It is all too easy to file down the saddle so that it has a “hump back bridge” profile or a depression. Your left hand has to press harder to hold down the strings. It is all too easy to file down the saddle so that it has a “hump back bridge” profile or a depression. If the action is too high in the middle and upper positions, it is usually the saddle that needs to be lowered, this is what we are going to cover in the following easy steps on lowering acoustic guitar action. It doesn’t have anything to do with frequency. The action of an acoustic guitar is slightly different from the action of an electric guitar in that the strings of an acoustic need more space to vibrate. When this is the case, a simple truss-rod adjustment (often no more than a quarter turn either way) is all that’s required to get everything back into perfect playing shape. I'm a bit worried about my classical guitar being set up with the action too high. It does take a little getting used to. Technically speaking, the action of a guitar is the distance between the string and the frets. It’s more about playability. You do not need to strum very hard while playing an electric guitar to produce a big sound – the amplifier does most of the work. This means there is too large of a distance between the strings and the fretboard, which will make it more difficult for you to fret the strings. If it’s too high, you need to lower an acoustic guitar’s action. 5mm or so is in the ballpark of what it should be. If the action is too high at the nut, it is the nut that needs adjustment. The lower the action (e.g. The action on a guitar refers to how high the strings sit above the frets on the fretboard. Action has a direct impact on playability. If the action is too high, the guitar feels difficult to play. The string height of a classical guitar affects both the sound and playability of a classical guitar. Hope this clears it up for you. Action on a guitar is often described by most guitarist as its “playability”. Adjusting String Action on a Classical or Flamenco Guitar (adjusting string action series) It is not hard to adjust the action on a nylon strung guitar. Thanks for visiting. Action is the height of the strings from the fretboard on guitars, including classical guitars. Having a high action won’t make the strings sound higher – though it could affect the intonation if they are too high. If your guitar is too difficult to play, it may be because the action is too high. The important thing is to know what the pros and cons are before you start. It is normal for classical guitars to have higher action. It’s not uncommon to wake up one day in the spring or fall and find that your guitar has either too high of action or is buzzing due to lower action. If the action is adjusted too low, then volume, sustain, and clarity of sound are reduced. Lowering the action on an acoustic guitar is a three-part process. If the action is too low, the strings buzz against the frets. The lower the string height (or action) the easier the guitar is to play. Classical Guitars Plus is a trading name of Plus Online Stores Ltd. Company Number: 3543575. the closer the string to the fret), the easier to play.


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