A process for monitoring and evaluating performance and providing feed back so that proper control can be maintained and any necessary changes made in the marketing strategy or tactics. Privacy Policy 9. Two important aspects of advertising programme are the development of the message and media strategy. The demographics that read daily ne… If your messaging and overall brand is consistent across all platforms, then there is a better chance that your content will break through the clutter and get recognized and remembered by your target market. Despite these distinctions between platforms, the overall feel of the content should remain consistent both online and offline. Whether you see a billboard, tweet, or TV commercial, aspects such as the logo, messaging, tone and overall aesthetic are more or less consistent. Integrated marketing, or integrated marketing communication, is the process of aligning all of the various promotional mix elements (advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling) and marketing … This task requires careful evaluation of the media options’ advantages and limitations, costs, and ability to deliver the message effectively to the target market. Presentation Meeting: The team meets with the client to present the plan. Online advertising includes social media campaigns in addition to internet ads. Integrated marketing, or integrated marketing communication, is the process of aligning all of the various promotional mix elements (advertising, direct marketing, digital marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling) and marketing elements used to communicate with your target market and customers. It will give an idea of the role of advertising and other promotional mix element will play in the overall marketing programme. Owner: Integrated Marketing Marketing research studies are necessary to answer some of these questions. At this point, the plan is still a draft; it can be changed at any time. Developing the Integrated Marketing … Focus is on the firm’s primary competitors;: their specific strengths and weaknesses; their segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies; and the promotional strategies they employ. Consumers see countless ads and promotional materials a day. Creating a cohesive and consistent brand identity through implementing integrated marketing helps increase overall awareness for your brand. Media strategy involves determining which communications channels will be used to deliver the advertising message to the target audience. Most large companies hire advertising agencies to plan and produce their messages and to evaluate and purchase the media that will carry their advertisement. Message development, often referred to as creative strategy, involve deter­mining the basic appeal and message the advertiser wishes to convey to the target audience. COVID-19 campus response and Return to Learn news and updates. The steps are: 1. Review of Marketing Plan 2. External analysis focuses its attention on the firm’s customers, market segments, positioning strategies, and competitors (Table 2.3). The IMC process generally begins with an integrated marketing communications plan that describes the different types of marketing, advertising, and sales tools that will be used during campaigns. If this is the case, it would be wise to look for assistance from an advertising agency or some other promotional facilitator. Mentoring, Evaluation and Control. New York, NY 10018 How will these funds be allocated. The most effective campaigns will incorporate as many forms of media as possible in order to reach the widest possible audience. This article throws light upon the six main steps of integrated marketing communication planning process. Once the message and media strategies have been determined, steps must be taken to implement them. Content Filtration 6. The capabilities of the firm and its ability to develop and implement a successful promotional programme, the organization of promotional department and the success and failures of past programmes are reviewed. 2. Attention must also be given to consumer’s perceptions and attitudes, lifestyles, and criteria used in making purchase decisions often. The other aspect of internal analysis is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the firm or the brand from an image perspective. Integrated marketing puts the focus on ensuring that your messaging is consistent, regardless of the channel that is used as the vehicle to share the message. It involves the communication decision regarding the use of various sources, messages and channel factors. Decisions must be made regarding which types of media will be used (e.g., Newspapers Magazines, Radio, Television, bill boards etc.) Prohibited Content 3. This stage is designed to provide managers with continual feedback concerning the effectiveness of the promotional programme which is used as input to subsequent promotional planning and strategy development. Technology has increased the avenues available for advertising and other marketing campaigns. 3. Determine Your Marketing Objectives. It involves the analysis of effects of various types of advertising messages might have on consumers and whether they are appropriate for the product or brand. Copyright 10. Though your branding should be consistent across your marketing campaign, it is important to recognize that different platforms are better suited for different types of messaging due to their distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, the internal analysis may indicate the firm is not capable of planning, implementing and managing certain areas of the promotional programme. At this stage, decisions are made regarding the role and importance of each element and their coordination with one another. 500 7th Ave Putting out lots of great standalone materials will not be as effective as maintaining a consistent brand identity throughout your entire marketing and promotional campaign. A marketing plan is a written document describing the overall marketing strategy and programme developed for the organization, a particular product line or a brand. Budget Determination 5. Marketers need to put out relevant, useful and aesthetically pleasing content that the customers and target market will want to consume in order to decrease the risk of going ignored. Plagiarism Prevention 5. The communication objectives may include creating awareness or knowledge about a product and its attributes or benefits, creating an image or developing favourable attitudes, preferences or purchase intentions. The process, which does not cost anything, is simple: Initial Meeting: Clients meet with the Integrated Marketing team and provide answers to a list of questions, including an analysis of strengths, … There has been a greater emphasis on utilizing integrated marketing communication over recent years. This stage involves to know how the company can effectively communicate with consumers in its target market. 4. The attractiveness of various market segments must be evaluated and the decision made as to which segment (s) to target. Communication objectives refer to what the firm wants to accomplish with its promotional programmes Russel Colley have identified 52 possible advertising objectives. Management, Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication Planning Process. This stage determine how well the promotional programme is meeting communication objectives and helping the firm accomplish its overall marketing objectives. If the organization is already using an advertising agency, the focus will be on the quality of the agency’s work and the results achieved by past and/current campaigns.


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