It won’t work on every squad – for example Terminators with Power Fists won’t benefit – but for large blocks of Tactical Marines or Assault Marines, this can swing 1-2 additional kills per phase to net you the combat win. wounds which otherwise might cause problems. Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. Overall, not a bad character, and if you play a Luna Wolves Loyalist force, a perfect fluffy leader to take. All I can say is, if Horus is included in a battle, the entire thing will pivot around him. 135 pts for 5, with +15 pts a model, you get a T 4 3+ save unit with an additional base Attack (with 3 A on the Chieftain), Outflank and Precision Strike/Shots. If they are within a friendly deployment zone, they get Relentless. Note that technically the Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod is a “unique” unit for the Sons of Horus, but it is now available to everyone so I won’t list it separately. However, the Sons of Horus were not always a ruthless, broken rabble of traitors – once they were noble, loyal, effective and ambitious, a true beacon of Imperial might and light. Merciless Fighters is one of those ones which will, reliably, come through in a pinch once per game to really pull the rug out from under your opponent. Models with this special rule gain +1 BS when shooting with Pistol, Assault and Rapid Fire weapons at models 12” or less away (but this does not apply to Fury of the Legion, Snap Shots or Chain Fire). The Mournival was the advisory war council of four Space Marine Captains of the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion that served their Primarch and Warmaster Horus as advisers and close companions throughout the Great Crusade until the start of the Horus Heresy. The Horus Heresy was a galaxy-spanning civil war that consumed the worlds of Mankind for 9 Terran years. Agent Peacock: Before the Heresy, it's said that the prettiest Space Marines are either the Children or the Blood Angels. The Sons of Horus benefit from the following Legion special rules: These are some powerful Legion rules, as befits the Warmaster’s Own. This is absolutely devastating in a Primarch-on-Primarch confrontation, as Horus will only ever get stronger as he guts his opponent. ) The Twisted is an epithet with a sting, in the case of Maloghurst – his unusual strategic insights and “alternative” methods of thinking earned him the title, but it became cruelly appropriate when his transport was shot down on Sixty-Three Nineteen. The main benefit is Relentless March. When the Heresy began, there had been 13 Luna Wolves in total who had been members of the Mournival, including the four final members before the Mournival was shattered at the start of the Heresy. He survived, but became crippled and physically deformed, no longer able to fight as a warrior in the Warmaster’s name but instead serving as an equerry to Horus and his standard-bearer in the wars of the Heresy. Finally, at Ullanor, Horus became Warmaster, and the Emperor retired from leading His Great Crusade. with my Solar Auxilia, and only managed to withstand his assault by shooting apart his Spartan on turn 1 and throwing roadblock sacrifices at him – there was no question of actually beating this terrifying foe. In practice, to run this Rite of War you have to take a Praetor (or Delegatus) with a Master of Signal as your Compulsory HQs. When Horus launched his gambit in the Isstvan system, he knew the campaign would not be over quickly – even with an all-out push to Terra, it would be a long march to the Throneworld. Basically the rules are circular. “The Sons of Horus – the Legion of the sire of heresy, the first in infamy if not in treachery, whose name now resounds as a curse throughout the scattered and war-torn realms of humanity…” If you have any understanding of the Horus Heresy, you will know about the Sons of Horus. With apologies for the delay, in our seventh article we’re looking at the brutal core of the Traitor Legions – the scions of the Warmaster himself, the Sons of Horus. The end of this story is well known. is a great passive buff, meaning you probably won’t need to worry about buying Reserve manipulation in other ways (e.g.


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