Once the rug is rolled, wrap it in durable plastic and leave about 8 inches at each end. Start by folding the rug in half down the length of the rug. Rolling up a rug is a convenient way to store it, as well as a step in preparation to shipping a rug. If the rug is wider than 5 feet, we recommend folding it in half lengthwise before rolling it. However, when in storage, the rug needs to breathe. Step 5: Wrap the rug in professional moving wrap, blankets or canvas. As you fold, listen for cracking or popping – if you hear this, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Place the rug up-side-down outdoors under the sun on a clean, dry surface in temperatures between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a delicate hand-knotted carpet, like a Persian rug, avoid folding it. Fold the rug in preparation to roll it up. Wrapping your rug in plastic protects it from any liquid spills that soak through the box. Step 3: Roll the rug. Here is one very good way to properly fold a large oriental rug. (This will help to keep the rug straight while you are rolling it. Wrapping your rug in plastic protects it … Next, fold in one end of the rug. When you roll it, try to make it no longer than 6 feet. These include machine made, hand tufted rug and some hand knotted rugs with dry rot or stiff construction. For room size rugs such as 8x10s and 9x12s, the single fold method is easiest. We show how to fold in thirds. In some cases, you … Secure the ends with zip ties. Tips on how to fold and roll a rug larger than 8' x 10' for shipping. You may find that folding in half or a straight roll may be suitable for your needs. How to Fold & Roll a Rug Larger Than 8' x 10' - Job Youshaei Rug Company 2540 Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035 If the rug is 6 x 9 or larger, you will need to employ one of the fold and roll techniques. Be sure it is under one third as the other portion will be folded back over the initial fold. The rug below shows how you may fold the rug for either shipping or storage. Step 4: Tie the rug tightly using heavy-duty twine. Fold your rug into thirds. Are you planning to bring your large oriental rug to our plant for cleaning in Ithaca, NY? Wait for the rug to settle on its own: allow the rug to sit open for several weeks and it should naturally release tension from a hard roll or fold especially in higher humidity environments. You can receive up to a 25% discount if you bring it in and pick it up yourself. Then, fold the top and bottom of the rug towards the middle so that the tasseled ends are facing each other but not touching. Companies shipping rugs through the freight transport service will have their risks covered in accordance with the CMR convention. Roll the rug and secure it with rope or tape. One Good Way to Fold a Large Rug for Transporting, Shipping or Storing. Roll the rug and secure it with rope or tape. Do the same with the other side so that your rug is folded into 3 layers. Follow this step-by-step process to learn how to move rugs and how to wrap a rug for shipping: Step 1: Clean and vacuum the rug. Prior to folding the rug, check your carpet for any dry rot or areas not easy to fold. Once the rug is rolled, wrap it in durable plastic and leave about 8 inches at each end. It's an easy process: A. Fold the rug just under one third. If the rug is 6 x 9 or larger, you will need to employ one of the fold and roll techniques. For shipping, put some extra padding on the ends of the rug (don't use newspaper which bleeds when wet) as rugs can be dragged a lot in transport. Secure the ends with zip ties. It's a good idea to tape all openings shut so the package is semi- waterproof. How can I be sure whether I can fold the rug before packing it? Step 2: Leave the rug out in the sun for half a day. Grab one corner of your rug and draw it in towards the center, about a third of the way across the rug.


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