, Chaney was kind of like that relative in the family that kids don’t talk back to.


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