If you are facing just a couple of voles and you don’t want to pour castor oil all around your garden, then you can use these granules. How to Use Castor Oil for Moles Removal? Some scientists are sure that only pure castor oil (with 100% concentration) can be used to scare voles away. Simply pour it along the runways, around your garden, along the perimeter of your yard, and anywhere else you notice vole activity This oil, derived from the seeds/beans of the castor plant (Ricinus communis), is nontoxic and doesn’t even hurt the animals. Castor oil for garden use may repel voles, moles and possibly other digging and tunneling animals, such as armadillos. Enter Natures Mace mole and vole castor oil. Pure castor oil not only works to get rid of voles in your yard and garden but, when used often enough, will help keep them from returning. 1-2 TBSP Castor Oil (DO NOT USE UNSCENTED CASTOR OIL!) 1 TBSP Dish Detergent; Add this mixture to 1 gallon of water and thoroughly water the area to be protected. Castor oil can be used as a repellent for voles. Castor Oil. How To Apply The Organic Vole Control You want to water the ground, not spray it. Castor oil is a potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent that helps to get rid of persistent fungal infection. So you like the idea of naturally repelling voles from your yard, but don’t want to have to plant more flowers than you already have. The effectiveness of castor oil on moles is in dispute. You can add other liquids such as castor oil, peppermint oil, etc with dishwashing liquid to get effective results. Generally, It is the cleaning liquid for the kitchen, but it is very effective to get rid of all types of voles. Or, simply put, you just want a good, cruelty-free solution that isn’t harmful to the environment or your garden. If you are also using herbicides, voles won’t disturb you for a long period of time. Simply spray it where you want it, and the unpleasant taste and smell of the stuff makes castor oil an effective vole repellent. Treating pests with castor oil is a natural, non-toxic way to repel these unwanted digging animals in your garden without hurting them or causing poisonous chemicals to build up in the garden and ground water. Castor oil also works to rid your lawn of moles, gophers, skunks, and more. Castor Oil has been used for years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine practices as a natural remedy for removing moles, skin tags and warts. The power of the dishwashing detergent cannot be underestimated. The Best Results Using Castor Oil to Remove Moles. We buy our Castor Oil from Shay and Company but you can also find it on Amazon. Non-toxic ways to ward off voles include castor oil, derived from the seeds of the castor plant, and capsaicin, an oil found in hot peppers.


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