A cyclohexane conformation is any of several three-dimensional shapes adopted by a cyclohexane molecule. Two such puckered rings for cyclohexane called boat and chair conformations. (Note that while you defined the bond midpoint, the angle will be the same regardless of whether it's the midpoint of the bond or the neighboring carbon atom itself.) Conformation of Cyclohexane Stability. In the chair form of cyclohexane, the carbon atoms and the bonds around them are almost perfectly tetrahedral. When viewed along any carbon–carbon bond (viewing the structure from an … In a chair conformation (Fig.1), all of the carbon–carbon bond angles are 109.5 o, and are thereby free of angle strain. So the C-C-H angles will be almost exactly 109.5 degrees. The chair conformation is free of torsional strain, as well. It exists as a puckered ring which is non-planar and the bond angles are close to tetrahedral bond angles. Because many compounds feature structurally similar six-membered rings, the structure and dynamics of cyclohexane are important prototypes of a wide range of compounds.


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