He can create an ultimate shield at the beginning of the battle. He’s tanky enough to take all the damage you can give him, and he’ll return all that damage back to you. Skills: attacks the confronting enemy with x3 hits – inflicts ATK DMG and splash DMG. Also Read: Zenonzard Reroll Guide & Reroll tier List. She only requires a team. New heroes will be added after testing! He is the sinister sibling of SS ranked Metal knight. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it! Mosquito Girl may have been a bit of a pushover in the anime, but she’s just as iconic as Genos or Saitama. The following listed characters are not good or worthy to be in the squad –, Here’s the talent tier list(heroes’ talents tier rankings):; –. His self exploding while dying skill deals a satisfying amount of damage. Because of that, you’ll likely be able to collect enough duplicate copies of Child Emperor to promote him to maximum stats, which is often competitive enough in PvP. Metal Bat is your typical revenge character. These rank characters are also powerful as the SS ranked character but due to statics, they fall under S tier characters. He is an overpowered character because he can easily remove the shield of any character, even S ranked character Amai can counter easily. The game is more than just its PvP section, anyway. Note that regardless of how strong they are in the anime, it doesn’t automatically translate to a strong performance in the game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The longer battle takes, the more Metal Bat becomes stronger. However, his crowd control skills can prevent that from happening, so long as he has a good enough support group from the rest of the party. kongbakpao-July 16, 2020 4. Future recruitment banners will also include characters not yet included but are shown in later seasons of the series. He is an amazing character that can restore the low HP of every character at the end of each round. Game mobile dari serial anime dan manga terkenal dengan karakter utama Saitama, yang botak dengan kekuatan luar biasa telah dirilis yaitu One Punch Man The Strongest Mod APK. With that being said, Hellish Blizzard is very squishy, so you’ll have to position her well on the battlefield. First off, lots of other players will surely focus on either damage-dealing or tankiness. No, we don’t mean a good team around her. King - strongest man in the world, kept Dragons at check during the Monster Association fight. Characters in this tier list part are not good or situational – in most battles – they can help you clear the initial stages or in some battles – but, not good in the long run or overall best. The game has an exciting battle mode, the voice-over while battling make game even exciting to use the abilities of each character to defeat the monster. Reborn skill, Normal Skill: attacks the confronting enemy’s column, dealing 100% attack damage. He’s nowhere near the top of the Hero Association’s rankings for S-ranked heroes, but he’s much stronger here in this game than he is in the anime. Skills & Strength: healing, increase the attack of allies, Doctor Genus – Group ATK/Debuff – Tier #3, One Punch Man Road To Hero 2.0 Tier List Rank: #3, T1 in PvP, Triple-Staff Lily – Burst Damage/Buff – T5. kongbakpao-October 2, 2020 0. Tier 5 Characters; Talent Tier List; One Punch Man Road To Hero 2.0 Tier List(November 2020)⇓ We have listed the characters in five major tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2 Tier, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5. Silver Fang - strong, fast, durable, can one-shot Dragons like a nerfed Saitama, beats Darkshine in 1v1.


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