The eggplant is regal, I imagine the eggplant being high society in the fruit world. Raw eggplant is 92% water, 6% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and has negligible fat (table). [11] The numerous Arabic and North African names for it, along with the lack of the ancient Greek and Roman names, indicate it was grown throughout the Mediterranean area by the Arabs in the early Middle Ages, who introduced it to Spain in the 8th century. Translated into English as 'mad-apple', 'rage-apple', or 'raging apple', this name for eggplants is attested from 1578 and the form 'mad-apple' may still be found in Southern American English. Quick Answer: Why is Eggplant Considered a Fruit? Eggplant can be hollowed out and stuffed with meat, rice, or other fillings, and then baked. In the La Mancha region of central Spain, a small eggplant is pickled in vinegar, paprika, olive oil, and red peppers. The stem is often spiny. Day #16 / #75Hard with Cooking with Que Challenge, The Quarantine Chronicles of Cooking with Que -Positivity & Respecting Expiration Dates, Cooking with Que / The Kitchen by Cooking with Que Health & Safety Update. Eggplant is a popular vegetable and a good source of antioxidants. Traditional, white-skinned, egg-shaped cultivars include 'Casper' and 'Easter Egg'. Four years should separate successive crops of eggplants to reduce pest pressure. The … Here, learn about its potential health benefits and some ideas about how to prepare it. With some foods, it’s simple. Get the latest news, updates and recipes in your inbox! As a member of the genus Solanum, it is related to the tomato and potato. Eggplants belong to the nightshade family of fruit, which also includes tomatoes, sweet peppers and potatoes. They are known as talong and is widely used in many stew and soup dishes, like pinakbet. The first known written record of the plant is found in Qimin Yaoshu, an ancient Chinese agricultural treatise completed in 544 C.E. The classification comes from the seeds. An example of it use is in the dish hasamiyaki (挟み焼き) in which slices of eggplant are grilled and filled with a meat stuffing. [31][32], On 9 February 2010, the Environment Ministry of India imposed a moratorium on the cultivation of Bt brinjal after protests against regulatory approval of cultivated Bt brinjal in 2009, stating the moratorium would last "for as long as it is needed to establish public trust and confidence". The plant and fruit have a profusion of English names. Its numerous seeds are small, soft and edible, along with the rest of the fruit, and do not have to be removed. Another version of the dish, begun-pora (eggplant charred or burnt), is very popular in Bangladesh and the east Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal where the pulp of the vegetable is mixed with raw chopped shallot, green chilies, salt, fresh coriander, and mustard oil. All Rights Reserved. Tasting Korean Fare in Beijing", "Fuss-free stir-fried eggplants, a perfect side dish", "The Happy Home Cook: Rellenong Talong (Stuffed Eggplant)",, "How to Grow Eggplant in Cooler Climates", "Growing Eggplant Successfully in Cooler Climates – Garden Mentors", "Fire retardant garden plants for the urban fringe and rural areas", "Eggplant production in 2018, Crops/Regions/World list/Production Quantity (pick lists)", "Eggplant fruit composition as affected by the cultivation environment and genetic constitution", "Total Phenolic Concentration and Browning Susceptibility in a Collection of Different Varietal Types and Hybrids of Eggplant: Implications for Breeding for Higher Nutritional Quality and Reduced Browning",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Italian melanzana, through folk-etymology, was adapted to mela insana ('mad apple'): already by the thirteenth century, this name had given rise to a tradition that eggplants could cause insanity. If the skin looks faded and the seeds inside are dark and hard, the fruit will taste bitter. A 2008 study of a sample of 741 people in India, where eggplant is commonly consumed, found nearly 10% reported some allergic symptoms after consuming eggplant, with 1.4% showing symptoms within two hours. However, like with all things in life, foods aren’t always a clearly black and white situation. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Eggplant grown in temperate climates fares better when transplanted into the garden after all danger of frost has passed. Female P. operculella use the leaves to lay their eggs and the hatched larvae will eat away at the mesophyll of the leaf. [10] It has been cultivated in southern and eastern Asia since prehistory. This was used by Tournefort as a genus name in 1700, then by Linnaeus as a species name in 1753. [8] In 2018, China and India combined accounted for 87% of the world production of eggplants. The aubergine is unrecorded in England until the 16th century. Case reports of itchy skin or mouth, mild headache, and stomach upset after handling or eating eggplant have been reported anecdotally and published in medical journals (see also oral allergy syndrome). Maharashtrian Vangi Bhat recipe. and Solanum melongena var. Many of the pests and diseases that afflict other solanaceous plants, such as tomato, capsicum, and potato, are also troublesome to eggplants. A much wider range of shapes, sizes, and colors is grown in India and elsewhere in Asia. Several other names that are now invalid have been uniquely applied to it:[63], A number of subspecies and varieties have been named, mainly by Dikii, Dunal, and (invalidly) by Sweet. [56], The color of purple skin cultivars is due to the anthocyanin nasunin. Don't be afraid to try new foods, be adventurous. Elsewhere in China, such as in Yunnan cuisine (in particular the cuisine of the Dai people) they are barbecued or roasted, then split and either eaten directly with garlic, chilli, oil and coriander, or the flesh is removed and pounded to a mash (typically with a wooden pestle and mortar) before being eaten with rice or other dishes. The white, egg-shaped varieties of the eggplant's fruits are also known as garden eggs,[22] a term first attested in 1811. These forms also gave rise to the Caribbean English melongene. Good sanitation and crop rotation practices are extremely important for controlling fungal disease, the most serious of which is Verticillium.


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