It was something that took a new frame of mind again and again. Make a design on paper, and transfer it to something like cardboard or something else sturdy. Just like with the pommel, and material can be used for this. I only made this when I was about 10, just as an example of how easy this is. I trust my skills with a hammer less than my ability to simply grind away the steel. 5 years ago With that, I moved onto the cross-guard. Repeat the process and sand until there's only the 220 grit sandpaper scratches. I stitched it the same all the way down the handle. At this point, the steel will finally start to look like a sword. I had brass available to me, but I wanted to use the same material I did for the pommel. The other crucial part is to stop one's own hand from sliding up into the blade, unlikely but possible. The drilling sets a straight whole for the tang, and makes less material needs to be burned. You'd heat it at 400-450 Fahrenheit for two to four hours. And I don't just mean a knife or dagger. I slide the wooden handle on, then the pommel. Reddit! on Introduction. Then I punched the holes using just a punch and a hammer on a scrap piece of wood. Hey, get creative, it can be anything. 10 years ago I waited for it to cool, and cut the piece out from its pipe. With the pieces all prepared, now all the remained was gluing to make it a full sword. I am not sure what I like best the sword making or the instructable itself. Keep making these things! I got the metal from a pool heat exchanger. This was my first time ever stitching leather. Reply Steel has iron but its not iron in itself. Only certain steels can be hardened. With leaf springs I'd be somewhat careful because they are a deprecated method of suspension, and thus usually come from old and/or cheap and/or low-quality cars. I used a cutting torch to cut the sides off. The quench makes the steel brittle, and tempering brings back the toughness of the metal. The pommel helps to hold the entire sword together. This assures and even cool-down. Make sure the section of pipe is much longer then the sword. Camping, fishing, canoeing, all of it. Before quenching make sure the oil is warm. rust needs to be ground out before you start forging or else you can run into some problems. At the bottom, I repeatedly re-threaded the line through the same spot, attempting to have it stay. At the hammer I carefully applied blows consistently along the length of the piece. on Step 2. Upon later research online, I found that this was most recommended by those experienced with it. I simply couldn't count the variety of tools I used. course it was the scrap from my 6ft one ( hehe >=) ), 10 years ago The best way to I found to do this is to use a fork to press down to make the mark. How long and thick is it? Continue to increase grit to 220. Tin and copper, when alloyed together, can make bronze, which was the primary material for much of the Ancient World before the advent of iron and steel. Similar Threads. This gives the blade the best strength of the three. This continues on the prior mark, and allows for consistent marks. However, I'd suggest that for your next project, you use a freshly made piece of steel for the blade. When it comes the the Leather, I would recommend just trying it out. The reason my method of "sword making" is so simple, is because I am so limitted in the availiability of tools and space. 11 years ago An awl could be used as well. I used a power hammer to smash it into shape. With this sword I chose to go with the convex grind because I didn't think I'd be able to maintain a consistency across such a large surface. Do some research on what they used to actually look like. As stated, fantasy designs are fantasy for a reason. I cleaned the entire sword blade, cross-guard, and pommel. Then it must be annealed by heating and cooling slowly. I now had the size of the wooden handle, so I cut the tang of the sword to match. No offense, your Idea is good, but the hilt is just terrible. I have a few questions though, two about the sword and another just being a general blacksmithing question. I sand simply with a small piece and pressure by hand. Flat grinds are as simple as they sound. If not get a piece of steel about the size of your sword and skip ahead past the forging. Next I drilled a hole for the nut to attach to the rod into the pommel so it could be hidden. The tang is not a crucial point, but the joint of it is. I slid the handle onto the tang, as well as the pommel. Reply The material will crumble like a failing sandcastle if it gets too hot.The term some people use is "red short." I switched over to a pneumatic hammer, when I needed to do finer work. 10 months ago, I ironicly have made a handle for a sword already im just trying to figure out what how i can attach it to a blade? how to make household ninja weapons. By using hand tools, it is much easier to not mess anything up. Make a dragon. Be careful of the sword edge. These are the sharpest of the grinds, with the best cutting edge, but they are the weakest edge as well. Well now all that's left is sharpening. I honestly have no clue since I made my profile a loong while back. I chose to pour this into a section of pipe, larger then my desired pommel size. I heated the whole section with a five burner gas forge to a yellow heat. I really like the sword, it looks like a really great quality one that would cost hundreds! After using the angle grinder, finish up the profile with either a belt sander/grinder, a angle grinder with a grinding wheel, or a bench grinder.Before grinding the bevels can start, all the slag on the steel must be off, because it dulls the belts very quickly. Historically people have used and still use leaf springs for knife and machetes, look up hand forged Gurka Kukries on google and you will see the beautiful functional pieces the Nepalese smiths produce. For stitching first it needs to be punched, as leather is very tough. Also the material tends to work harden, meaning that by bending it and working it, it gets harder to move. I have made axes, knives, and spears, and nothing compared to the joy from this product. Knife …, Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). Another point worth making. I learned so many new things on this build. Come on man, no one is going to take you seriously with a sock for a handle wrap! I started with a typical length drill bit. The cross-guard has a few crucial functions.


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