[i]  http://www.enotes.com/natural-law-theory-reference/natural-law-theory, last visited on 24 -10-2012. ‘ A “ can enforce this right against ‘B’. 2. Al these things effect law and make it suitable to the society. [vi] V.D.Mahajan,Jurisprudence & Legal Theory,Eastern Book Company, Lucknow,2012, 5th edn, p.596. 1.The morals are concerned with individual and are the laid down rules for the moulding of his character. The purpose of government and law is to uphold and protect the Natural Rights. This school ignored the importance of custom and gave the stress on command of sovereign which can make law only through legislation. So this way after the progress of the concept of ownership the person became the full owner of his property. Geographical, cultural and other such variations. Critically examine the view of Kelson given under pure theory of Law? It was realized that abstract thinking or a priory assumptions were futile. English Law :- Which is known as common law and in the shape of un-written and based upon customs and conventions. But in legal sense a right is a legally permissible and protected action and interest of a man group or state. OR. Division of labour will fulfill all requirement for the society. a bigger part of English Law based on customs and conventions. It is very helpful to aspiring Lawyers. 4 Law is the command of sovereign comment. 1. Such cases which are not covered by existing laws the judicial decisions created new notions and formulae new principles which were never contemplated earlier. In the nineteenth century people started to forget what natural law was, and today he is often criticized on grounds that are irrelevant, foolish, and absurd. Definition of Law:- while emphasising Volksgeist as the essence of law, Savigny justified the adoption of Roman Law in the texture of German Law which was more or less defused in it. His view, in brief, is that political society rests on a ‘social contract’. 5 Define and distinguish law and morals. According to him, it was rather the appeal of the ‘insight’ to obey it, and perhaps that was why he preferred to drink poison in obedience to law than to run away from the prison. Thomas Acquinas (Roman Thinker):- He means that Natural Law is a part of Divine Law. 14 Define Precedents? The legal construction used by both sides in the political struggle was that of social contract.[xvi]. Now the question arises that in what sense and when the precedents are binding o follow. It would thus appear that modern developments are in the direc­tion of the study of comparative jurisprudence which aims to discover the principles regulating the development of legal systems with a view to comprehend the conceptions of different systems of law to explain the origin of institutions and to study the conditions of their life. It really widened the scope for the development of jurisprudence. Law gives rights and duties to human beings. Lawyers began to feel that law was not simply a matter of applying statutes or precedent to any given case or situation by means of pure logic. The emergence of ideologies which contributed to the revival of natural law theories. According to Grotius, natural law is based on the nature of man and his inward need of living in society. Natural law was not a superior law. Legal right is recognised by law. (few typo errors are to be corrected). Definitions of Duty:- According to Gray, Duty is the act of or forbearance which an organized society used to impose on people through state in order to protect the legal right of other. Under these circumstances the court can apply their own mind. According to Austin :- “Right is a standard of permitted action within a certain sphere. How­ever, he did not argue blind adherence to positive law. Men are endowed with rea­son, irrespective of nationality and race. Fuller must surely believe that form has a direct bearing on content as otherwise his principles would be noth­ing more than the tools of an efficient craftsman.


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