She can be pushy and difficult to handle her hind feet but we are working with her to improve. Thank you!! All of the horses listed below are currently available for adoption and are shown by appointment only. My care is sponsored in part by K. Thomas. She would make a lovely companion for any family. ( Log Out /  He’s happy in any herd as the middle man. $1,500 Cooper's Holiday Wish. She does not tie unfortunately! Thank you! Foaled: 2010Height: 15 HandsBreed/Sex: Grade Mule JennyLimitations/maintenance: NoneSuitable For: Companion only- no ridingAdoption Fee: $1Personality: Ginger tends to be sassy and full of herself, but she does open up to those who are “worthy”. She rides very well both in the arena and on trail, but she requires a very self aware handler. Thank you!! She requires a patient farrier! Razzle prefers a balanced rider with a quiet hand and leg. Thank you! Find a rescue horse for your family! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Foaled: 2005Height: 14 Hands Breed/Sex: Hafflinger cross Mare Suitable For: No riding - Companion Only Limitations/maintenance: Arthritis, partial vision loss, requires front shoes and a patient farrierAdoption Fee: $1 Personality: Honey Bee does not realize she is a horse and prefers to be pampered hourly! Foaled: 2000Height: 16.3 Hands Breed/Sex: Belgian Gelding Suitable For: Companion only - No riding Adoption Fee: $1 Personality: Pal is a friendly older gentleman. Adeo has attended dressage shows where he has earned 9’s and a 10 at intro B and C! He’s never mean, just unstable. Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation located in central Virginia. Our efforts are supported solely by donations, adoption fees, and LOTS of volunteer sweat. We are an all-breed rescue working to save equines from a variety of situations including, but not limited to: abuse, abandonment, neglect, slaughter or whose owners can no longer care for them. Impact Equine. She is very in your pocket once she gets to know you. Foaled: 2004 Height: 15 Hands Breed/Sex: Draft Mule Gelding Suitable For: Walk/Trot/Canter for Advanced Rider Limitations/Maintenance: Cushings DiseaseAdoption Fee: $600 Personality: It takes time to earn Rangers trust, but once you have it he is a very willing partner. For those who wish to gain her affections, she is very loyal; however, she does have some habits on the ground that can be unpredictable at times. We endeavor to keep this list … We cannot thank you enough for your help . He is generally lazy and easy going. She responds quite well to oral sedative before receiving her shots. I am fully sponsored by E. Cheney and H. Rosselle. I am sponsored in part by S. Vorrath, and A. Kobela. Foaled: 2000Height: 16.2 Hands Breed/Sex: Belgian Mule GeldingSuitable for: Walk only for an advanced beginner rider Limitations/Maintenance: ArthritisAdoption Fee: $200 Personality: El Guapo is friendly and social. Foaled: 2004Height: 15.3 HandsBreed/Sex: Belgian/Quarter Horse MareSuitable For: Walk/trot/canter for an advanced riderLimitations/Maintenance: Left eye removed for chronic uveitisAdoption Fee: $800Personality: Razzle is an intelligent and athletic girl with unlimited energy. He is very kind and loves any attention he can get. Foaled: 2000Height: 16 Hands Breed/Sex: Clydesdale TB Cross GeldingSuitable For: Walk/trot/canter for an intermediate rider Limitations/Maintenance: Arthritis, Chronic Lyme, Past Founder, Past EPM, and Cushings DiseaseAdoption Fee: $600 Personality: Storm is a friendly and willing horse that rides well in the arena and on the trail. Gemma is learning to stand well for the farrier with the help of clicker training and has made progress despite her severe string halt. He is very sensitive, so he requires a balanced and knowledgeable rider as well as a calm but firm handler. Foaled: 2015Height: 14.2 HandsBreed/Sex: Draft Cross MareSuitable For: Companion OnlyLimitations/Maintenance: Early and significant hock arthritis developmentAdoption Fee: $1Personality: Athena is a sweet young horse. We are 100% volunteer run and operate solely on donations. Thank you! He is riding walk trot in the arena and on the trail.


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