Output:  Comments in Python start with a #. All code within loops, classes, functions, etc is specified within an indented block. Python Seaborn Tutorial: What is Seaborn and How to Use it? Apart from this Java Interview Questions Blog, if you want to get trained from professionals on this technology, you can opt for structured training from edureka! These are known as wrapper classes because they “wrap” the primitive data type into an object of that class. Spring JDBC – for JDBC and DataSource support. File Handling in Java – How To Work With Java Files? A Beginners Guide. The self variable in the init method refers to the newly created object while in other methods, it refers to the object whose method was called. You cannot override a private or static method in Java. Ans: Arrays and lists, in Python, have the same way of storing data. In simpler terms, an empty interface is called the Marker interface. The ResultSetMetaData interface returns the information of table such as total number of columns, column name, column type etc. Size must be defined at the time of declaration, Need to specify the index in order to add data, Arrays can contain primitive data types as well as objects, Arraylists can contain only objects, no primitive data types are allowed, An abstract class can provide complete, default code and/or just the details that have to be overridden, An interface cannot provide any code at all, just the signature, In the case of an abstract class, a class may extend only one abstract class, An abstract class can have non-abstract methods, An abstract class can have instance variables, An Interface cannot have instance variables, An abstract class can have any visibility: public, private, protected, An Interface visibility must be public (or) none, If we add a new method to an abstract class then we have the option of providing default implementation and therefore all the existing code might work properly, If we add a new method to an Interface then we have to track down all the implementations of the interface and define implementation for the new method, An abstract class can contain constructors, Interfaces are slow as it requires extra indirection to find the corresponding method in the actual class. It is invoked only once, same as init method of servlet. For example: method can be overridden like String class. Flask is a “microframework” primarily build for a small application with simpler requirements. Check out the Java Training by Edureka, a trusted online learning company with a network of more than 250,000 satisfied learners spread across the globe. @ResponseBody – for sending Object as response, usually for sending XML or JSON data as response. The ability to see a whole project from start to finish and to visualize what the in-between stages look like requires a deep understanding of programming. Similarly HttpServletResponse addCookie(Cookie c) method is provided to attach cookie in response header, there are no getter methods for cookie. forward() sends the same request to another resource. We don’t need to write explicit injection logic. They are: In case you are facing any challenges with these java interview questions, please comment your problems in the section below. What is Executor Framework in Java and how to use it? For DDL statements, the output is 0. Ans: We use python numpy array instead of a list because of the below three reasons: For more information on these parameters, you can refer to this section – Numpy Vs List. Finally block is a block which always executes a set of statements. All numerical code would reside in SciPy.


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