A special section is dedicated to description of the technical equipment used during measurements as well as their results from MySQL database. Models show that DES and BPR represent an easily accessible and effective tool in the analysis of terminal processes in container terminals. Some features of the site may not work correctly. US00 WH BI Select Company as Title, … process into the business organizational structure. In this context, business process re-engineering is the key to the successful implementation of effective supply chain management which has become a potentially valuable way of securing competitive advantage. Therefore, it can be efficiently used for monitoring the current situation, identification of weak spots in a particular system and for creating any necessary preconditions for improvement of business processes. The investigation adopted a mix of case research and grounded theoretic research methodologies in exploring the subject under scrutiny. is catered mainly by 10 brands. By Raghav Narsalay, Ryan T. Coffey and Aarohi Sen Case Study. Structural changes in distribution channels currently taking place are accelerating deliveries to customers [34], so it could be said that they are becoming increasingly demand driven [35]. It is suggested that new organisational practices, such as key supply management, team-based management and changing skill requirements of purchasing personnel, may be an outcome of implementing SCM practices towards suppliers. Sales and Distribution Management 5 For free study notes log on: www.gurukpo.com Contents S.No Topic Name Page No 1 Sales Management 7 - 40 2 Planning the Sales Effort 41 - 54 3 Organizing and Directing the sales Force 55 - 64 4 Distribution Management 65 - 69 5 Channel Institutions & control 70 - 73 6 Unsolved Papers 74 - 80 This figure is illustrative of distribution channel of goods. is catered mainly by 10 brands. oil companies and that may be a potential advantage. The nature of the freight distribution systems is switching from the more traditional (simply holding the inventory) towards a business model that relies on stronger information relationships with customers and suppliers. The results of the logistic process comparative analysis have indicated a synergic effect of different improvements in sub-process on the effectiveness of the process as a whole, both on the operative and managerial level. established, it is time to build TO-BE models as poten, inventory costs, transportation costs, required, After creation of the simulation model of the business, process, these options were compared and the model. business re-engineering effort and how business process modeling can be used for these purposes. This article deals with RFID technology, which is a part of automatic identification and data capture. Multi-channel distribution is increasingly common. Let us look into some of the important indirect channels of distribution. The purpose of the paper is to help out the reader and explain the major effects the globalization and business internationalization have on business strategy formation and its implementation. The final goal of the paper is to make a logical connection between supply chain management strategy and corporate strategy. In this paper a methodology to assist distribution networks reengineering with the aim of integrating logistic processes within the distribution supply chain has been promoted. The relative cost difference between the two policies is called the value of centralized demand information. At the end of article is described pilot, where the selected area at the selected postal operator and its processing centers were equipped with RFID readers that were connect over a network to the central database server. Nowadays, the identification of parcels in postal sector is carried through barcodes. The model itself was has developed for a twolevel supply chain structure, and it and its associated simulations highlight the significant benefits that are achievable through the use of improved information sharing and business process re-engineering on the observed supply chain performance parameters. The research was conducted in one of the top ten trade companies in the emerging Serbian market. Avon, being an international manufacturer and distributor of beauty, household, and personal care products, had believed in direct selling since its inception. Towards Improving Supply Chain Coordination through Business Process Reengineering. Simulation modelling was performed for one supply chain category, followed by quantification of time and cost performance of the current logistic processes (AS-IS model). Distribution Channels and Promotion Strategies for Products for Baby Boomers. Effective supply chain management requires a high degree of coordination and information sharing between partners in the supply chain. needs to follow the introduction of the EDI system into organisations to improve information sharing between the supply chain echelons. After clicking on , the following screen will appear. The application of BPM methodology is demonstrated in the case study, where a solution for logistic processes optimization is suggested and the prospective outcomes are simulated. Corpus ID: 109957675. The effective utilisation of b usiness process modelling and a simulation of the necessary busines s renovation is shown. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL REENGINEERING: A CASE STUDY The case study is a Serbian petrol distribution com-pany. Case: Safari Batteries 13 Channel Design: Key Issues [SAAN] Reading: 1. tracije načina primene date metodologije u praksi. Comments (0) The respective changes in workload distribution among interacting logistic processes have been quantified according to the same methodology. All results are verified by measurement in our AIDC laboratory, which is located at the University of Žilina, and also in Laboratory of Automatic Identification Goods and Services located in GS1 Slovakia. The aim is to deepen the understanding of logistic processes and then to investigate the possibilities of their enhancement by applying radio frequency identification (RFID) as a higher level of information technology for product identification in retail supply chains. Although the methodolo gy is presented through a case study of the oil/ret ail petrol industry, it can also be used to estimate the benefits and mo nitor supply chain integration projects in other in dustries. Sachin and Virag are two enterprising youth. succesfull supply chain management in oil industry. At the end of this article the utilization of the RFID technology in postal logistics chain is characterized. headway in low-income markets of emerging economies. Raising the service level and developing new logistic services require better understanding of logistic processes and possibilities of optimization. Developments in Distribution Channels : A Case Study of a Timber Product Distribution Channel @inproceedings{Guan2010DevelopmentsID, title={Developments in Distribution Channels : A Case Study of a Timber Product Distribution Channel}, author={Wei Guan}, year={2010} }


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