Our goal is to design Hybrid Intelligent systems, an approach to Artificial Intelligence that puts humans at the centre, changing the course of the ongoing AI revolution. “The process of developing engaging interfaces that allow experts and citizen scientists alike to view complex research problems from different angles may contain the key to developing future hybrid intelligence systems in which we make optimal use of human creativity”. Through Citizen Science, we can build huge and unique datasets in various fields for training and feeding AI algorithms. Beyond that, we are learning about the cognition and psychology of our players in order to better understand the workings of the human mind. Augmenting our research and data into applications that train and help people in their everyday life or their specific work field, to work and live together with computers and intelligent algorithms in this kind of symbiosis is the next big challenge we are tackling. Due to today’s speed of development of new technologies, users can already interact with computers in many different forms at any given time – leading the path to a future of ubiquitous computing. We are working towards a better understanding of the human mind & cognition Our focus thereby lies in investigating and harnessing unique skills like human intuition, heuristics, creativity and tacit knowledge through our Citizen Science games. Our users are motivated to contribute to our research beyond just the fun of playing games. Then we compare the human and algorithmic solutions to each other. The Hybrid Intelligence Centre is headquartered in the New University Building at the campus of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, with working locations at all participating universities in Amsterdam (VU & UvA), Delft, Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht. The Hybrid Intelligence Centre is a collaboration of top AI researchers from the VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, the TU Delft, and the Universities of Groningen, Leiden, and Utrecht, in areas such as machine learning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding & generation, information retrieval, multi-agent systems,  psychology, multimodal interaction, social robotics, AI & law and ethics of technology. The field of AI has a long history with ups and downs, but due to new technologies, digital globalisation and most importantly the availability of massive online datasets, the field is on to an exponential rise again. This PhD-project starts from two central assumptions: Firstly, that all “artificial intelligence systems” are hybrid, requiring the integration of human and machine activities. The Center for Hybrid Intelligence is an interdisciplinary research team exploring digital interfaces that facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms. The Hybrid Intelligence Centre Hybrid Intelligence (HI) is the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it. Collective Intelligence can emerge from interactive and dynamic group collaboration as well as from the sum of many individual efforts. Department of Management, School of Business and Social Science, Aarhus University This interaction has the potential to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths. This interaction has the potential to amplify both human and machine intelligence by combining their complementary strengths. The Center for Hybrid Intelligence stands on the shoulders of our citizen science platform ScienceAtHome. For a safe future, we have to put people first in the development of new technologies and emergent futures.


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