It shows that you are listening, and, if your point is good, it protects your argument/damages theirs. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. See points on analysis and structure above to know exactly what I’m talking about. This is a helpful video produced by the Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association that neatly breaks down the different aspects of CNDF style debate. it was quite helpful for me !!! Watch the judge or whoever decides the outcome of your debate. First, start with an online search engine just to find any relevant information both for and against your argument. 12) Treat others with respect. A good structure to follow consists of asking 4 questions relating to your point. (“APDA” is also interchangeably used to refer to the style of debate.) to one tournament a month on average. With a total of eight speakers, each trying to argue their very best, you can rest assured that a lot of words will fly over the table. Prefer to read about BP-style debate? The two things that are the most fundamental to incorporate in your debating in order to develop a strong case are structure and analysis. Usually the government team discusses a problem in the topic area and has a specific Impact 4. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 134,997 times. You can make sure you analyse well enough by using 2 minutes of your allocated speech time per argument you make, instead of brushing past less relevant & explained arguments. << /Length 16 0 R /N 3 /Alternate /DeviceRGB /Filter /FlateDecode >> 3 0 obj 5) No more than 2 POIs, no fewer than 1. endobj You should not be too creative and just make up whatever, stick to the general idea that the organisers had in mind with the open motion. Some people say talking for a long time about a point is bad. Conclusion: Your conclusion should mirror what you have already concluded. x�Xk��T��_q�^�1^���-@'���B�R��/q��+��։=w�̙sό��=�w.ui����\]fI���˽r����c�^?���_�&s��eV&�ۗM���ȥ|8��W��ǔ.پ��.k������^s���q���->�w[w����_��%��]�t�JFj��u�"��W>e�[��d���"u���A���o�� ���=��`�Ƒ�l��ܿu�q�M���u=V"�X����j���������]_��uE^�I�wIL����og�B#�51yy���B���F��Fy�}��3��w[��,���ţl�|$7�`���� #�B��Pn��mp�:Y�K`du �TUH�`�Ɓk}�+��O09n��{>�`��C�J&���9�3|���sK�4�#�-�i{㖖����ϧDȅ`�N���!�&(���h� �� These occur when the speaker yields the floor for 15 seconds to hear from a speaker from the other side who has manifested an interest in doing so. When and what to rebut b. Guide Book: Refutation. It contains sections outlining how the game works, what you can expect to get out of it (spoilers: communication skills and the ability to argue really well), and the basics of how to win debates including a breakdown of analysis, rebuttal, structure, prep time, framing, the different positions … This short chapter is intended to explain the rules of British Parliamentary debating, the format of debate used in all rounds of the Oxford Union Schools’ Competition. To add to our community, please also tell your friends about our site – it makes the experience better for all. It is not something you want to be using to relieve stress – it is instead an opportunity to discuss, listen, and have some fun. It’s got all the tips and tricks needed to construct and deliver a great speech. Debating is about arguing in a civilised manner, not hurling abuse down the floor. British parliamentary debate is primarily a university-level debating style. With a reduction in discrimination, because citizens learn a lot about each other and so overcome institutionalised prejudice, people are more willing to talk to each other. 17) This relates to treating others with respect – be cool. Learn more... British Parliamentary Debate is a debate done on the spot. If you win an elimination round, you advance to the next; if you lose you are done. 14) Avoid logical fallacies – they make your case look weak. If you can analyse well enough to have a clear positive/negative impact of the motion, your argument is going to do well. This creates long-lasting friendships between people from different backgrounds and annihilates false stereotypes, reducing racism, discrimination and hate crimes, and therefore creating social cohesion.”. The opposition team tries to find the weaknesses in the government's arguments. Restate your contentions. 7) In order not to look like a fool, write down your POIs! Rushing through arguments doesn’t make them better. 18 0 obj You can find out about them in the article over there to the left of your screen. Open motions are seen less and less. Showing 1–2 of 6 results For example, “The social arguments of this motion are more important than the economic ones as they influence the wellbeing of the people, which is what citizens and the government care about the most.”. Sometimes, if you have extra time left, it's good to go back and restate your points. In addition, you should add additional reasoning that support your contentions. In British parliamentary debate there are different kinds of motions. endobj endobj With that out of the way, let’s dive straight into it. Government Whip – briefly adds to OG’s case and consolidates his pair’s arguments, while rebutting both OO and CO.


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