Marxists, suggest that there are inequalities in societies even though the education system aims to provide equality of education. People in society will feel more involved in society, having more of a sense of belonging. They teach children how to talk,walk and learn skills, necessary to live. You can view samples of our professional work here. (Haralambos & Holborn,2008). When a person reaches the ages of 16-18, they are officially classed as an adult in society. The functionalist theory also called functionalism. Scholars (Haralambos & Holborn, 2008). He states that how we are treated in the family is different to how we are treated at work. The functionalist theory also called functionalism. They see it as a form of secondary socialisation which is essential to the maintenance of society. To running the education services, the government use the taxes income from the family of children, which in pays taxes. For example, a child born into a rich family, may be seen as a child who is rich when they are born., Assess the view that in todays society the family. From simple essay plans, through to full dissertations, you can guarantee we have a service perfectly matched to your needs. Emile, perspectives on what the role and purpose of education is. (Making sure people end up in the jobs they are suited to). The different part of society is organized to fill different need and each of which has effect for the form and shape of the good society. Is the school system works properly, then society will function properly as well. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This helps them to prepare for employment, accepting authority from employers in the future. For examples, IT education for particular occupations. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. The parts of society depend on each other. There are several theoretical perspectives of looking at sports from the sociology of sports view including conflict, functionalist, interactions, and feminist. Value Consensus is an agreement between society members, to conform to certain values. For example, different uniforms to be worn by students. In conclusion, functionalists are able to establish the preparation for the workplace which occurs in schools through theories such as parson’s and Durkheim’s. This helps create value consensus and prepares students for work as both children and adults have to work with people who aren’t family or friends. positive function. When we think of schooling and education and what it really entails many might assume it serves the same function. Ella Clarke, Remember. Emile Durkheim Talcott Parsons 15. Crystal Taylor-Johnson You can get your Schools then ‘sift and sort` people based of their talents and intellect, to ensure the students with the highest valued qualifications achieve the most important jobs. ( Haralambos & Holborn,2008). According to Bowles and Gintis(1976), they suggest that schools provide the skills, values needed by a capitalist society by providing a “Hidden Curriculum” (Haralambos & Holborn,2008). In this essay we shall elaborate on the views of the functionalist and conflict paradigm of the role schooling and education, we will also look at the differences and similarities of the two theories providing evidence from, sex role theory was based and structured according to a more traditional family structure in that the man was the work-oriented contributor (breadwinners) and the women was the domestically oriented partner (housewives) of the man ensuring the home, children and day to day household functions were tended to. Under the functionalist theory, the government relies on the success of students and vice versa. A society is a complex unit, made up of interrelated parts. What is functionalist theory? Education is vital to the needs of the modern industrial society, it teaches children from a young age discipline, respect, morals and values, the context of the overall development of an individual, social institutions in a society play an important role. Children learning the appropriate norms, values and roles in society, which helps keep society stable and helps to maintain the value consensus. Get Your Custom Essay SOC101: Introduction to Sociology If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Functionalists believe that all in society serves a purpose and it's a Study for free with our range of university lectures! If all part in society, A functionalist will put an serious on positive aspect for school education such as socializing and also emphasis the learning of attitudes in school. VAT Registration No: 842417633. These perspectives are the functionalist, conflict and interactionist perspective. Durkheim also establishes the fact that modern industrial society has a very complex division of labour. Our academic experts are ready and waiting to assist with any writing project you may have. People with the highest grades, are more likely to be in top classes then people who get lower grades. These institution act as the means of providing opportunity for the overall development of individuals. Inequalities can form, in different areas such as employment. Sociological Theories on Education 1st Jan 1970 Students are considered at the bottom, because they need to accept authority. It may also be constructed through wearing school uniform or in American schools, pledging to the American flag. Durkheim believed that in order If a part of society, does not function properly then it can affect the rest of society. In this regard it can be said that “The role of religion is to remind republican citizens of their duties to and reliance upon God. However there are flaws in many of these theories. This gave them the work experience they needed to maintain a job. It is clear that education does in fact create value consensus and prepare students for changing attitudes from school to the workplace. Assignment: outline the main theoretical perspectives on education and evaluate their usefulness when analysing current issues (Haralambos & Holborn,2008).


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