There is a trend towards lower rainfall over the past 84 years in the catchment area. Drought, history and some poor local governance combine to weigh down the Eastern Cape in Statistics South Africa’s latest report. The situation has been further exacerbated by climate change and the increased demand for water in the region. This information was forwarded to Government in the hope of drought relief. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It needs thought about how you get the water there,” he says. Amid its worst drought since records began, the city — and the Western Cape … In VW's case the emission were higher than was reported by the car's manufacturer. The alternate hypothesis, denoted by Ha or H1, will be everything else that can happen. It costs about R50 million to build a plant of this size, says superintendent George Sokunene. Many of the town dams have run dry which means that everyone is drawing more and more on underground water. The pair of images above shows southwestern Africa on July 21, 2003 (left), and July 21, 2002 (right). The Eastern Cape is the “worst hit” province by the persistent drought that has gripped SA since 2015, human settlements, water and sanitation minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Monday. While a common response to the Eastern Cape drought has been to sink boreholes, Gama cautions against this. With a third of the province in a critical position, more than 1 million cattle, 2.1 million sheep and 600 000 goats face an uncertain future. Climate change intensifies Southern African drought- and heat-caused food crisis. Currently three Districts have again declared. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Possible cause for extra concern? If we are increasingly drawing out borehole water, we are limiting the recharging capacity that groundwater has on surface water. Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral committee member for engineering and infrastructure Andile Lungisa said in the same interview that the municipality had plans to build a desalination plant. In Egypt, the soldiers are now guarding the abstraction points in the River Nile. Rainfall in Western Cape, where Cape Town is located, dwindled dramatically in the three years to 2017. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A lack of service delivery and foresight from the government is said to be exacerbating the effects of the drought. Your email address will not be published. The debilitating drought in the Eastern Cape is impacting badly on poor rural villagers and seasonal farm workers. It is going to come to that in South Africa. The prolonged drought in the Western Cape is set to reduce food production and could increase food prices nationally. The NOAA Climate Centre currently (March 2017) predicts that southern Africa should enjoy a winter of normal average rainfall, i.e. “With the drought, surface water becomes unreliable so we are always looking for alternative sources and alternative ways of abstracting, going deeper into the sand, for example,” says Amatola Water executive director of operations Asanda Gidana. Reservoirs in Cape Town, the jewel of South Africa's Western Cape region, are nearly empty. It can be due to rain shadow downwind of a mountain range. While mobile desalination units are in use in India and China, their maximum daily output is not enough for one unit to supply a single rural village or town. The City of Cape Town's Xanthea said that the long-term effects of the water crisis were acutely felt on farms, but she said that the upside of the drought was the lessons it had taught them. The only dam supplying the area is at a critical level‚ while the process of … And South Africa does not appear to own any of these trucks. The reality, says Siyabulela Manona, is that provinces like the Eastern and Western Cape cannot think only in terms of short-term drought solutions, because drought is … Farmers are facing a massive economic crisis. The Province has been declared a drought disaster area, but this means very little until such time as funding in huge volumes becomes available for use within the Eastern Cape. The desalination plant was built in 1982 and refurbished in 2010. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Importantly, there is a continuity of these conditions. “The Eastern Cape is in a serious drought situation. years of drought. ( which I think is what I knew as Umtata when I was there, at St John’s Cathedral) Supermarket Pick n Pay sells municipal tap water that it filters on site for R1 a litre. GettyImages September 22, 2020 What the tourism sector can learn from Cape … Cuma Boltina says: “If the line is too long, we have to buy at Pick n Pay. Advances in desalination are happening in the Middle East, where desert countries have always been short of water. “We have not needed it before on their scale. This will reduce the availability of water, increase the demand for water, and aggravate water stresses. “Every coastal city must invest in a reverse osmosis plant as a backup. Farming economy in recession, KZN farmers holding their own - Meander Chronicle. Gama says climate change means that rainwater harvesting is still important and recommends that all new homes have 5 000-litre rainwater tanks installed. This is because too much water has been extracted through boreholes generally, which has led to sea water seeping into the ground and contaminating the water table. There is a natural spring about 3km from the town, where residents queue daily to collect clean water. The Eastern Cape has by far the largest numbers of livestock in the country. Dam levels are currently on average around 58%, compared to 69% for the same time last year. New Frame is a not-for-profit, social justice media publication based in Johannesburg, South Africa.We chase quality, not clicks. Simplifying things strongly: high rainfall years occur in Cape Town when the lows have really low pressure, and/or form very frequently, and/or when the westerly belt moves far north. This adds to the cost of desalination. These are just two of the headlines that appeared in January. Two farming towns in the Eastern Cape might have their Day Zero sooner than Cape Town. These terms have even been used regularly in scientific work on the topic (e.g. Every projection is different. After five years of persistent lack of rain, one of the major problems facing the entire region is a lack of water. “In 2016, we had a drought and 2017/18 there was a break, but we saw dry conditions returning towards the end of 2018, and now in 2019 in parts of the Western Cape and the Northern Cape.” Most farmers are down to about half the animals that they usually keep on their farms. Affected areas have had the lowest rainfall in 107 years. Cape Town may have avoided Day Zero, but there are parts of South Africa that have not, particularly several Karoo towns in the Eastern Cape that have run out of water… This is certainly not sustainable as many farmers have reported that their windmills and boreholes have dried up. Drought is a major disaster in South Africa in terms of total economic loss and number of people affected. Those are plans we have put in place as a municipality.”. APDUSA. Affected areas have had the lowest rainfall in 107 years. Cape Town has dominated headlines as the city most likely to run out of water due to the crippling drought in the Western Cape. On 11 November 2019, Agri Eastern Cape’s operational manager, Brent McNamara, sent through a letter to Agri SA, quantifying the impact of the drought on farming in the Eastern Cape. In this context, the Eastern Cape (3 860 702 ha) is the most severely affected province, followed by the Free State (2 153 343 ha), Northern Cape (1 974 854 ha), Limpopo (1 943 376 ha), KwaZulu-Natal (1 284 975 ha), Mpumalanga (1 222 727 ha), Western Cape (1 030 530 ha), North West Province (379 879 ha) and Gauteng (347 149 ha). In the figures, yellow dots mark years that have rainfall of magnitude corresponding to that recorded in Cape Town in 2017, i.e.


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