To be considered for employment, all applicants must, at a minimum: Applicants must successfully complete each step in the process before being extended an offer of employment. Learn about the community police structure within the Greenville Police Department. ... City of Greenville, SC, Police Department | 4 McGee St., Greenville, SC 29601 | Police Non-Emergency: 864-271-5333; Back to Top This is a cardiovascular fitness test designed to measure an applicant's aerobic capacity. Promotions to Sergeant and Lieutenant are based on a competitive testing process. ... City of Greenville, SC, Police Department | 4 McGee St., Greenville, SC 29601 | Police Non-Emergency: 864-271-5333; Back to Top The application for Police Officer is currently closed. Applicants are given a drug screen during their pre-employment testing phase. However, we can notify you when the next hiring period becomes available. The Board scores applicants based on their responses to a series of questions. Within each rank, salary ascends on a step program until the range maximum is met. All applicants who pass the interview board are scheduled for a polygraph examination. Internships. After passing the PAT, applicants immediately take the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory Exam. This includes (but is not limited to) contacting former and current employers and references, a credit check, and a criminal history check. Please email Attorney Donald Phillips: or 252.329.4426. All new officers who have no police experience start out at the PO1 rank. Officers may be promoted to PO2 or PO3 after completion of the required years of service and attending additional training. Greenville Police Officers patrolling along Main Street. Greenville County Sheriff's Office 4 McGee Street Greenville, SC 29601 Phone: 864-271-5210 Toll Free: 800-828-1206; City of Greenville Police Department Lateral officers may start at PO1, PO2, or PO3 based on years of experience and formal elective training. If you are looking for a profession where every challenge brings immeasurable reward to you and your community, the Greenville Police Department is looking for you. 10 years of employment history, including: All new officers are full-time employees of the City of Greenville and receive their full salary and benefits during training and while attending the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Body worn cameras: Greenville County deputies use torso mounted body cams. A thorough background investigation is completed on all applicants. For questions about careers with the Greenville Police Department: Please contact our recruiting officers: or … Learn about the community police structure within the Greenville Police Department. Consider working as a Communications Specialist in our 911 dispatch center. Chief of Police. You will need the following information available to complete your application for Police Officer: Are you looking for civilian job opportunities in law enforcement? All applicants meet with a licensed psychologist, who makes a recommendation to the GPD about whether the candidate should advance in the hiring process. The Greenville Police Department has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since March of 1995. Physical Agility Test Course Description (PDF). Learn about the official fundraising arm of the Greenville Police Department. The applicant runs on a treadmill while heart rate is measured. GPD offers internships to qualified students. Once employed as a police officer with the Greenville Police Department, all new hires register to attend the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) in Columbia, SC for 8 weeks. Every day when you put on your uniform, you will go to work making life safer and more secure for your family, friends, and neighbors. After successfully completing the written exam, applicants are scheduled for an interview board in front of 3 GPD officers.


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