Trans. Maximization of EMTD is achieved by a pure counter current flow. 0000124405 00000 n Plates are pressed in materials between 0.5 and 1.2 mm thick and plates are available with effective heat transfer area from 0.03 to 3.5 m2. Chem Eng J 172(1):410–417, Jia YY (2004) Three-phase circulating fluidized bed evaporator for wheat straw black liquor evaporation. Shell and tube heat exchangers find their applications in a variety of sectors. (1971) Where and how to use the plate heal exchangers. Figure 1.13 High-theta (left) and low-theta (right) plates. The pressure drop should be managed in such a way that the calculated pressure drop is within and as close as possible to the allowable pressure drop. On the other hand, if pressure drop is surplus during thermal design, the calculated pressure drop should be increased as close as possible to the allowable pressure drop. startxref Considerable pressure drop is used without much benefit in heat transfer due to the turbulence in the separated region at the rear of the tube. Corrosion is maintained at an absolute minimum by careful selection of use of corrosive resistant materials. For liquid/liquid duties, the plate heat exchanger will usually give a higher overall heat transfer coefficient and in many cases the required pressure loss will be no higher. The simultaneous development of velocity and temperature profiles. 0000001550 00000 n The effective mean temperature difference will usually be higher with the plate heat exchanger. Trans Tianjin Univ 25(6):618–630, Wen JP, Zhou H, Li XL (2004) Performance of a new vapor–liquid–solid three-phase circulating fluidized bed evaporator. The film coefficients are very high and can be obtained for a moderate pressure drop. (1966), and Marriott (1971)]. As we know that At constant pressure Q=Cp dT & At constant volume Q=CvdT For a fluid Cp is always greater than Cv. Shell and tube heat exchangers find their applications in a variety of sectors. The reverse holds true for cocurrent flow. This work is supported by the open foundation of State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering (No. The plate heat exchanger can also be used for evaporation of highly viscous fluids when the evaporation occurs in plate or the liquid flashes after leaving the plate. The original idea for the plate heat exchangers was patented in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the first commercially successful design being introduced in 1923 by Dr. Richard Seligman. When a flow is disturbed, a pressure drop (ΔP) is created, i.e. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. 0000058656 00000 n Plate Heat Exchangers also are used for gas cooling. Appl Therm Eng 156:359–370, Jiang F, Lv S, Qi GP et al (2019) Pressure drop of liquid–solid two-phase flow in the vertical tube bundle of a cold-model circulating fluidized bed evaporator. SKL-ChE-18B03) and by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission of Tianjin, China (No. Mechanically speaking, low pressure drop is preferred, as it reduces the pumping power requirement, and also because a large internal surface area will add weight/size to the heat exchanger. Privacy The local pressure measurements allow the determination of the shell-side flow distributions. The pressure drop of condensing steam in the passage of plate heat exchangers has been investigated experimentally for a series of different Paraflow plates. 0000002491 00000 n Serv. From this correlation it is possible to calculate the film heat transfer coefficient, for laminar flow. Plate heat exchanger. Plates are made from a range of materials, for example, the "Paraflow" plates are pressed from stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy, Avesta 254 SMO, Avesta 254 SLX or any material ductile enough to be formed into a pressing. - A high θ pattern leads to bigger pressure drop than a low θ pattern. Arch Thermodyn 38(1):91–122, Wang BB, Jiang F, Qi GP et al (2013) Solid particle distribution in vapor–liquid–solid multi-pipe circulating fluidized bed evaporator. Latest Articles in "Control & Automation", Making Seawater Desalination Green! Rynek Energii 2:97–102, Błaszczuk A (2015) Effect of flue gas recirculation on heat transfer in a supercritical circulating fluidized bed combustor. Once the viscosity exceeds 20-50 cP, however, most plate heat exchanger designs fall into the viscous flow range. There are some proportional(~) relations that are useful to keep in mind when a BPHE is to be designed: 0000121736 00000 n (1966). The results showed that the heat transfer effect was improved with the increase in the amount of added particles, circulating flow velocity, and particle diameter, but decreased with increasing heat flux. The local pressure measurements allow the determination of the shell-side flow distributions.


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