Please confirm if one of these are you can we’ll be happy to share our information with you. The details are provided online for other jurisdictions. We will perform a free warrant check for you if make your request in our blog below. We show multiple Colorado criminal charges that may have led to an active CO warrant for Andrew including a Colorado DUI charge and a Colorado Domestic Violence ChargeColorado Domestic Violence ChargeColorado Domestic Violence Charge. Is there a warrant our for Jeremiah Hamil? If there was a recent event where you violated your Colorado probation violation orders you might consider contacting your probation officer to mitigate any potential Colorado arrest warrants in the future. We do show an active Colorado warrant issued by the Denver district court, related to some criminal charges from October 2019, The Colorado warrant search for you came up without anything active Karl, Warrant search for maria montano in pueblo colorado, Tina, we ran a search for your name and did not find any results in our records. You can also contact the Colorado Sheriff department to verify this information. It can mean different things depending on how the charge is defined by the issuing law enforcement agency or court ruling. Thank you very much, Isacc, we’re showing an arrest charge for an Issac Joel Gurule however no active warrants according to our records. Is there a warrant for Misael Bardales Rivera. Denver District Attorney 201 W. Colfax Avenue, 8th Floor Denver, Colorado 80202 Main phone number: 720-913-9000 Linea en Espanol-Fiscal de Distrito: 720-913 … You might want to follow up with the Denver District court clerk for more information about any pending warrants for a probation violation. But it is still a good idea to try to get the warrant “quashed” (recalled) as soon as possible: A criminal defense attorney can file a motion with the court to quash the warrant. It's good site if you are looking for information on someone in Colorado, just type their name and click search to get your results, SearchQuarry uses cookies to give you the best browsing experience on the website. We do show some Colorado arrest records and old criminal records for a Billy Ray Duran however, there are no active warrants listed in our Colorado criminal records database. Otherwise, the defense attorney may be able to contact the prosecutors and arrange for a formal surrender: A formal surrender would relieve the suspect from being unexpectedly arrested in public or at home. The Jefferson County in Colorado has a law enforcement weekly list that is published by the officials. Thank you in advance for your time ! Can you confirm what criminal offense this may be related to so we can make sure we’re giving you the correct CO warrant information? Otherwise, you risk being arrested whenever you get pulled over for a traffic violation and the police run your name. By proceeding, you represent that you have read and understand the terms of the DPPA, and that you are conducting your search for a purpose authorized by the DPPA. We see some criminal charges for a Reyes Nieves Fuentes, from a few years ago, but there are no active warrants in Colorado that we can see. The attorney may be able to get the warrant recalled or else orchestrate a surrender so you avoid a dramatic arrest scene at your home or place of work. Can you also provide us with your middle name so that we may filter the Colorado warrant results to insure we’re locating the correct CO warrant for you. (El Paso County). Is there an active Warrant for Nicolle A. We did see there were a couple criminal charges from 2015 and 2013. Free Police and Sheriff Department Finder. We ran a CO warrant search for Amanada Macpehrson and did not find any active warrants in Colorado. The Colorado warrant search we ran for you Stepahnie came up with multiple results and not all of them have the age listed in the warrant results. The information in our Colorado warrant database doesn’t show anything active however we do show a Kentucky warrant for a Chris N White but the age is not listed. A common reason judges issue bench warrants is that a defendant or witness in a case failed to appear at a mandatory court hearing. An active warrant that cannot be served for any reason is kept back in the system as an outstanding warrant. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of SearchQuarry's cookies. I need to know if Matthew Cory Crump has an active warrant in Colorado. We show 2 different listings for a Lindsey Lacy, one with the middle name Lee and the other with the middle name Nanette. There are multiple offenses listed in the original arrest record including unlawful possession of narcotics, We only show an open Colorado bench warrant for a James Ray Mosely for a FTA – Failure to Appear Warrant. Brian, we do show there is an active Colorado arrest warrant for failure to comply on a felony charge, Is there a warrant for Jennifer Lorraine Ward 05\\30\\88 Pueblo county Colorado, The Colorado warrant search we performed shows there is an active warrant for a Jennifer Ward related to a felony charge from earlier this year from Pueblo County Colorado, Any warrants for Gary W Sparks 34 years old. The Probate Court charges $5 to search records for every name requested. A third option is to use the services of 3rd party public record websites since Colorado warrants are public information. It’s uncertain if this is an active CO warrant so you might want to verify this with your county sheriff department, Do I James Lee Thomsen have an active warrant in Jefferson County Colorado, Our Colorado records indicate there is an active warrant related to a Colorado criminal mischief chargeColorado criminal mischief chargeColorado criminal mischief charge. Feel free to reach out if there are any additional Colorado public record inquiries you have. All rights reserved. You can contact the relevant county courthouse and inquire about the specifics of this record and how they define it. Your email address will not be published. And A criminal mischief charge is considered a criminal act as defined by the courts or the issuing law enforcement agency. Colorado Legal Defense Group was a great resource for legal help. Colorado arrests warrants are what judges issue when they believe there is “probable cause” that a particular person committed a crime. The FBI maintains an online database for law enforcement to search for any outstanding search warrants. Is there any active warrants for a Timothy J. Merlino in Larimer County? For instance, the We show a failure to appear in court charge from 2013 but no warrants that we can see at this time. Does Joseph Daniel Knight have a warrant for his arrest? They also provide further instruction on how to clear any civil warrants. Joseph Daniel Knight does have a Colorado misdemeanor arrest warrant related to a criminal conviction from 2018. We don’t see anything in our Colorado criminal records database that suggests there is an active CO warrant for unpaid restitution. Our Colorado database only shows a criminal record for a Matthew Adam Crump, nothing comes up with the middle name Cory, We show a multitude of criminal records for an Anthony Jacob Silvera as well as an active warrant for his arrest, Arrest warrant for alyssa d Martinez 11/09/86. Please reach out if we can further assist you with any Colorado criminal record searches, Is there a arrest warrant for Michelle Myers 9/16/1997, We do show an active Colorado warrant for a Michelle Diana Myers for a probation violation related to a theft crime in Colorado, We ran a Colorado warrant search and also checked our CO criminal records database but nothing came up. Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to see if there are any active warrants. If the charges are serious, the police may be out looking for you. An active warrant that cannot be served for any reason is kept back in the system as an outstanding warrant. Thank so much for your help. is 02/14/1999, We’re showing a Failure to appear warrant for a Kylee Wright. Contact a criminal defense attorney right away if you have an active warrant. Division Date Range. Arrest warrant for Stephanie brown 7:31/1988? Is there a warrant for Teddy Dewayne Griffin.. 36.. 12-18. This is a common name but all the Colorado warrant records listed in our resources have a different middle name. It can mean many different things depending on how the courts define it. Statewide Colorado please. Jason Two dies not show up in our Colorado criminal records database. If you have a warrant, you may be arrested at any time. That being said, his name is very common in Colorado and there are other listings for other people with the same first and last name but different middle name and ages. And depending on the circumstances, the defense attorney may be able to arrange for a “walk-through” where the suspect gets formally booked but then immediately released on bail or a PR bond (own recognizance release).


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