He is a man of the sea, born and raised in Boston. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/obituary-gregg-bemis-39265883.html Octogenarian businessman F Gregg Bemis, who is also a radio host and has stood for political office as a Republican in his home state of New Mexico, says he … Mr Bemis was due to mark his 92nd birthday next week. (Photo courtesy of Gregg Bemis). § 1983 to redress alleged deprivations of his civil rights stemming from his arrest on February 9, 1984 and the seizure of certain of his property. US businessman Gregg Bemis, owner of the Lusitania which was torpedoed off Co Cork with the loss of 1,200 lives during the first World War, has died in New Mexico. Bemis is out of his element in New Mexico, where his wife is part of Santa Fe's lively artistic community. The Irish Navy patrols the wreck site to enforce the Heritage Order. Gregg Bemis, pictured emerging from a Delta mini-sub following a dive to the Lusitania wreck in 1993. One of two telegraphs from the stern docking bridge, on the seabed at a depth of 93 metres. His father, F. Gregg Bemis, is honored in the National Sailing Hall of Fame as one of the creators of the rules governing modern-day yacht racing. Deep-sea diver Eoin McGarry, who was a close friend, said he had never seen anything like his persistence and tenacity. The pro se plaintiff in this case, Gregg M. Bemis, brings this action under 42 U.S.C.


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