Coffee Kombucha is super bubbly, unique, and delicious. This product contains 2 dehydrated SCOBYs – we give you a spare just in case you need it when reactivating the culture. There are a lot of good reasons to eat the SCOBY culture. Insoluble fiber helps by moving debris and excess food through the bowels. Please keep in mind that shipping charges may increase for other products. Add tea bags, and allow mixture to come to room temperature (add ice to speed this process if you're in a hurry). I love seeing this picture, from my farming friends, of different animals eating SCOBYs raw! You can use them in other ways, too, and here I have a multitude of ways to use those extra SCOBYs! Because we avoid plastics, our set up is more expensive, however it is totally worth it for BPA, BPS & phthalate free SCOBYs – and uncontaminated kombucha. You can order a SCOBY, or you can make your own. It is also recommended to avoid using any metal utensils that will come in contact with the SCOBY – the ionic charges of metal can harm the good bacterial growth of the SCOBY and encourage the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The photo shows paper towels I think. Find out for yourself and make your own homemade scoby for kombucha tea with this fun guide! Making a kombucha tea is quite similar to making the scoby. Did you know you can eat your SCOBYs and they're actually good for you. Normal sugar also goes through pretty involved chemical processing which we prefer to avoid. This was the second thing I ever used Kombucha SCOBYs for. […] all, what you eat affects you from the inside out. One motto that I say often is "waste not, want not". Honey is not a good option for kombucha as it introduces other bacterial strains that will compete with the SCOBY. It is thought that the SCOBY is the more concentrated source of the probiotic bacteria and it has a lot of insoluble fiber. What Kind of Tea Can I Use to Make Kombucha? Now, they’re taking over skin care products […]. All of our packaging is either recycled from somewhere else or is made from sustainable sources that can be recycled. When joints are better able to move, the collagen isn’t worn down as much. It's tart, it's tangy, and it's raw! Add room-temperature tea; do not add hot tea, as it will kill the good bacteria. It would be preferable to brown sugar as rapadura sugar is usually less processed, however for taste and the health of the SCOBY we recommend avoiding rapadura sugar for kombucha. One of the things I love about using SCOBYs is how they add a gelatin-like consistency to many recipes and very little taste. All Rights Reserved. Check out Sacha Laurin in "This Artisan's Fermented Life" who makes jewelry from dried kombucha cultures. It's the "mother" that you use for every batch of kombucha you make, and it looks like a round, flat, opaque-beige piece of agar agar (like what was in those Petri dishes in chemistry class). Once the blob covers the surface, is opaque, and is roughly ¼-inch thick, you have a viable SCOBY. The material that forms the SCOBY seems similar to a type of collagen in our body. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework, Whether you buy your mushrooms at your local farmer’s market, at the grocery store, or forage for. Here are two websites that might help you locate a Functional Medicine/Integrative practitioner near you: and You can drink it, but it will taste like strong vinegar. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. Gently place your original SCOBY and any baby SCOBY into your next brew. You can use tart dried cherries or dried blueberries - or both! Cooking Light may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. It makes your SCOBY the consistency it needs for the recipes, plus you can make a lot and store it for when you need it! This dressing is a powerful detoxer and a delight to the tastebuds! SCOBYs have all kinds of wonderful properties and they'll make your smoothies extra thick and creamy. Here’s an interesting tip which you might say is an old wives’ tale, but it sure is fun! Dampen the cloth or coffee filter with distilled white vinegar. Yep, we know we are a bit more expensive than some other people selling SCOBYs – but there are good reasons for this. I used the home made Scoby recipe. This gelatinous material is what we call a SCOBY. It's ok! Chop your scoby culture into bite size cubes with a serrated knife. The term SCOBY officially stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. To be safe – only use white sugar or Organic Evaporated Cane Crystals for homemade kombucha. This is the closest thing to organic white sugar available. You can also make a soup at home with fresh ingredients, turn … Lay the cheesecloth over the jar’s mouth then secure it with a rubber band. Grow The Scoby. Now, leave the tea to cool naturally to room temperature. Please keep in mind that shipping charges may increase for other products. This is the very first weird experiment my daughter Maci ever made with a SCOBY. Always use high quality ingredients – check the notes at the bottom of the page for extra details. Pick your favorite cultured food, start the course, and follow the lessons. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. Once cool, carefully remove the tea bags with a sterilised spoon or tongs. Eating a SCOBY by itself is not an easy thing. To avoid GMOs or pesticides – you may prefer to try organic evaporate cane sugar instead. Two give away prizes will be awarded every month while the competition is ongoing. So what are you waiting for? Natural sweeteners like stevia, agave, maple syrup and coconut sugar are not suitable for making kombucha and should be avoided. My daughter Maci has come up with many of these recipes and I had to be coaxed to try some of them. SCOBY is an acronym that stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Just set them in some kombucha tea in a jar on your counter. Spread the mixture onto wax paper, parchment paper, or silicone dehydrator sheets in a layer about ¼ inch thick. Don't tell them! Mix the brew gently. The winners of the giveaway prize will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and Email newsletter – to claim your prize you must email us at, Anyone living in Australia is eligible to enter the contest – we will ship your prize Australia wide. It's always nice to have extra SCOBYs (and starter tea) to experiment with. Smoothies are one of the best fast foods around. Add the fruit mixture and SCOBY puree to a blender, along with the spices if using, and pulse until the mixture has the texture of applesauce and all the ingredients are combined. Your kids won't even know what you're hiding! There are brown stringy yeast particles and sediment on the bottom of the jar.


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