Overcoming Resistance 8. Perceived risk, which is defined as an individual’s degree of expe A structural change refers to “a change in any of the basic components of organisation structure or in the organisation’s overall design”. But in most cases employees give a neutral response. Secondly, this redistribution emanates from a developmental change process. Chapter 1 The Nature of Risk: Losses and Opportunities. Solutions are searched out by creatively developing new and plausible alternatives. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Economic conditions may also hurt specific businesses. The idea is that the organisation fine-tunes or upgrades its selection criteria so as gradually to achieve a significant change in its human resources. You should know its uses, where to use and many things about it. Perhaps the most general and, of course, effective technique for overcoming resistance to change is employee participation. Nature of work means, what work is to be done in the business. Activities to accomplish those aims include creating production schedules, taking inventory, equipment maintenance, measuring quality and efficiency, and designing workflows.
  • Businesses exist to satisfy the needs and wants of people, organizations, and governments. No matter how long you've been in business, your company's size or the industry you're in, you must perform certain business activities to keep your business running smoothly. 0000004281 00000 n Under the MBO scheme, superior and subordinate collaborate in setting goals for the subordinate and, at the end of a specified time period, actual good achievement is used as the basis for performance appraisal. In practice, numerous factors affect an organisation and most of these are continuously changing. Managers may also allow their skills to become obsolete, or they may not be able to cope with a rapidly changing marketplace. If a pri­mary force pushing against the change is fear that a new work procedure will break up an exist­ing work group, the manager should try his best to find ways of keeping the group together. Another “person-focused” change strategy is selection, which takes a longer-term perspective than replacement. 0000000693 00000 n Prohibited Content 3. In recent years, many large organisations have been terminated. Various other (unforeseen) factors can also plunge an organisation into decline, but astute management can anticipate and deal with most of them. Define business. cted uncertainty associated with the result of using a certain technology (Tan and Lau, 2016). Such a response may have to be hurried so the potential for poorly conceived and poorly executed change is increased”. Instead, marketing activities are intimately connected with a company's products and services. The bottom line: Money makes business possible. 0000007746 00000 n 3. Reactions to change are usually of the following types: 1. A decision by Philips India Ltd. to enter the home computer market or a decision to increase a ten-year product sales goal by 3% would occasion many organisation changes. It is often said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. When approached carefully, finance activities build a foundation for a company's security, ensuring future operations. If no amount of training can increase the capabilities of an existing equipment operator, it may become necessary to replace the operator. <]>> It may be necessary to replace one (or both) of these individuals. Assuming that a college degree has some validity as a predictor of managerial success, the overall quality of the organisation’s management group should gradually improve as the new managers enter the organisation. If we were to define business in much finer terms, we can say that“Business is any occupation which includes all activities which are connected with production or procurement of goods for sale and adding a profit margin to that costs for further sel… It is also important to bear in mind that any change in an organisation may have effects extending beyond the actual arena in which the change takes place. It appears that external change forces have a greater effect on organisational change than internal stimuli, as they are diverse and numerous and management has hardly any control over them. Finally, the criteria might be set an M.B.A. plus five years of work experience. Business process management activities include steps like business process modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization. And, of course, the employee could simply be transferred to another job or department. It represents the forces for change and brings into focus the distinction between two types of change—planned and reactive. Understanding the process of change requires careful consideration of the steps in the change process, employee resistance to change and how this resistance can be overcome. Essentially, making a change in work sequence means altering the order (or sequence) of work stations involved in a particular manufacturing process. Gronroos defined a service as “an activity or series of activities of more or less intangible nature that normally, not necessarily, take place in interactions between the customer and service employees and/or physical resources or goods and/or systems of the service provider, which are provided as solution to customer problems”.


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