The cerulean warbler’s summer range extends eastward from the Great Plains in eastern North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma; south to Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, northern Alabama and Georgia, and South Carolina; north to Massachusetts, southern Quebec, southeastern Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, and central Minnesota. All of these birds have wing bars and a thin pointed bill. Females and immature birds have greyer or greenish upperparts, a pale stripe over the eye, and no streaking on the back and no neck. Cerulean Warbler. The bird itself has become harder to observe in recent decades, as its numbers have decreased in parts of its range. They are found in deciduous forests of eastern North America during the breeding season and the The cerulean warbler is a small songbird of the New World warbler family. The sky-blue upperparts of the male Cerulean Warbler are difficult to observe in summer: At that season, the birds stay high in the tops of leafy trees in the eastern United States and extreme southern Canada. That’s the male Cerulean Warbler, a brilliant blue songbird with a cerulean neck band and streaks down the sides. Setophaga cerulea. These long-distance migrants breed in mature eastern deciduous forests and spend the winters in … Females are equally well-dressed, wearing a dusky hue of blue-green. Adult males have pale cerulean blue and white upperparts with a black necklace across the breast and black streaks on the back and flanks.


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