I was planning for about 40mm finished thickness, but having measured up against the neck screws, I thought that may be too thin, so 43 was enough for this stage as a little more will be taken off in the final sanding. The advantages of an electric ukulele … At the headstock, it has open geared tuners with white caps and a plastic nut. The full ukelele measures the standard thirty inches. It also has a walnut bridge, which the brand claims helps with the tone due to the fact it enhances the vibration transfer of the sound. It’s quieter than most other baritones, but makes up for a lack of volume with a rich tone. I marked the centre line along the back, and the approximate transition curves and got busy with the rasp. Oscar Schmidt has made a name for itself as a maker of many great instruments, including ukuleles and guitars. 6 years ago The baritone is the big brother of the ukulele family. A good estimate is to string the ukulele, then working on one string at a time press down on the third fret. Caramel always manages to get some premium features into its ukuleles, even at budget prices. I gave it another wipe of with the dry cloth and left it overnight. Like a lot of the models on the market it has mahogany involved in the design (neck) and it also has a responsive walnut fingerboard and beautiful rosewood binding. But, if this is a starter ukulele, then those things are not important. As is very much the norm, the back and sides are built from mahogany as is the top. I cut small lengths off the dowel and glued into place. Thanks for the positive comments everyone and thanks for taking the time to read my instructable - Cheers! After the second coat I noticed the surface was a bit rough and nibby, so I gave it the once over with 600 and slapped on the last coat. Next time, I think it's all about the preparation, and even the slightest deviation in the neck will be amplified by the fretboard, particularly if the board isn't perfect. With its signature low sound and larger body its a great addition to any collection. I'll finish the metal one day when the wood treatment is drying. This was a much cheaper way of buying the wood and leaves plenty to do it again when it goes wrong. There is no binding on the edges, but it doesn’t seem to be missed. Neatly made and attractive, it plays well and is well worth the price tag. The new cavity meets up with the pick up cavity and should allow room for the gubbins. If that’s the case for you, the OU52E is your best bet. Orders placed before 5 p.m. By the time you've got here you've built a new instrument from scratch, learned a load of new techniques and probably bought some new tools. I relented and bought a long bit and drilled through from the neck pocket. The KA-SA-B has a beautiful build including the solid acacia wood. The fret wire would have been a couple of quid. I used a 3mm bit and carefully drilled though the body from the front, then flipped the body over and went from the back. The Luna makes use of an all-mahogany construction, which provides a great level of projection to go with the brilliant ukulele tone. Had I been blessed with the gift of foresight I would have routed a channel through the timbers in the body before I glued them. Another model from Kala, as they are one of the most prolific manufacturers of ukuleles out there. But it’s not all visual flash. See terms and One of the most striking things about this ukulele is the look. What you should see straight away is the marker pen coming off the high frets. The fittings are all quality and the woods used are exceptional, and for the price, this represents a good buy. To do this I clamped a straight piece of timber to the body and used it to guide the 1/4" bit to about 10mm depth and judged by eye where to finish. My plan at this stage is to get the fretboard and neck glued up the cut them to the correct size as one piece. It’s really not designed to play on the beach and have a singalong, but if you want the uke equivalent of a bass guitar then this is for you. Once the fit was OK, I planed the surface to a fraction of a mm over the body as the pressure of the screws will pull it flush. As you will have noticed, I made a bit of a dog's dinner on the jack cavity, so I thought I'd try making a cover from the old ebony. To do this I took the screws back out, popped the neck in and used the body holes as a guide to drill into the neck. Oh, you don't know about that yet, well, more on that later. To do the scratchplate I took a piece of scrap paper and laid it over the assembled body and electrics. Again, nothing fancy in its makeup, but we have to say it is very playable with a comfortable feel on the neck. To fix this I sanded off some corion and mixed it with some glue and pogged it into the V to brig it up to the correct depth. by Ben Jacklin Last Updated October 5, 2020. The best baritone ukulele for most people. I placed the plate in what I thought was the right place and marked the holes. 48 equal monthly payments required. The electronics are made by Fishman and the quality is generally extremely high. Finaly, I went over the fretboard front and edges with a good coat of wax. It offers deep, rich, full-bodied tone and the most volume. Ok, tuning out the way, let’s have a look at the instrument…. Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear the latest deals. Having the Spruce top, that gives you a little bit of treble, also seems to increase the volume of the instrument. I regularly sand down my varnished guitar necks to make them nice to play, so on this build it had to be a low gloss finish. The zebrawood that Luna uses is darker overall than what Caramel uses, for a more vintage look. Now you can plug it in and play! The baritone ukulele is known for being the low end of the ukulele scale, and the Luna HIgh Tide baritone really brings out those lovely bass-y notes. This wouldn’t be out of place in the hands of a professional musician, as it is a top-quality uke, but it also doesn’t cost a fortune. It is basic, but it is made by a well-known company in the ukulele world, and it won’t break the bank. Much to my amazement, when I plugged it in, it worked! The pickup was around £5 -6, the pots probably a couple of quid each and the orange drop maybe £2. Certainly a very good starter instrument, it is well built, plays easily and sounds nice. Then, check the tuning at the 12th fret which as it's an octave higher than the open string, should also be the same as the harmonic note. It offers nothing fancy in its styling and might be considered a little bland. For this build I went for American black walnut which is a lovely looking wood and is often used in instruments. This was fairly easy as I only had a small amount to remove and all the edges are straight. There are many acoustic-electric baritone ukulele options, as the bigger size makes it easier to install these electrics, but this model from the prolific Kala manufacturer is fine to be used as a purely acoustic model, too. But, no traditional soundhole where it is supposed to be. Kala has come up with a nice package for anyone wishing to buy a ukulele either for themselves or as a present for someone. I used a smoothing plane and a block plane to get the blank flat and to thickness. There are many acoustic-electric baritone ukulele options, as the bigger size makes it easier to install these electrics, but this model from the prolific Kala manufacturer is fine to be used as a purely acoustic model, too. It’s also fairly loud for a baritone. It has its place in the music world. It also has more sustain than a lot of similar baritone ukuleles. It has a nice white edging. Did you make this project? The truss rod helps reinforce the neck and prevent it from bowing. Tenor Ukulele Caramel 26 inch Professional ukulele Instrument Kit Small Hawaiian Guitar ukalalee Pack Bundle Hard Case, Digital Tuner, Strap, Strings Set, Caramel CB500 30 Inch All Rosewood Baritone LCD color display Electric Ukulele Professional Wooden ukelele Kit Beginner Guitar ukalalee Starter Pack Bundle Gig bag Strap Aquila Strings Set, Ortega Guitars Bonfire Series, 4-String Ukulele, Right (RU5CE-BA), Portable travelling concert electric solidbody ukulele with bluetooth function enables enjoying practicing silently without disturbing your neighbor (Concert), lotmusic Baritone Ukulele 30 Inch Ukelele Mahogany ukulele for Beginer with Gig Bag Strap String Capo Picks, Cordoba Guitars 21 | Spruce & Striped Ebony (solid top), 4-String Ukulele, Right, Natural, Tenor Cutaway Electric (03815), Oscar Schmidt OU2LH Left Handed Mahogany Concert Ukulele - Natural, Bass Ukulele, AKLOT Bamboo Electric Bass Ukulele Solid Wood with Gig Bag Tuning Wrench Humidifier, Kala Journeyman UBass Red U-BASS Mahogany with Gig Bag - New, Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele Concert Starter Kit, Satin Mahogany – Includes online lessons, tuner app, and booklet (KALA-LTP-C), Horse Electric Acoustic Bass Ukulele 30 inch Sapele Professional Aquila EADG with Gig Bag Strap Picks for Beginner and Advanced, Kala KA-PWC Pacific Walnut Concert Ukulele, Natural, Concert, Kmise UV10406BL 4 String Banjo Ukulele Banjo lele Uke Concert 23 Inch Size Sapele with Bag Tuner, Ortega Guitars EARTH SERIES, 4-String Ukulele, Right, Sunburst, Concert (RUDAWN-CE), Oscar Schmidt OU52-A-U 4-String Baritone Ukulele, ORTEGA Bonfire Series Concert Ukulele 4 String Lefty with Cutaway - Magus Uke Preamp/Spruce Top/Sapele Body, Ortega Guitars Horizon Series, 4-String Ukulele, Right (RUMG-CE), Ortega Guitars HORIZON SERIES, 4-String Ukulele, Right (RUWN-CE), Rise by Sawtooth Beginner's Ukulele, Blue Hawaii, Ortega Guitars EARTH SERIES, 4-String Ukulele, Right, Forest Green, Concert (RUFOREST-CE), Ortega Guitars EARTH SERIES, 4-String Ukulele, Right, Ocean Blue, Concert (RUOCEAN-CE), Hricane Concert Ukulele 23 inch UKS-2, 4 Strings Ukeleles For Beginners, Sapele Hawaiian Ukele with Ukulele Case and Ukele String Set, Ukulele Concert Mahogany 23 inch Premium Acoustic Ukulele Vintage for Beginners Bundle Best Ukelele Kit, by Vangoa, Soprano Basswood Ukulele 21inch Starter Kit for Beginner with Gig Bag, Clip-on Tuner, Kids Ukulele Uke Hawaii Mini Guitar for Kids Adults and Beginners, Luna Uke High Tide Soprano A/E Ukulele, Koa with Elastic Heavy Capo and Accessory Bundle, String Swing Ukulele Wall Mount Stand for Mandolin Ukele Banjo – Concert Pineapple Soprano Tenor and Baritone Compatible – Safety Home or Studio Accessories without Case – Black CC11UK, D'Addario EJ87B Titanium Ukulele Strings, Baritone, Find Solidbody Silent play electric ukulele, Play More, play better.


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