I have read that once a tomato plant has bloomed and produced its tomatoes, I should trim the leaves below it, because new tomatoes won't develop below them. How to Prune Early Girl Tomato Plants. Thank you! The plant was focusing on fruit and new growth, but many of the branches were still hindering its energy. For insects and viral problems, do some additional research to see if these are the issue for your tomato plants. Common indeterminate varieties are Big Boy, Beef Master, most "cherry" types, Early Girl and most heirloom varieties. Pinch off all leaves and suckers that are growing from the main stem below the first flower cluster. And two, you want to limit the amount of pruning in a week to give the tomato plant a chance to recover and heal its wounds. It's my first time to grow tomatoes, but I have actually gained knowledge about pruning and other, "Sucker removal. This article received 50 testimonials and 97% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Removing dead leaves may help increase the fruit production. Indeterminate varieties, also called "vining" tomatoes, grow as tall as people and produce and grow all season long. How to Grow Peppers From the Seeds Inside of the Pepper, How to Grow Moss Rose (Portulaca grandiflora), How to Stop Bugs From Eating Pepper Plants, How to Identify Wild Mushrooms in Pennsylvania, How to Care for a Bamboo Plant With a Yellow Stem, The Best Time to Plant Tomatoes in Georgia. To help you quickly get comfortable pruning your Early Girl tomatoes, I put together this easy guide. Is this true? your direct approach, no funny stuff or 'tales', just facts. Use your fingers to remove these. However, it may grow from seeds left around from rotting fruits if these have been left strewn around the ground. Thanks again. The good news is that these conditions are easily preventable by pruning. To stop the rabbits from getting at your tomato plants, you’ll need to provide barriers around the plants that prevent the rabbits from getting to them, such as fencing or shields made from strong netting/canvas fabric that goes some way into the ground to prevent digging. This article has been viewed 1,797,994 times. If you’re growing an indeterminate variety, remove any flowers from the plant until it’s between 12 and 18 inches (30 and 45 cm) tall, which will send more energy to the roots. Thank you. I've been removing the wrong things in the past. Common determinate varieties are Rutgers, Roma, Celebrity (called a semi-determinate by some) and Marglobe. If you’re new to tomatoes, maybe you’re experiencing the same thing. This should only be done when there isn’t much growing time left for the remaining fruits on the plant, as it will allow the nutrients to be redirected to them instead of the plant trying to keep growing more leaves and branches. ", including myself, are aware of this procedure. Turn the brush on and hold it to the back of the flower -- it releases pollen. Very few old timers, "Absolutely everything about this article was helpful! I've had a cherry tomato plant grow up to 7 feet high, and I had a hard time finding something to support the plant. ", How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden Organically, How to Keep Animals Out of Your Vegetable Garden, http://www.harvesttotable.com/2009/04/how_to_prune_a_tomato/, http://www.taunton.com/finegardening/how-to/articles/pruning-tomatoes.aspx, http://faq.gardenweb.com/faq/lists/tomato/2000082337022708.html, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Since Early Girl is an indeterminate plant, it’s a good practice to prune it. For indeterminate tomato plants grown using stakes, they will be fine planted 1.5 to 2 feet (45-60cm) apart and if you’re using tomato cages, keep the distance about 2.5-3 feet (75-90cm) apart.


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