By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To mix things up, Largemouth Bass and Walleye flock the area between June and November. Note that spearguns and handspears are not permitted in the Marine Reserve. Please also take care with food and rubbish, disposing of unwanted material in bins provided. (For you first-timers, you’ll need a really, really large drill bit and a really, really long extension cord.) View free guided walking tours. There’s a good number of Atlantic Salmon here, too, making Bras d’Or Lake one of the most productive fisheries in the whole province. Interpretive signage and binoculars are also present for whale and bird watching, while lookouts were installed to enable visitors to get even closer to nature without destroying the unique coastal environment. This is when you’ll have the chance to catch monster Chinook, as well as Coho and Pink Salmon. Anglers must be accompanied by a local fishing guide, and they can only catch Salmon using a fly rod. Ice fishing in the West Island is an exhilarating way to get some fresh air and pass the time on a boring winter day (freezing to death, aside). Known for: Chinook Salmon and Pacific Halibut. The capital city of Manitoba is just an hour away, mind you. Exploring the lakes area, you can following educational interpretive signage to discover how the lakes were formed, what makes the lakes pink and why they are considered such a unique eco system. In fact, the east side of Lake Winnipeg has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fishing in Canada is much like a never-ending tale. Osprey’s mate for life and return to their nests, adding more to the stacks every year. To maintain a sustainable supply of fish for the future, all recreational fishing must adhere to the Department of Fisheries regulations with regards to licenses and bag limits apply on Rottnest Island. Further north, Hervey Bay has the famous Urangan Pier that throws up some amazing captures from big barramundi, mulloway through to longtail tuna and the occasional big Spaniard. Be considerate of the environment. See the osprey nests known to be over 70 years old at West End - Fish Hook Bay. Just ask those lunatics you sometimes see fishing off the rim of ice ledges jutting out on the locks in Ste. From Coast to Coast, Canada offers a wide variety of unparalleled fishing destinations. The river is one of the rare places where Atlantic Salmon are able to survive completely naturally. Its scientific name Pandion cristatus, is derived from Pandion, a mythical king of Athens. Choose from snorkelling at Little Salmon Bay or seeing spectacular ocean views from the West End. Please refer to the Rottnest Island Sanctuary Zones Maps for details. Speaking of Lake Trout, Great Bear Lake is where these fish grow to 20, even 30 pounds! Leave no trace: Please help us to reduce our ecological footprint. Anne de Bellevue. In the summertime, fishing on Lake Winnipeg will greet you with one of the best Walleye bites you’ll ever experience. Fishing Forecast for Gili Medas island for tomorrow and the next five days. The icing on the cake is that this charming island is still relatively unknown outside Canada. In recent years, even Stripers have become regular guests. Despite its name, however, Bras d’Or is actually an inland sea. Download the Rottnest Island Fishing Guide (PDF 3MB). Many of the local guides offer three- or five-day excursions on the Miramichi. Each province provides beautiful and unique natural wonders and geography. Share your own rottnest island experiences, Being COVID safe is a shared responsibility so please view the safe practices that we ask you to follow during your visit at Rottnest Island. It makes sense, then, that one of the biggest Tuna fishing tournaments in the Atlantic takes place on the island. With a variety of nature based activities from free guided walking tours to dive charters, Rottnest offers plenty of opportunity to experience more nature. See the marine life section of the site for more information about what you can expect to see snorkelling in the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve. And I used to do a lot of that until one sunny day I watched a car sink – wheel by wheel – into our nice “frozen” river, and disappear. And as you pointed out, it’s a great place to catch a variety of species. Whether it’s trolling for Halibut or bottom fishing for Lingcod and Rockfish, the options are endless. During the autumn and winter months (March to August) young joeys may be seen peaking from their mothers' pouch and come spring (September to November), bravely hopping around exploring their new world. Some of our most famous beaches include The Basin, Little Parakeet Bay, Little Salmon Bay and Geordie Bay. But if you are in a hurry to get straight into the water after your ferry, head to the sheltered waters of Thomson Bay. There’s Salmon on the bite pretty much year-round, but if you want the most bang for your buck, plan your outing between May and September. For all the saltwater species that swim here, most anglers still prefer fishing for Trout and Salmon.


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