He then observes as Superalloy Darkshine finds Puri-Puri Prisoner and vows to defeat Garou for him, and the two begin to fight. Garou ends up reading through the catalog to find out Golden Ball's location. As he leaves proclaiming this was the epic intro of Garou the Human Monster, he promises to come bursting through the front door of the Hero Association in six months time after his training journey was over. Sour Face chimed in and asked who the arrogant child is when Garou passed out from the exhaustion of venturing to the dojo. Puri-Puri Prisoner -- still in pursuit of Nyaan -- smashes through a wall. [7] Garou counterattacks with the special technique Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and beats Tanktop Master with ease. Beast King | Groribas | Despite the outcome, he feels excited about the battle since he now has the experience needed to battle monsters properly and embraces the happiness that he can become stronger. Garou proclaims that he is the strongest monster. Unable to accept the fact he decided to become the strongest monster and never lose, and to change the scenario. Origin Garou does not respect Bang as a person, but he admires Bang's martial arts, even copying a combined technique of Bang and Bomb as his own. However, Orochi intervened before Garou could attack. Dr. Genus | When asked whether Boros or Garou would win in a fight against each other, ONE stated that Garou would lose in his human form, but in his Awakened form, it would be "one hell of a battle". In addition to this, he dislikes how villains are always forced to be the ones to lose, while the heroes are the ones that always wins. When the monsters are finally out of sight, Garou simply says, "Disgusting". But just as Garou is going to strike Stinger, he changes his target and hits Smile Man square in the jaw, taking him out of the fight. Stinger's attack is quickly followed up with Arrow Rain from Shooter, which Garou also manages to dodge. : [SPOILER] Soars... and Falls at a Critical Point in Vol. He also added that Garou is stronger when it comes to close combat. After being awakened, Darkshine confronts Garou, declaring he will put his life on the line to beat him. Genos follows up his attack with his Machine Gun Blows, giving Garou a tough go of it. “That was so much fun, I can barely contain myself! He yelled at Garou to run away and save himself, and the young boy's words of support were enough to bring life back into Garou's eyes and give him a reason to remain alive, causing the teenager to retreat. Garou retaliates with his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, but Genos ducks and strikes him with a punch that's propelled by a booster integrated into his elbow. Zombieman was the only hero able to stand long enough to speak to him, so Garou briefly explained his motivations to him. Tareo explains to Garou he has to leave the hut, but Garou figure Tareo was bullied into it. Tacchan asked him what was he doing, pointed out that Garou was the monster, and then kicked him in the face while making others kids to restrain him. He would eventually train himself through various battles and bloodshed, before eventually becoming a powerful monster that could even take on Saitama himself. One-Punch Man's next installment arrives in English on Jan. 22 from Viz Media. TABLE OF CONTENT Best & Savage Garou Quotes DOWNLOAD GAROU WA LLPAPER #1 DOWNLOAD GAROU WALLPAPER #2. Your email address will not be published. Leader However, before the two can continue, they are confronted by Overgrown Rover. In his own words, Garou describes him as an asshole. Although Gyoro Gyoro took great interest in Garou, wishing for him to become his next monstrous creation like Orochi, Garou himself was less than excited. They attempt to capture a citizen for disagreeing with their ideology but bump into Garou. One-Punch Man Chapter 113 brings Garou back into the fold, but he's undergone a major transformation and will never be the same again. Similar to Tareo, Garou seems to have a level of care for Zenko because she's a child. After dealing with Fubuki, Garou rips through Black Sperm, reducing him to a single cell, in order to get him away from Tareo. He will also attack low-ranked heroes and Hero Association staff members if he encounters them.Garou hates the popular, as he believes the popular will always win in the end. One Punch Man Because of this, Bang expelled Garou after giving him a beating. Notable Members Garou and Golden Sperm then had a battle that was too fast for any of the heroes present to follow, resulting in the death of Golden Sperm and Garou completing his transformation into a monster. However, Bomb intercepts him and kicks him in the face toward the group of remaining monsters, causing the monsters to be shredded by Bomb's razor-sharp Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist. Because at heart, we all want to be able to do whatever we want. The Mysterious Beings decide to leave but say to him that they will definitely meet again later if Garou continues to hero hunt. Royal Ripper approaches Tareo, to which Garou tells him to back off. Garou notices that Glasses lack of action, but is then hit by Chain'n'toad's weapon and attacked by Smile Man again. Puri-Puri Prisoner, while burrowing through the underground base, stumbled upon Garou. However, due to Garou's lone wolf nature, he coldly rejects the offer and tells the monster to get out of his sight. Garou is one of the two villains to survive long in a battle against Saitama, giving him a rather challenging battle. Garou eats everything on the menu, before dashing out. Golden Ball eventually accepts and they head towards the parking lot. A new group agrees with the monster outbreak. [19] Fortunately, Garou manages to fairly easily repel the technique and launches a blow to Metal Bat's chest, leaving Metal Bat laying on the ground. “These guys are a staircase. At first, Garou doesn't think highly of Metal Bat but later admits that Metal Bat could defeat him with one clean hit if he landed a blow. When talking to his uncaring and unsympathetic teacher, s/he ignored Garou and simply lectured him on how he should not be fighting and what might have happened if it had continued as well as reprimanding him for not distinguishing reality and game. Though reluctant, Garou accepts and then leaves the fight to look for Watchdog Man. Garou asks Metal Bat for the reason for this sudden increase in physical strength and Metal Bat simply explains that "It's Fightin' Spirit!". As they make their escape, Tareo tells him that there is another child that is in need of rescuing but that's not Garou's concern and he did not come here to save Tareo, either. One-Punch Man Chapter 113 finally brings Garou back after leaving his fate uncertain for so long, and now he's a true monster. Garou hated Royal Ripper for his needlessly sadistic and brutal nature.


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