By Alissa Walker … For privacy or accent, our California guests often choose the Common Purple Lilac. An illustrated guide to Southern California’s desert plants. This is the first book to combine the trees and shrubs of California in one accessible field guide. No matter where you live in California - along the Pacific Coast in the west of the state, the Sierra Nevada in the east, or the impressive northwest forests, Nature Hills has shrubs perfect for your conditions. Among shrubs that are native to California, butterflies are attracted to the nectars of California lilac, bladderpod and coyote bush. Made the official State Tree of California in 1937 by the State legislature, Redwoods can be found along the upper two-thirds of the California coastline.Within the various State and National parks, many of the old growth redwoods still remain and are protected from logging or poaching. How to identify the spectacular succulents, cacti, and palms. The California Poppy plant grows anywhere from 12 to 18 inches tall and are characterized by light blue-green leaves with small, tapered buds that burst open into a vivid orange bloom. Native to California CNPS rare plants Not native to California Affinity to serpentine soil Cal-IPC invasive plants Trees and Shrubs of California identifies and describes native California tree species and most common shrub species. Identification. The text is complemented by more than 200 beautiful line drawings, 300 range maps, and 40 color photographs.


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