Unless that autopsy was videoed and put up for peer review along with test results for 3 totally independent labs that have no idea what case their looking at all come to the same conclusion. on. You mean the father-son duo that killed Mr. Aubrey? One has to have a considered mind set whether and when deadly force is justified, and if one is capable to apply same. A paint gun would be fun to use. I love the way people constantly reference drugs when the report said “potential drugs” because the tox screen wasn’t complete. The mob has ABILITY, OPPORTUNITY, and JEOPARDY….which when present simultaneously create the criteria for use of deadly force. In fact, the crowd probably would have avoided him entirely. If you continue I can take civil action against you and criminal action if you live outside of the U.S.. Dan Zimmerman, you can record his name, his post and IP for a civil suit. No jurisdiction mandates one to wait to be injured to apply deadly force…..if preclusion does not exist……if the owner is not the aggressor/continued the aggression after attacker broke off attack……and simultaneously Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy exist. He waited where he knew he had the tactical advantage. That really sucks. America really doesn’t care about life. Start shooting their ass’s and they’ll quit this shit ! US News Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife, Kathleen, Tells Him He is a Better Father Than Joe Biden Was. It’s starting to get depressing knowing there is still more to come with the elections and the economic depression. A location that many state was not even his store. That would have worked. Great options: I promise you, these people DO NOT want to work things out… they want YOU GONE….. DEAD. Where are those pompous Gun Control zealots while innocent people are being assaulted, murdered, etc? And you wonder why they get shot well here’s your sign. You can’t go out with friends…because government Lockdowns. If ALL LIVES MATTER, then why destroy everything that these people have WORKED hard for. Unfortunately, the law isn’t really on the side of a non badged victim. They were not only defending the stores but knew the attackers were not their customers, ever. I appreciate your knowledge of the law, but he was not in his place of business — he was out on the streets wielding a deadly weapon. He chose to be one and he paid the ultimate price for his stupidity . They instigated the violence. It is not on the carotid artery. What the hell is happening to Dallas? I’m not rooting for these motherfuckers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kate??? (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez). Personally, I’ll take a 12 ga Mossberg 590M…..with a Crimson Trace Green Lasersaddle Streamlight TL Racker fore end white light and a vest and belt full of 20 round mags with assorted loads….#5 shot; 4BBs; 00 buck; and a sprinkling of slugs……the Hallmark Cards of the Second Amendment…..for when you care enough to send the very best. You are full of shit. They are trained in suspect control. Texans better wake up and stop thinking they are immune because by 2024 they will be a blue state! Much better if it ended the careers of these thugs and your relatives. I like this. Published . Rioters Attack Dallas Store Owner For Defending His Property A Dallas business owner was left unconscious on the street after being mobbed by rioters. They wanted pay back for the killing, so they tried to set fire to all the stores and steal stuff. Keyboard commandos in their 60s. They don’t see each other as humans or at least Americans. Now, of course, his life is ruined. I am never surprised by the wimpy ass response to this sort of behavior when it’s in Texas. Not one has the balls to think or do for them selves. Here’s the video in question [be aware that it’s savage and disturbing] It’s also on our server here in case Twitter memory-holes the tweet (h/t GunFreeZone.net). Why? Last night in Philadelphia a group of looters managed to force the door of a local gun shop & range. It’s all one person with multiple personality disorder, give him/her props for keeping the conversations straight. Grow up Ronald. Unless you wish to rectify this and reveal your identity? These patrolling enforcers need their guns taken away to make them realize what they can and cannot get away with. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. You start shooting some of these worthless POS the rest will go away. Time to “Lock & Load”, my friends ! Share … However, the cop’s knee is not on his chest. Never forgot, just like putting my pants on. This is Dallas. I feel bad for this guy — he was seriously brutalized. Rubber bullets do wonders at teaching lessons.Back in the day when the blacks and stupid people were going to march during the La , Berkeley Ca riots they said publicly they were going to march from Joliet Il to Chicago heights. Several LEO friends , good people…not shitheads….at federal, state, local jurisdictions have raised the dame question. Why not wait in store. And Epstein didn’t kill himself either. No? These old shotgun were versatile too, providing both meat for the table, and homeland security for the farmhouse, homestead, mining claim, shack, shanty, trapper’s cabin, hacienda, etc. But then I guess these days you can smash someone in the carotid sinus, induce a heart attack and blame it on “drugs”. Some there did not have masks on…should be easy to identify…just sayin’… I rather you leave his comments on record than deleting the evidence. (I just wanted to make sure it was OK. It is “A boy named Sue” by Johnny Cash 1969. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR5XGTpophI. Know the nuances in your jurisdiction…..Duty To Retreat, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, etc. 3 weeks ago. “If I was a store owner I would pour lighter fluid, deisel, keresene in front of my shop and light it up before the terorist got close.”. Because guns protect people. How about a shop owner in Dallas who tried to defend his business from scores of looters? The left loves this. We must change the laws to protect the non government workers rather than the government workers being protected. These riots by those doing it are not over George they are just an opportunity for ANIMALS to ROB & STEAL other peoples hard earned goods and businesses!!! You have a fictional memory. District Herald. 2020 campaign ads will be great. That probably is the ideal option for this type of situation. The skateboarder tried to murder him. Because his criminal career was extremely short (lol). Best…..no only…… way to win a gun fight is don’t get in a gun fight. Dallas is controlled by Democrat politicians. Just be sure you are on solid ground if you ever have to pull the trigger. I said “No win” situation and that is what it is. Most if not many of these of course were fabricated of Belgian Damascus twist barrels, totally unsafe and dangerous to fire with modern smokeless powder shotgun shells. Shooting intruders closest to victim would be most justified as they have immediate Opportunity. You won’t get to bully me with that threat. I also hope that the animals that did it rot in hell for what they did to him. Reminds me of the beat down Reginald Denny got during the peaceful Rodney King riots, I mean, demonstrations. The others were nowhere to be found, perhaps nursing their wounds elsewhere. Americans are not educated enough to know kneeling on a person’s neck can kill their brain and hitting a person in the cranium with a skateboard can kill their brain, thus kill the person. He had no business being there, and could have handled things differently. If someone wheezes “I can’t breathe” when a boa is around their torso I hope you wouldn’t say “pfft, he’s just kidding” and walk off. You may not have meant any harm, but it’s the kind of thing we need to be aware of. Did these shop owners do anything to deserve what happened to them? Thanks. Agree with boa constriction thought. Because, to hear the word salad craftsman and Beijing stooge tell it, all you really need is a double-barrel shotgun. Apparently some foreigners are really impressed with theeir limited knowledge and educations. Like the other large cities in TX Dallas is controlled by the Democrats. The justice system is so messed up. Nah they are just redististributing wealth and this guy did not comply. I agree a rifle would have been ideal, but even a handgun with a reload or two would have been better than a sword. Your email address will not be published. (sarc) That dude’s gonna need some Advil, water and fresh socks. No win situation. fire of a couple of shots…even over their heads…and they usually scatter….


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