How long has he lived with T2, has he always had control in the 5’s? January 14, 2020 March 12, 2020 DH Editor 0 Comments Type 2. To this effect, I also want to mention a few devices that Dr. Bernstein (though very few, if any, physicians) uses. So what Samantha and my son sparked was the thought that there are people out there who have independent incomes or come from affluent families (or my addition: doctors who want to take a sabbatical year) who can afford to spend an year or two without any income. He's fought mainstream rejection since he first discovered the 'why and how of normalizing blood sugar levels'. When I finally met the patient, I admit that I was a bit disappointed. Dr. Bernstein: For years, I've been training medical students who come here to my office as an elective in their third year, and all they get is a month or two and they just learn that it's important to control blood sugars. Here you will find everything that you need to know about Diabetes. They can't afford to be without an income for a year. COVID-19 Preparedness: Obtaining Extra Supplies, Managing the Emotional Toll of Diabetes and COVID-19, COVID-19 and High Blood Pressure Medications, How the Liver Affects Blood Glucose Levels, Type 2 Diabetes Development and Progression, What You Need to Know About Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes Daily Articles for Newly Diagnosed, Questions for Doctor Appointments After Type 2 Diagnosis, The 3 Stages of Type 1 Diabetes Development, Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), Diabetes in School: Setting a Plan in Place, How to Prepare a Newly Diagnosed Child for School, How to Minimize High and Low Blood Sugars, How to Fix High Morning Blood Sugars (Dawn Phenomenon), Understanding the Dangers of Hypoglycemia Unawareness. Dr. Bernstein mentioned that “hands on” care is becoming rarer and rarer in the USA and that these tests should be conducted on all diabetics; however, almost no other physicians do them. What Should I Do If I Have Symptoms of COVID-19? Thanks. How to Not Let Your Diabetes Ruin Your Workout, Insulin Resistance: What You Need to Know, Regular (R) Insulin: What You Need to Know, Humulin N (Insulin Isophane AKA Insulin NPH), Bile Acid Sequestrants (Colesevelam, Welchol), Dopamine-2 Agonists (Bromocriptine, Cycloset), End-Stage Kidney Disease: What You Need to Know, Diabetes and Air Travel: What You Need to Know, How to Help During a Diabetes-Related Emergency. We've personally seen the benefits of a low carb/intensive insulin regimen. Your email address will not be published. Sun Basket offers healthy meal delivery options that meet the varying carb requirements of the family. He made me start the recording again and his answer surprised me: (To hear the approx 3 minute recording, click the box below). The more that we talk about this, the more of a chance Dr. Bernstein's practice will live on. Lead by example. Dr. Ryan Attar is a Naturopathic Physician and Nutritionist and an expert in treating diabetes and other chronic ailments. The following preventive measures… Read More. If we can each help spread Dr. B's concepts to a few people, who can then change their lives for the better, it's all worth it. To me, it signaled an extraordinarily brilliant man. I first read his book, “The Diabetes Solution,” 4 years ago, and it changed both my life and my health tremendously. Now 80, he developed type 1 diabetes when he was just 12 and spent the next 20 years following the standard regimen of high-carb meals, roller coaster blood sugars, and inevitable health consequences. He also got the patient started on the diet and medication doses that would facilitate normal blood glucose levels. It’s because of him that I now have A1c’s in the 4s, which are in the normal, non-diabetic range (a shock to most people with diabetes whose physicians advocate a much higher range). Make an appointment with us today! Really, it’s just a matter of priorities. Do we have an obligation to help others? However, in 4 months, following the guidelines in his book, I went from a 13.5 A1c to 4.9 A1c and had to quit taking all of my meds after the first month to keep from crashing.


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