The fun part here is to control the heroes involved in the battle - you can switch between heroes/units by pressing F1/F10, depending on whether you're the attacker or defender. Replay Value: Huge gaming world presents ample opportunity for replay as do wide variety of computer opponents. For Fantasy Empires on the PC, FAQ by RAbbott. Enjoyment factor varies depending on stages of game play. Definitely one of the best fantasy games ever made, Fantasy Empires is an incredibly addictive fantasy strategy game that combines real-time tactical combat, numerous strategic options, and brilliant graphics and sound effects into an unforgettable gaming experience. ©2020 San Pedro Software Inc. ), a Hero Quest Screen shows status of searches for ancient magical artifacts and the Message Screen facilitates communication with opponents in terms of three available types of messages (message, aid and treaty). Colorful if a bit blocky at times. GamesNostalgia is a free site maintained by volunteers. Some classes or races can be trained or purchased to be heroes while others can only be used as general troops. Fantasy Empire is a mix between RPG, turnbased strategy, and small-scale tactical battles where you directly control your warriors/heroes the RTS-way (this can be avoided by seleting "Simulate battles). Your heroes will also improve - with the same result. Several information screens are available that provide data in keeping up with your kingdom. Abandonia is something special. Manual (529 KB) Download - Easy Setup (6.55 MB) Fantasy Empires screenshots: Fantasy Empires can be played in either single scenario or campaign mode and accommodates up to five players either human or chosen from twenty computer controlled opponents. NZD – $ Manual & Map . So the conclusion is 4/5 to Fantasy Empires for an average single player game and a great multiplayer game if you have the time for it. PLN – zł The single player part of the game is worth 3,5 of 5 - it is very average, there are very few features that haven't been seen before at that time (93/94), the strategy resembles that of Defender of the Crown, and the RPG-part is very limited. Set in the D&D world of Mystara, Fantasy Empires is similar to SSG's Warlords and SSI's earlier Sword of Aragon. USD - $ This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. This character is only meant to be a figurehead and does not participate in … Is the game fun? The game is set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe and features commentary from a Dungeon Master that is computer controlled. Please choose. SGD – S$. Features real-time combat in an overhead view, as well as a computer controlled The Dungeon Master, who provides insight as well as comic relief. In Fantasy Empires you play the ruler of a fledging kingdom; your objective: Take over adjacent kingdoms one by one using magic, war, or strategic planning. GamesNostalgia is a free site maintained by volunteers. All set in the enchanted world of D&D. The character that you create at the start of a game gains levels after each completed map in the campaign, which improves your entire empire. The turnbased strategy part is straight foward - you control your Fantasy Empire, build buildings in the kingdoms (regions) you control, create new armies, send heroes on quests, attack other kingdoms, etc. | Abandonware Abandonia is a place where you can find great old games and have fun four hours and years. Novices will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of detail encountered whereas veteran players will have little trouble adapting to the flow. ILS - ₪ Other options include depth of military involvement (fog of war or all troop movement visible) and randomness of world (random causes each territory to have different properties such as income and troop types). ------- The aforementioned bells and whistles merely touch on some of the options and details available in Fantasy Empires. Discord | You move around the battlefield using the keyboard and battle out until the unit dies - then you gain control of another unit. You begin by creating your character. Gameplay is split between the strategic map and the close-up tactical view screen where you can see and control your armies in battle. Futhermore heroes can gain special items on quests, which you don't control - you simply send them away on a quest, and then they either return a couple of turns later, or they die questing. The answer probably depends on your level of expertise and commitment to detail required to play elaborate strategy war games. Fantasy Empires Manual (doc) :: Fantasy Empires is an incredibly addictive fantasy strategy game that combines real-time tactical combat, numerous strategic options, and good graphics and sound effects. So I downloaded and put the game into the folder c:\FE Start up dosbox type mount c c:\FE\ type c: type cd fantasy type fantasy Press ctrl+f10 Press alt+enter You will need to use the manual link above to get past the protection.


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