Wearing old or incorrect running shoes that have lost, or no, shock-absorbing ability may contribute to stress fractures. Should I be worried if my joints are cracking? For example, do not immediately set out to run five miles a day; instead, gradually build up your mileage on a weekly basis.”. Phase 1: Injury Period (Usually 4 to 6 weeks) This period begins at the time of diagnosis, not at the time the athlete started feeling pain. “Running with a forefoot strike increases the load on the foot and ankle, which can increase the risk of stress fractures in the foot. Once diagnosed by a doctor, who’ll use an X-ray, CT, MRI or DEXA scan to suss out the injury, a splint may be used to support the bone as it heals. Swelling in the affected area is another common sign. It’s also thought that running form can have an impact on the likelihood of stress fractures in some cases. Make sure that you get enough calcium in your diet to prevent osteopenia or osteoporosis. Pain during a run that gets worse as you go. Watch for these symptoms of a stress “Most importantly, when planning a training programme, be realistic with your distance and speed targets.”. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine physician at theHospital for Special Surgery in NewYork City, adds, "A stress reaction or a stress injury happens when the bone starts to swell inside. A stress fracture is a small crack, or severe bruising in a bone. If they’re left undetected and untreated, they can get worse and even permanently sideline an athlete. Runner's World participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. If you’re in so much pain that you need to adjust your form, consult your doctor right away. “Advanced planning for any training programme is a great way to prevent stress fractures. Stress fractures can also occur in the pelvis of runners, although this is much less common.” So, an abrupt, pinpointable pain in your foot, shin, thigh or pelvis is not one to try and run through. Low levels of calcium can also put runners at risk, along with a high caffeine intake, too much sodium in the diet and generally not eating enough to offset activity levels. Runner's World, Part of the Hearst UK Wellbeing Network. Calcium adequacy at the RDA level is important, but unusually high intakes do not appear to speed fracture healing. js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/63/363985263.js"; A study found that women with a low BMI are more at risk of a stress-fracture, and irregular periods in women can also pose a risk, according to Dr Mahmud Taher of London Osteoporosis Clinic. As long as the bone quality is normal, the following phases will help you get through a stress-fracture diagnosis. Stress fractures can be grouped into two categories: low-risk and high-risk. "If you notice you’re not landing on your foot in the same way you usually do because it hurts too much, get it checked out," advises Metzl. In the meantime, low impact exercise such as cycling and swimming can be taken, as long as your doctor considers you ready and you take on the extra activity gradually. (function(d, s, id) { Foods such as yoghurt, milk, cheese, tofu and dark, leafy greens are all great options. A stride of 80-90 steps per minute for one foot (160-180 for both feet) can decrease your chance of injury. People who overpronate are also more susceptible to stress fractures, because they put a lot more medial loading force on their legs. However, a small percentage may require surgical intervention. If you’re a road runner who suddenly spends a lot of time on the treadmill, or vice versa, this can increase the risk of a stress fracture. The vast majority of stress fractures heal within eight weeks of treatment. As mentioned above, the most important thing to do if you have or think you may have a stress fracture in your foot or ankle, is to cease the activity that caused your problem in the first place. Metzl notes that the contour of the veins on the top of the foot may be less visible when compared to the other foot. A: A stress fracture in the tibia will usually heal in 8 to 12 weeks; the exception is a stress fracture in the front, central area of the bone. Once you have a stress fracture, you’re at risk for developing the same injury again, so be sure to evaluate your training methods and intensity. Visit a physio to get an assessment of your running technique and pick up prehab exercises to correct any issues before they escalate. The most common symptoms of a stress fracture are: A problem that comes on suddenly is a real red light, so if you’ve had no symptoms and rapidly acquire a pain that prevents you from moving normally, it’s time to take action. You can keep your cardio-vascular fitness going by cross-training. Stress fracture signs to watch for It’s important to know the signs of a stress fracture. They are a relatively common overuse injury in runners and over 80% of them occur in the legs of those affected. Stress fractures are generally a result of doing too much, too soon, without the body having enough time to adapt. A sharp pain that you can pinpoint on a bony area, it might feel tender to touch. It can take anything from six to eight weeks for a fracture to fully heal. If it hurts when you land, it could be a stress fracture. This could be why, Avoid the common pitfalls of a new runner. In most cases, this will involve supporting the bones by inserting a fastener, for example a pin, screw or plate. In certain cases, a stress fracture will require surgery in order to heal completely. If you can’t get one quickly, the best idea is to apply RICE - rest, ice, compress and elevate the area. But just because you have a stress fracture doesn’t mean you can’t still exercise. Search Events This can happen from repetitive trauma and is commonly seen in athletes – particularly long-distance runners. If you think you are ready to run, you are at HIGH RISK of another injury. How do you know when a stress fracture has healed? Swelling on the top of the foot or on the outside of the ankle. And even if you do have a stress fracture you have to figure out what that really means.


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