ANY REDISTRIBUTION OR REPRODUCTION OF PART OR ALL OF THE CONTENTS OF THE SITE IN ANY FORM IS PROHIBITED UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN OUR, Stop sewing at the end of the fabric. Although, many newer models of sergers also require larger work areas. The machine housing and the right-hand needle on a serger has very little space between them, compared to coverstitch machines. There are different serger stitches and understanding how to use each stitch type is the key to great results and unlocking new ways to use your serger. Is A Coverstitch Machine The Same As A Serger? A coverstitch usually have two rows of stitching at the front and a serger-like stitch at the back. But sergers, on the other hand, have two loopers. Although, it’s still very possible to sew knits, and also finish seams in the absence of a serger. A sewing machine generally is a machine that is used to stitch different types of fabrics together. Required fields are marked *, 7 Differences between Coverstitch Machine and Serger. Both have a lot of stitching functions and features to add that special touch to your work. They also have blades which trims the fabric, so that the thread can loop neatly. A serger’s working area is on the left side of the sewing needle. This creates an even working area for you. So when you’re sewing knit fabrics, your … Your email address will not be published. Do a traditional mitered edge at each corner. Our thanks again to Janome America Education Coordinator, Nancy Fiedler for her help with this tutorial. Type of threads: Both coverstitch machines and sergers work best with fine and strong threads that have very slick, or smooth surfaces. Chain stitch – 1 needle: This hem can be a decorative effect or used as a temporary seam that can be quickly removed by pulling the chain from the looper side (this is the stitch you often find on bags of pet food or farm feed). Differences Between Coverstitch Machine And A Serger, Similarities Between A Coverstitch Machine And A Serger. Our first recommendation is always to visit your local dealer for a “test stitch” in order to compare pricing and get a real feel for what you can gain. Home > Resources > Machine Tips > How to Make a Cover Hem with a Serger. It’s also very fast and clean! Serger vs Coverstitch: The Serger / Overlocking Machine. What Is The Difference Between A Coverstitch Machine And A Serger? When you’ve gotten back to the starting point, fold back the raw edges and stitch down. A coverstitch machine is a sewing machine that is designed for the specific purpose of adding a professional finish on knit fabrics and hems as well. This is the main stitch you buy a serger for. In addition to giving you super professional hems and eliminating the stretching so common with knit fabrics, a stand-alone cover hem machine has more throat space on the bed of the machine, which makes it perfect for sewing deep hems. Although we have general sergers in the Sew4Home studios, we personally prefer using a stand-alone cover hem machine. Enter your email address below to subscribe to the Sew4Home newsletter. For example, a traditional sewing machine would have just one thread and one bobbin for sewing clothes, a serger normally has up to 3 to 5 bobbins attached to it with up to 4 different threads. You can as well do without one of them if you can’t afford both. This dual operation is a key to saving time and is a major difference between a serger and a coverstitch machine. How to Machine Embroidery on T-shirt Knits, How To Thread A Singer 4 Thread Overlocker, Serger Loops off Edge of Fabric – Causes & Solutions, Best Serger Sewing Machine Reviews in 2020, SINGER 14CG754 ProFinish Serger Sewing Machine Review, Singer Professional 5 14T968DC Serger Review, Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting in 2020, How to Embroider Letters with a Sewing Machine, Best High End Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers in 2020, Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine For Leather And Denim in 2020. Also, the machines are able to sew fabrics, very much like the traditional sewing machine. Although we have general sergers in the Sew4Home studios, we personally prefer using a stand-alone cover hem machine. Both the cover stitch machine & serger give your cloth a professional & long lasting sting stitches. @GayleM – It’s definitely a personal decision regarding what is the best for you. A serger is mainly made for trimming the seam with sewing and cutting the extra fabric & a cover stitch machine is especially for doing the professional hem, decorative stitches, attaching lace etc. “So you can do more than one thing!”. Here are many of the serger stitches from the basic to more advanced stitches for your project. We have a short lesson showing how easy it is to make a cover hem as well as our thoughts as to why a specialty cover hem machine may just be the coolest machine to add to your sewing space.


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