There are various first aid courses that will teach you how to use your emergency blanket to fashion a makeshift slink to help better immobilize a broken or sprained arm. They believe anything reflecting the sun’s light might be something to eat. Cut your emergency blanket into strips and tie it to trees and bushes to mark a trail or path. Place a rock at bottom to keep a steady stream. Are Freedom Passes the Mark of the Beast? Residual heat coming off the ground will be trapped under the blanket and keep your plants warm. Reader beware: If you use an emergency blanket as a tourniquet, you must know how to tie a tourniquet. After it was made available to the public, preppers started using it. Then string up clothes above the blanket so the powerful rays hit the clothes and help moisture evaporate. Make sure it’s off the ground a few inches so cool air goes under the blanket to help create dew. And that’s why I want to show you just how powerful it truly is. Here’s how this works: many species of fish are attracted to shiny things. It was my very first survival challenge, and the temperature was dropping. This is a tarp style emergency blanket with the same reflective coating but also a fibrous structure that will not tear. This was to help simulate how it would perform in space. There are tens of shelter models you can improvise from a tarp, and the same goes for your emergency blanket. Space blankets can’t help with thermal conduction or body parts exposed to wind chill. It will be your body’s ultimate defense against the cold weather. Use as cushion material for improvised splints. Good strategy inside a vehicle. And if you’re worried about a strong bit of warm weather hurting the plants, use blankets to shield them from the sun’s rays. The answer is yes, yes, and yes many more times. This Reflects the heat inward, and can be very effective way of maintaining your core temperature. But that single use is just scratching the surface of its many uses. An emergency blanket can be used … Since you probably already have an emergency blanket in your kit, it’s better to learn to use such a blanket to its full extent. Stay safe, and have a great weekend. The question “are MREs safe when SHTF?” have popped up recently across my reading lists, and I thought to address it briefly. This will reflect heat and trap smoke so the meat is slowly dried and not cooked. If you’re ready to invest in this multipurpose lifesaving item today, check out our Emergency Blanket by Colonial Concepts. Stuff with clothing for use as a warm pillow. You see them everywhere. There are all kinds of configurations, but the basic point is to have the top of the blanket catch rainfall and have gravity pull the water into a container. Right now, almost all the survival food companies sell their food in Mylar pouches. Years after being used in space, DuPont’s technology was declassified. An emergency blanket can be used to create an improvised tent or lean-to, just like a tarp would. Use as an extra layer in sleeping bag for warmth. They do reflect 90% of your body heat back to you, but they tear easily. Now, regardless of what fish like, if you manage to catch one, the blanket can also be used to clean the fish and keep the dirt off your meat. #7 Smoke meat for preservation – If you are lucky enough to kill a large animal such as a deer or wild hog, one issue you will encounter is how to preservs the meat. Afterward, by carefully aligning the cone to catch the sunlight, you will be able to melt the snow and obtain a good quantity of water. Your body heat will help heat the shelter, with the blanket trapping it inside. #2 Collecting rainwater – Finding clean water in the wild can be difficult, but collecting rainwater is almost always a way to find safe water. Place it on the ground as a signal device and fold in different patterns to communicate a message. However, I made one huge error. #8 Block the sun – If you are in a hot environment and the sun is beating down on you, you can use your emergency blanket to reflect away heat. That way you’ll always be able to get a direct line of sight on the shiny and reflective strips. An emergency blanket, sometimes referred to as a first aid blanket, space blanket, Mylar, thermal or weather blanket, is used in emergencies to reduce heat loss in a person’s body caused by thermal radiation, water evaporation and convection. It looks like aluminum foil, but it is far from being an aluminum foil blanket. This is one of the coolest survival uses for survival blankets ever! After wrapping up I was instantly warmer. All you need is proper kindling, patience, and the right angle to concentrate the sunlight into the center of the kindling. If you have a container, you can improvise a funnel or slide from your emergency blanket and divert any running water in your recipient. Uncommon Uses for the Common Emergency Blanket By Lisa Metheny Published on June 30, 2014 in Camping & Survival Various people use a variety of names to describe the highly reflective, featherweight, paper-thin sheet including Mylar, emergency blanket, survival blanket and space or solar blanket. Governors Starting to Ramp Up Restrictions Ahead of... Are You Ready for More Lockdowns? And that’s reflecting your heat back to you. It is not uncommon for bears to smell these items from miles away and come searching for food. Use It To Stay Cool In The Heat. And the more you invest in multi-use versus single-use items, the easier things will be in the long run. These are just a few of the many uses for emergency blankets. He quit the corporate world and the rat race 6 years ago and now he dedicates all his time and effort to provide a self-sufficient life for his family. If you need to cross a river or evacuate during a flood, having a flotation device will help you make the transit.


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