Image will transfer in about 1/2 hour with this medium. Then the image is directly transferred to the glass. Let dry and put a mod podge coat on the top side. Just make sure you start with perfectly clean glass, apply several layers, and allow it to cure for the full 28 days. This article has been viewed 164,754 times. Can the glass item with the image on it be washed in a dishwasher? 88 $19.99 $19.99. With a glass block shower kit there is no reinforcing wire present but instead a system called the “protect all” installation system. The finished block will end up looking slightly faded and vintage-y - this is normal. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Soak the image and tape in warm water, then remove the paper and stick the image onto a glass object. The brayer helps you to get rid of all air bubbles. If you’re transferring an image with mod podge, be aware that the image will be reversed when transferred. A plain clear glass plate is transformed into a beautiful memento to be treasured for years to come. Step 5 Position the photo on top of the wet Mod Podge with the right side facing down. "I now know something I never knew. When the 24 hours have passed, wet the photos and rub lightly to remove the paper. When it comes to cutting and drilling, though, the projects should not be taken lightly Are the images on the glass dishwasher safe? If the image is square or rectangular, cutting will be relatively easy. Choose Options. Originally I had started this post with a step by step process on using Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. Let the image dry and repeat. Log in. Glass Block Windows Are Tough to Construct . Personally I've used printer paper and wax paper. Glass Blocks.. The warm glow of glass block walls adds light, depth and richness to any decor, but it can present decorating challenges. I absolutely love making these glass blocks. If you’ve transferred the image onto a drinking glass or mason jar, do not wash the glass in the dishwasher. If the paper doesn’t rub off completely, re-submerge it in the warm water and let it soak for another 2 or 3 minutes. A bold, dynamic photo will help ensure that your acrylic photo block memory is preserved to perfection. Personally, I’m not interested in making this a project that my husband has to help me drill through glass so… I pay extra for the “decorative” glass block. Add a layer of Mod Podge Hard Coat to darken the photos and seal the block. Gently push the air bubbles to the sides. % of people told us that this article helped them. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 164,754 times. If you don’t have scissors nearby, a utility knife will work as well. Since a good number of glass block showers using reinforcing wire for stability, if this isn’t done right you’ll be left with something nobody wants to see: rust. Turn the block over and attach the other picture. In all cases, choose a frame that's closer to a shadow box in depth, which ensures that the quilt block doesn't touch the glass. As you install the blocks on a mortar bed, use the level to ensure the wall is straight and level. Photo blocks typically last much longer than traditional photo frames, as no glass will break if you drop it. It’s a great DIY way to use fabric as wall art. I want to put a picture of a football helmet on the glass block lights, but i am not sure what kind of paper can i print on , and use to put on light.....also , do the sell the white lights to put in the glass block , with white cords instead of green? wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. By using our site, you agree to our. When viewed from the side the image has a profile. Due to widespread availability and low cost, Soda Lime Glass is most commonly used for picture framing glass. Add fun fall items, like pine cones, for ambience. You can mount it right on the wall with cut outs in the back of the photo block that allows for easy hanging. A simple tutorial to make image transfer glass jars. Measure down that distance from the pencil mark you made on the wall and mark that spot. Any remaining glue residue can be removed with rubbing alcohol. A couple weeks ago I did a tutorial on how to make a Glass Block Nightlight. To create a 3D Photo in glass takes two main steps. (Of course this can be done for any holiday or any reason; the applications are endless!) by Kathy (pavilion ny) I painted a design by Renee Mullins on an 8 in glass block. and 6-in. Using a glass block shower kit can also leave you without a rather serious problem. If your image is larger than the width of the packing tape, you won’t be able to transfer it. Spray a light coat of the glue on the vellum and apply to block. Be sure to “mirror” the words in your word processing program before printing them. Since Mod Podge dries to a clear, hard finish, you can make images, cutouts or photos appear to float when you apply them to a clear glass background. If you love patchwork and sewing mini quilts but wish to prevent them from gathering dust on the wall, have a look at this easy how-to. Here. Concrete block is a sturdy building material, but it can present a slight design challenge when it's time to personalize a space. Let Dry. How To Transfer Images Onto Glass. If I transfer an image with writing on it, will the writing come out backwards? You can repeat, but let completely dry in between coats. How to make decorative glass blocks. This easy to do craft has a wonderful end result that even the smallest hands can help with. This method requires you to use a laser printer so that the paper comes off, but the toner is stuck in the transfer medium. July 29, 2017. Using computer software your image is formed into a three-dimensional design. With the right products or a little bit of ingenuity, you can hang artwork without drilling into the wall. wikiHow's. In the beginning I was extremely excited by this project. For best results, use only a laser printer. Containers of transfer medium are typically marked “matte gel” or “Mod Podge.”. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. I made several of these personalized glass blocks for my family last Christmas and they were a huge hit. Yes, you can buy regular glass blocks for much less at Home Depot or Lowes, however, they lack the hole you need to put the lights through. Finally, press the adhesive side of the tape onto a piece of glass. Start at the top or bottom of the tape and work your way to the other side, to avoid trapping any air bubbles under the tape. Cut photo to size and then put a layer of mod podge on back side and apply photo to glass very slowly and when in place, press firmly and rub with a soft cloth (or tool) to remove any bubbles or spaces. Transfer a Picture to Glass. Peel the paper backing off the photo and apply it to the glass block while pushing down the middle. I would like to put a photo on a glass block and am wondering if I can attach it as it is (after re-sizing it) or would you have to scan it?


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