Huit Morceaux (Duos) pour Violon et Violoncelle, Op.39. 50 (1909), 12 Album leaves for Cello and Piano, Op. Scherzo 8. The Red Poppy was praised "as the first Soviet ballet on a revolutionary subject". In 1913 he gained an appointment to the school of music in Kiev, which was raised to the status of conservatory shortly after, as Kiev Conservatory. • Page visited 69,015 times • Powered by MediaWiki Reinhold Moritzevich Glière ... Op. 2 The 3rd Symphony Ilya Muromets was a synthesis between national Russian tradition and impressionistic refinement. All parts are included. 74, 1938), coloratura soprano (Op. *#100704 - 5.17MB, cover, 25 pp. Stimmen (2) Artikelnr. 0.0/10 The parts have some more convenient page turns than the score. It became an item in the extensive repertoire of Leopold Stokowski, who made, with Glière's approval, an abridged version, shortened to around the half the length of the original. He entered the Kiev school of music in 1891, where he was taught violin by Otakar Ševčík, among others. 4 (1902), String Sextet No 2 in B minor, Op. Reinhold Glière (ca. Canzonetta 5. 87 (1946) Concerto for horn and orchestra in B-flat major, Op. Glière concentrated primarily on composing monumental operas, ballets, and cantatas. 100 (1956), completed and orchestrated by Boris Lyatoshinsky (can also be played on a Cello or Fifths tuned Double Bass), String Sextet No 1 in C minor, Op. Glière SUITE FOR VIOLIN AND DOUBLE BASS OR VIOLA AND DOUBLE BASS Includes violin, viola, and bass parts. 4 0.0/10 4 Concerto for cello and orchestra in D minor, Op. Before the revolution Glière had already been honoured three times with the Glinka prize. As the last genuine representative of the pre-revolutionary national Russian school, i.e. In 1927, inspired by the ballerina Yekaterina Vasilyevna Geltzer (1876–1962), he wrote the music for the ballet Krasny mak (The Red Poppy), later revised, to avoid the connotation of opium, as Krasny tsvetok (The Red Flower, 1955). 25, on 23 January 1908 in Berlin. Versand. A special edition of Gliere's beautiful Duos - now in a gorgeous new printing - made into a very playable Suite for either Violin or Viola and Double Bass. In 1920 Glière moved to the Moscow Conservatory where he (intermittently) taught until 1941. 4 Back in Moscow, Glière returned again to the Gnesin School. Complete Score Fujiculture (2018/1/22), Complete Parts 87, 1946, dedicated to Sviatoslav Knushevitsky), horn (Op. 91 (1951) Concerto for violin and orchestra (Concerto-Allegro) in G minor, Op. His symphonic idiom, which combined broad Slavonic epics with cantabile lyricism, is governed by rich, colourful harmony, bright and well-balanced orchestral colours and perfect traditional forms. In 1902 Arensky wrote about the Sextet, Op. In 1923 Glière was invited by the Azerbaijan People's Commissariat of Education to come to Baku and compose the prototype of an Azerbaijani national opera. Suite for violin (viola) and double bass parts von Reinhold Glière. Romantische Suite, Op.10 (Findeisen, Theodor Albin) S. Sonata for Violin and Double Bass (Lourié, Arthur) 3 Sonatas for Violin and Cello, Op.16 (Kreutzer, Rodolphe) Styx, Op.32 (Queval, Christophe) T. Timeless (Chiva Sanz, Daniel) U. He was the second son of the wind instrument maker Ernst Moritz Glier (1834–1896) from Saxony (Klingenthal), who emigrated to the Russian Empire and married Józefa (Josephine) Korczak (1849–1935), the daughter of his master, from Warsaw. 82 (1943) (Can also be played on the Violin, Cello, or Fifths tuned Double Bass). In the following years Glière composed the symphonic poem Sireny, Op. 51 (1910), String Quartet No 3 in D minor, Op. He was working in Uzbekistan as a "musical development helper" at the end of the 1930s. Alternative Names/Transliterations: Рейнгольд Морицевич Глиэр, Rejngol'd Moricevič Glier, Reingold Moritsevich Glier, Reyngol′d Moritsevich Glier, Reinhold Moritzewitsch Glière, Reinhold Moritsevitch Glière, Gliere (-) - V/V/27 - 17501×⇩ - Kalliwoda, PDF scanned by kalliwoda 8 (1900), Ferganskiy Prazdnik (Holiday in Ferghana) Overture Op 75, Concert Waltz in D-flat major, Op. 48 Übungen für den Contrabass (Hause, Wenzel) V. Die Vergangenheit lebt, Op.23 No.4 (Menkveld, Jan Willem) From a student recital on November 14, 2010 Kit Polen-Double Bass Alex Smith-Viola Recital Hall at Indiana University JSOM.


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