Reina: I must be going now. Corrin: Sure thing. Azama: Shut up. How so? Dwyer: Hmm, I see. Yes, I think I shall write to them and see if they can remember anything. But that's why I need your help. You were nice to me, so I'll be nice to you. I'm very lucky to be his wife. You smile so much more than I thought you would. Corrin: I'm sure I'll be begging for something by the end of the trip... looks just like my father's. Together we can conceive infinite possible names and debate them freely! Everyone knows you as a kind person who always looks out for her comrades. Laslow: You do?! Stuff simple enough that there's no way I can mess it up. And the fact you were willing to give up your treasures means the world to me. Sophie: For real? If you'll excuse me... Something about you makes me smile... just like our kaleidoscope, heehee. Silas: I started writing down all the places I could remember you wanting to visit. Mitama: No need to feel bad / Your reasons were with merit / The world needed you. Corrin: I...I need to get changed... Corrin: ... Niles: Oh, let's see... How about low-friction tactical grappling and strategy? All those colors and shapes are stunning. Corrin: I suppose that's only fair. Corrin: How sweet. Corrin: I will. Are you drawing? Wow! Corrin: Sakura, are you ready to start our conversation practice? I think it will be fine, so long as I can skip any parts I don't wish to share. The promo is included with the purchase of the Corrin (F)-themed box set at Comiket 95. Siegbert: Do you think I am of any use here? (Caeldori leaves) Now, would you like to bring one bathing suit or two? I understand how you feel, but I promise things aren't so bleak. Soleil: Who cares about them? What brings you here? Corrin: I insist, Asugi. It's an old trick. Arthur: Please, let me finish! It sounded legit, didn't it? What are you doing here? Lady Corrin! How did I do this time? Corrin: ...Hee hee... Hahahaha! Is that...Corrin?! Sophie: It did? I have an idea! Corrin: Shigure...of course I will. Corrin: This is clearly your handiwork. Corrin: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Corrin: Sometime soon I need to take care of some shopping in town. Yeah. Silas: I'm grateful for the chance to make up for lost time. Do you have any suggestions or other feedback for me? It's totally understandable that you'd have strong feelings toward me. Corrin: ...I'm sorry to hear that. I feel a bit better already. I was too busy to feel alone. Midori: I just ran into a bunch of kids in the forest who were planning to go in much deeper. I'm sure there are other things you'd like to do for yourself, aren't there? Camilla: You're right, I'm being ridiculous. I was just teasing! When everything's ready, you place these stones in the gunk. No cracks, no smell, no grime. I'm going to make a perfect cup of tea for Jakob! I was just wondering if you had any that you wouldn't mind sharing with me... (Mozu leaves) It just means that I don't think a simpleton like you could be scheming anything. Corrin: People would absolutely miss you! Corrin: I hadn't ever heard that opinion before, but I think it could have some merit. Facing your fears isn't easy. Benny: No, I'm just surprised. Corrin: Which explains why your face was so stormy. But it's a meaningful sort of exhaustion. Caeldori: Let's write our own story! Such alternative methods of debuffing can comprise of Chill users, Ruse users, Snag users, or allies that possess debuffing capability in their weapons such as a Temari dagger carrier, Mordecai, Aversa, or New Year Gunnthr√°. I'm sure we'd benefit from continuing this conversation... There were a large number of Hoshidans who felt uneasy about her becoming queen. (Izana leaves) Kiragi: I-is that a no? Def/Res Link 3=Def/Res Ruse 3. I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you in plain sight. (Hoshidan ninja appears) Your first and most precious gift to me was your song. Lift! But whenever we fight together, you're always so calm and assured. I want you to see the good in you! Laslow: Lady Corrin, you grace me with your presence once again. You're going to make me blush! Corrin: Ah, so you preserve them by making them taste even more repellent? Then you reject our friendship? It's the same color my mother used to wear a lot. Corrin: It's OK. That's the whole reason I'm here, right? I just didn't expect you to appear like that! Gunter: Of course. Sometimes being crown prince means following the king's orders no matter what. At the time, it seemed bizarre...but she did have the gift of prophecy. ... Dwyer: You know why. Well if you feel that strongly about it, I'd be happy to teach you what I know. Yes, thank you. Azama: Yes? It's a very special dress! People can be incredibly unkind. Corrin: Oh? Dwyer: You haven't failed me in the slightest. You could have died. Azama: Yes. Corrin: Hello, Nina. I'll get you out. Fine. Corrin: That is very true. It's a hair ball. Kaze: It gets worse. Are you sure you're not busy? Corrin: I'll stay right here, just for you. And history is way too hard! Corrin: I can't wait either! You made me understand that I didn't need to be naturally perfect to succeed in life. Delivery is expected within the fortnight. Forrest: I think you'd look wonderful walking down the aisle in it. What you said the other day really cheered me up. Corrin: What? I would not be who I am without you. In the short time we've spent together, I feel I've gotten to know you all so well. Even if you're comfortable with yourself, the world around you may need to grow. Ryoma: A family heirloom? It sounds great. Silas: Why don't we see if anyone in your retinue knows? Corrin: Y-yes. Arthur: The wildfire? Corrin: Hello, Kaden! I'm happy to help, but why are you suddenly so serious about your education? Corrin: Of course. Thank you, Ryoma. Keep up the good work! Wait! Corrin: What a character. From this day forward, I will accept you and your quirks. Ophelia: Thank you, Mother! Corrin: Oh. (Confession Scene) Shigure: Huh?! That way I can look out for myself instead! What do you have in mind? I'm not practicing. Rinkah: No. And pry. That's the first time anyone's ever used that word to describe me. I'm surprised that you haven't named it already. Parry! But...I wish to teach you about much more than that. Though we fight side by side at times, I'm not prepared to trust you yet. Subaki: I couldn't possibly ask that of you! Corrin: That's not a life! I don't know... Corrin: What sort of animals did you used to hunt? Shiro: What? You and I have so much in common. Corrin: You're right. He needs to work on his mental fortitude. Corrin: Sniffing out treasure? I love you too, Izana! Ignatius: It's not your fault. Next time this happens, just yell really loud and I'm sure someone will come running. Kana: Teehee! That's all. Sure, that would hit the spot right now! There's plenty of food. But it seems you just don't care to get to know me at all. Sakura cried because of me? Corrin: ...And there was a huge library! Kiragi: I can survive being bad at math and history. Now then, I was thinking we deserve a small break from all this action. Won't you marry me, Lady Corrin? Corrin: Heehee! What do ya think? I agree that it's important to remember and reflect on the mistakes we've made. Corrin: Um, I know, but could lighten up just a little? Corrin: I'd love to! And...when I see you fighting so hard for me...I feel so grateful. Corrin: Well, you're human. Heehee, let me guess. I was very honest about how I see you. Why not? Corrin: I can't wait. I appreciate you taking the time to train with me. Just ask! Didja find my yukata yet? Corrin: Well, I wouldn't go that far. Percy: Yep, it's the best I can do right now, but maybe someday I can get you a better one.


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