This unique bloom season continues through the fall, and the curtain doesn’t drop until the onset of cold weather. Item #1324917. Compare; Find My Store. Most azalea varieties bloom for a week or two in mid-April to mid-May, with a few varieties blooming a bit earlier or later. Feb 7, 2015 - Part of my garden to start. In warmer climates, like the Deep South, a handful of azalea varieties may even bloom again in the fall. They were the result of Mr. Lee’s planned cross hybridization between the a series of azaleas and Rhododendron oldhamii ‘Fourth of July’. Model #80401-2. Encore azaleas were developed by Robert E. “Buddy” Lee, a plantsman from Independence, Louisiana. The Encore azalea's “second act” opens when these buds begin blooming into full flower in mid-summer. Encore Azaleas have been bred with this same reblooming trait for reliable fall blooming in colder regions too. Item #1324924. Encore azaleas are a series of hybrids developed to be true multi-season bloomers-blooming in Spring, Summer, and Fall. See more ideas about azaleas, plants, garden. for pricing and availability. These dwarf Encore Azalea varieties max out at 3.5 feet - perfect for small gardens, borders, container garden and courtyards. Encore azaleas were developed by Louisiana nursery grower and plant breeder Robert E. … See more ideas about azaleas, small gardens, plants. Nov 15, 2020 - Encore Azaleas grow more compactly than traditional varieties. Encore Azalea 1-Gallon Red Azalea Flowering Shrub in Pot. Compare; Encore Azalea 1-Gallon Multicolor Autumn Chiffon (2-pack) Flowering Shrub in Pot. Model #80611-2.


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